"You Left Me to Rot"

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. Anneka is a character in another of my fics. She's the angel of death.

"Please Harry!"


"They'll murder us."

"The deatheaters will kill Ginny, please come!"


No matter how much they plead no matter how much they beg, I shall not come. Once I fooled myself into believing that I was loved. That I was a lover to a girl and a friend among friends. How wrong I was!

"We're sorry!"

"Please mate!"


Why should I put myself out? Why should I risk my own hide for people who betrayed me when the going got tough? For three years I've lived in the deepest parts of Azkaban, so deadly not even the dementors could stand to bear there for a moment longer than necessary.

"All of magical England will be destroyed and then the rest of the world!"

No it won't. England will fall but that's all. The French, in the words of Olivier Polanski, Fleur's cousin, frankly don't give a damn. Why should they? The one time Voldemort tries to start a battle in Paris, everyone ignored him and it came to nothing. The Russians managed to get through Rasputin; they thought Voldemort was a joke. As long as America had Horatio Kane, Mac Taylor and Gil Grissom they'd have nothing to worry about after all Voldemort couldn't get past them before so why now? Ireland have Lucy, she'll be a leader one day even if she only was sixteen now. For some reason I don't think they have much to worry about.

"Ginny loves you! You have to save her!"

No she didn't. If she had loved me she would never have lied, said that she had only gone out with me because she was told that if she wouldn't Voldemort would kill her family. That was lies. Voldemort told me so. His father-in-law told me so. His son told me so. Peter Pettigrew told me so. Luna told me so. Loony Lovegood who everyone laughed at, everyone mocked, was the only one that stood her ground and said, 'You're wrong. I don't believe you.' When I was accused of murder only she stood by my side.


They give up so quickly. They've not even been here five minutes yet and as they close the door a voice echoes around the chamber,

"Silly, silly wizards. They always mess things up."

Anneka's back. I never knew dementors were so like people. They fear death as much as Voldemort does. The reason they fear this cell so much is because it's also a home. It appears that the ministry of magic always were a bunch of fools. They sent Anneka, a Russian witch who was distantly related to Rasputin down here and starved her to death. She was sweet sixteen.

I turn around and there, complete with sweeping black wings is my best friend. My Anneka. She leaves when she's working which is a lot with Voldemort and the order murdering people left, right and centre but she always comes back. Her gleaming white eyes, signs of her blindness, still spark with emotion. She thinks this is hilarious and I must say I agree.

She stares at Ron and Hermione, her stylish pose and elegant limbs giving an impression of sheer class she revealed my secret. That they were murderers and not me.

"But what can Harry do? He's already dead."

A/N I know it's awful but it came into my head and refused to leave until I posted it.