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Ginzishou sharpened her claws along the length of the Chain Wink Sword, which was constructed of a hardened poisonous rock that chipped her diamond claws into points without harming the blade in any way whatsoever. The voices of Minako and Juunanagou were increasing in pitch as they snarled at each other, put on edge by the recent events. Counting silently to herself, the female, Odango-sized dragon waited patiently for all of five seconds before Minako stormed down the hall of the Kame House Master Roshi lived in; the large group had departed for the hentai turtle master's place for his supposed expert advice. Angrily snatching the hilt of the Chain Wink Sword up, Minako paid no heed as Ginzishou squawked, thrown gracelessly to the ground.

"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him," she heard the enraged Senshi of Venus chant under her breath, swinging the blade into action in an elaborate spar against an imaginary opponent.

Ginzishou spread her light, paper-thin (and yet surprisingly steel-strong) silver wings, alighting into the air and landing gracefully on Minako's jerking shoulder. "Lying does not suit you, Venus-hime," she murmured warningly in Minako's ear, through the thick golden locks of her blonde hair.

With an exasperated sigh, Minako tossed the blade down, plopping to the ground and tapping her head back against the wall in the darkened hallway.

"How do I know if I truly love him, Ginzishou-ryuu?" she finally asked, feeling the comfortably familiar weight of her new advisor and the gentle brush of her soft spinal spines, "How can I tell?"

"That, Venus-hime," Ginzishou pointed out, hissing blissfully when the leather-dressed girl scratched her soft-scaled chin, "is something only you can answer."

"I've only known him for ten days," Minako was quick to point out, stroking the tiny dragon's gently sloping back, "not like the other Senshi, who've known _their_ crushes for a month, at least. Well…I think."

"So? You loved your parents the first moment you opened your eyes," Ginzishou pointed out herself.

"That's a different kind of love!" Minako protested.

Ginzishou shrugged. "It still is love, Venus-hime. Love is love and that's all I see to it."

"Oh, why am I talking to you for advice? You're a dragon from a jewel," she sighed, slumping back even further to slide down the wall.

"Excuse me?" Ginzishou cried indignantly, swelling up, "I am not just a dragon, your highness! I am a royal aid! And as such, it is my duty to inform you that I know many things on var-"

Minako had clamped her hand over Ginzishou's mouth and she laughed. "Enough, enough! I hear you, little dragon!" She pulled her hand off of Ginzishou's mouth and the dragon sneezed, delicately bringing a clawed paw up to her wiry whiskers to brush them back into place.

"As for Mars-hime and the boy, Gohan…have you any ideas as to how we shall destroy Metallia and the resurrected creature, Cell?"

"Well," Minako smiled coldly, lifting the poisonous Chain Wink Sword up to her face, the flat side facing her, "I haven't a damn as to who this Cell person is," she turned the blade so that the sharp, deadly edge was facing the two, "but I will kill him and Metallia with this blade and I will destroy them, burning them, and seal them away in hell."

Ginzishou smiled grimly. "That is exactly what I wanted to hear."


Groaning softly in the dark, Hino Rei stiffly sat up, blood staining her oversized clothes, which were matted to her flat chest by sweat, blood, and some goop she didn't want to know the name of. Why was her chest flat? Dimly, she realized that Metallia had made true on her word, Rei was ten years old again. It had been strange, hearing her voice saying things, cruel things, and feeling so very detached from it all, not caring, only drifting…drifting away…

"Are you all right?" the voice of a boy asked, his hand reaching out to feel her blood-covered face and tangled raven locks. "I don't know where we are, I'm sorry, miss…I tried to power up, but…oh, sorry. I'm probably confusing you," the boy apologized and she felt tears stinging her eyes. He sounded young, like a young teenager, but she could hear _his_ voice in it. Gohan's voice.

"Gohan…?" she asked in a tiny voice, sounding so very defenseless and young. "I'm scared…" And she was. She was terrified and lonely and so utterly tired of all the pain and misery.

Gohan awkwardly pulled her into a crude hug, unable to see far in the absolute darkness, not even with his Saiya-jin eyes.

"It'll be okay, miss…?" he comforted, not knowing her name.

"Rei," she sniffled, "watashi wa Rei."

"Well, Rei-chan, it'll be okay."

"Actually, little boy, I'm afraid it won't," a woman's voice interjected and a previously unnoticed door swung open, its thick metal weight loudly ringing as it slammed into the hard wall. Super Sailor Mars, or Metallia, smirked in the doorway, her beautiful features twisted by the haughty sneer she wore on her face. "I hope you're comfortable, Rei, I took the liberty of separating your civilian form from your Senshi form. You can be normal now, doing all the things a normal little girl does. Oh, wait," she paused, smirking even wider, "I'm going to kill you after I have no more need for these bodies. Oops. My mistake."

"Are you done tormenting the children?" a clearly irritated man's voice interrupted.

Gohan tensed, staring mutely at the dark doorway as a tall, horrific figure stepped forward.

"Cell…," he breathed, twisting his face in anger and fear.

"Perfect Cell, truthfully," Cell laughed shortly, "Metallia found a way for me to forgo the formalities and troubles of eating the Jinzouningen. Nasty little buggers, they were. Instead, I got to rip apart a few beings, to insure they were dead, and then I got to eat them. Amazing power levels for a geek in a tuxedo and a couple of cats."

"Endymion-ouji…? Artemis-san? Luna-san?" Rei whispered, eyes wide and unbelieving.

"Oh, tsk, tsk," Metallia teased, wagging a dainty gloved finger in a no-no fashion, "you mustn't keep your mouth open like that. You never know what parasites lurk in these little dungeons."

"Quiet right, koibito," Cell agreed, turning to look at Metallia with a look that made Gohan feel sick and had Rei wanting to scream, "That's my body, you filthy, stinking male whore!"

Lustfully, Metallia returned the gaze and blew the two children a sarcastic kiss. "Cheerio, darlings, as you are so fond of saying in that British country! And don't elt the bed bugs bite! They're big enough to eat you right up!" She made a snapping noise with her jaw, playfully clapping her hands together in a sinister way. Then she smiled, a malignant motion. "And if they don't…" Her voice lowered. "I will."

She slammed the door shut behind her, locking it, and followed Cell away from the dungeon.

"I hate her," Rei said in a low, threatening voice, "and I want to kill her."

"I agree," Gohan concurred.

Shivering, they drew closer, gathering warmth in the empty loneliness of the chill cellars.

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