Ares Denetsu


Epilogue III | Back to the Future (Pun Intended)

"Are you sure you want to go alone?"

"Hai, okaasan. Ami-chan and I are the only ones familiar with my time's landscape."


"The land has changed from when you were in his timeline, Rei-chan."

"I know, Ami-chan. I still don't like it."

"We'll be fine, Rei-san…I mean, Rei-chan."

"Sayonara, Ami-chan, Trunks-kun!"

"Sayonara minna-san."

"Ja mata!"

For a split second, Trunks and Ami were transparent.

The next, they were gone.

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end "Ares Denetsu"

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That's it for "Ares Denetsu"! I should be posting the author's notes, the prelude, and the first chapter to "Shellshocked" this evening, hopefully. So don't get all violent. *lol*

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