Title: The Roots of Evil (Sequel to Delw Yomenie – Deadly encounter)


Rating: T (for later chapters)

Warnings: Sequel to Delw Yomenie "Deadly encounter" Other warnings are not yet necessary.

Disclaimer: What shall I say? I do not own them, never will. I make no money with this story, it was written for my and, hopefully, your enjoyment only.

Summery: An evil has risen, so dark and diabolic that it could destroy the future of Middle-Earth and it has set its eyes on the hope of men and his family and friends. When evil strikes, will they be able to survive? And more importantly, is it worth to try this time?

Beta: Trinilee Greenleaf (the best)

A/N: italics are thoughts

They can be found at most places. Some are made by mother nature itself, some are made by skilled hands. Many have been used to do good, most of them have not. They are living in the deep forests, some dwell in deep chasms or caves, where no light ever reaches, other reside in rivers or lakes, water their element. Some love the cold, others the sun's warm rays; they are all different, but have one thing in common:

They bring out the death.

One by touch, one by smell… and others by being eaten.

They have been analysed and catalogued, but with the passing of time some have vanished out of the healer's mind.

Until they are brought back to his attention by the cruellest way imaginable.

Some are stupid, they are so eager to do their work that they will kill you within seconds, minutes, maybe some few hours – if they can bear to wait that long. They will crush your lungs or infect your heart, change your blood or make you hallucinate until the end.

They kill you fast, some painless, others not.

But they are so eager that you will have no time to worry about your fate or that of your family. Not for long, at least.

Some are wiser, their powers strong, sucking your strength, grinding your bones to ashes, nibbling at your flesh and making your blood so thick that it will become a lump in your veins, making you scream out your lungs and cry, whimper and whine, beg for mercy and a quick death. If you have enough strength to scream, that is.

But they are not the ones you have to fear. No, fear is reserved for those that are intelligent enough to stay hidden and a secret. They claim your body bit by bit, they are like a secret weapon that one carries under his cloak, hidden and invisible. You do not even know that it is there, but then, when you expect it the least, you are stabbed with it into your back.

And then you realize –too late- what has befallen you.

And some are even more evil.

They will come at you in phases, waves that make you weak like a child. Then they retreat and you take a deep breath, willing to get over the experience and just when you begin to forget, the secret weapon strikes again, this time bringing you to your knees.

And when you see your body succumb to the evil in your veins, when you spit out the blood that has filled your lungs and feel the sweat trickle down your brow, then you know that your time on this arda will not find a pleasant ending.

Nor a quick one.

One of these, the most intelligent one, long forgotten by most, a thing so evil that it has not been used for millennia, has found its way into willing hands, belonging to someone who is himself infected by a poison: hate.

And he wants his revenge.

Four set out from Imladris and soon they will go their separate ways.

One to the East, where a Kingdom calls for him,

Two to the West, where their home is, and

One to the North, where duty awaits his return.

Four set out from the shadows to follow.

One a poacher, good with bow and arrow,

One a hunter, cunning with traps and tracking,

One a killer, skilled with sword and knife, and

A former captain of men, a master in all these skills, eager to get his revenge.


The poison is taken, sleeping still, patiently waiting to strike. But as fate has it, not only the initiated target falls victim to its spell.

A game of cat and mouse begins, more deadly than anything that they have encountered before.

Souls are tormented,

Sacrifices made,

Lives lost.

And before it ends, one has to make a decision that will not only tear his heart apart, but that will claim his very soul…..or his best friend´s life.

Read all this in: "The Roots of Evil".