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This Is Now…..
It hadn't always been like this. It hadn't always been empty dreams and pain-filled memories. Once, it had been a pink haired girl with dreams to touch the sky.

So near. So far.

It had been two team mates, as different as the sun and the night sky. It had been a teacher who looked like he couldn't care less.

Oh, but he did.

It had been flowers and candy and the occasional mission that turned out to be harder than expected. It had been Ino-pig and Sasuke-kun.

Annoying friends.

Nosy neighbours.

It had been training hard and perfecting techniques. It had been blue skies and green trees and the feeling that nothing could ever beat them.


But that was when the city was still whole. When the Godaime still lived. When dreams had meanings. That was then…

This is now…

This was a broken city, a tattered home. This was years of war and pain. Brother against brother. Student against teacher.

Betrayal and backstabbing.

This was hiding and fighting and praying that they would make it through another day alive. This was a city crumbling as people fled. Water shortages and food rations.

Friends dying

Enemies laughing.

This was growing up too soon.

Killing and being killed.

This was the pain you felt as you held your best friend while she fought to take another breath.

Tears and bitter laughter.

This was hurried marriages and painful goodbyes. This was years spent hiding and fighting and hiding. A beautiful city reduced to an underground organization. This was healing yet another nin only to have him brought back dead a few hours later. This was your medic skills not being enough.

Never enough.

This was hidden alliances and broken allies. A Hokage murdered.

Dejection and despair.

This was a new Kage with a smile bright enough to eclipse the sun. This was holding your head high and never giving up.

Uncertainty and hope.

This was falling in love with your one-time teacher. This was pink and silver hair intermingling as you lay under the moonlight.

Soft words and secret glances.

Stolen kisses and fearful goodbyes.

This was a city crumbling as fires spread.

A last stand.

Fighting and hiding and running and hoping.

Praying to any God that would listen.

This was looking into mismatched eyes, knowing no known medical power could save the man you love. This was smiling bitterly as you ran your hands through silver hair for the last time.

Anger and pain.

This was killing with an intensity you never knew you possessed.

Hate and darkness.

This was a victory that came six years too late.

Bittersweet hope.

This was learning to breathe again.

Blue skies and grey clouds.

This was rebuilding a city with broken people and broken dreams. Nights spent wishing he was next to you.

Silent tears.

A silver haired, green eyed baby girl.

A father she never knew.

This was a city slowly rising from the ashes. Blood and sickness by day. Bottles and diapers by night. This was screaming from the highest point of the city asking why it was you that was left behind.

An eight month old bundle of joy.

This was building a future of dreams and rainbows and flowers and candy. Of friends and neighbours. Of clear skies and green trees….and the occasional mission that turned out to be harder than expected.