A/N-Some Drabble about forgiveness

How can I?

People tease me, mock me for my looks, weight. Just because they can.

How can I forgive them?

People tease me, mock me about my beliefs when, during reflection time I do my devotional.

How can I forgive them?

He asked me out because he pitied me…and he said he never liked me…

How can I forgive him?

Attacked for no good reason other than defending myself verbally…

How can I forgive them?

In this world people find forgiveness so hard…if they wrong someone it is immediately assumed that forgiveness will be hard to earn back.

But the answer is so inanely simple it's hard…and that's why forgiveness is so hard.

How can I, we, anyone…forgive 'them' whoever they might be, whatever they did to you?

Because He forgave us of everything.

A/N-Drabble…R&R and if anyone knows the verse 'Forgive because the Lord forgave you' can you please put the reference in? thanks! God Bless