Meant to be?

A:N/ I've been on Fanfiction for more than a year now. And I've seen stories of all kinds: some pretty good, some not even worthy enough to wipe my butt with. Not really, but one story I've never seen is a Paige/Cole love story, I have seen Prue/Cole stories, even Piper/Cole/Leo stories. It's the most obvious idea because if you think about it all that anger may have just been jealousy/lust/what have you. So tonight; Ladies, Gentlemen, and Undecided; I bring to you- the story of the century! Oh yes, this is based-let's say right around the time Cole goes crazy because Phoebe left him.

Disclaimer: I should really get credit for this because it's so original, but since I know the WB can't afford to sue anyone without having to chop off a limb I'll humor them; I do not own Charmed, only the morbid idea that Paige and Cole fooled around.

Part 1

He paced around the penthouse, thinking. Thinking about what had gone wrong, were they had gone wrong. He rubbed his whisker-covered chin in thought. Simple tasks such as shaving had lost all meaning, there was no point in looking good when the only woman you ever wanted to look good for was gone. And his place had been practically a ghost town since Phoebe left. It was always dark, and filthy. It was almost as if the house was channeling Cole's feelings of pain and despair.

Cole suddenly growled and picked up a glass and threw it against the wall with all his might. Watching it in slow-motion shatter into a million pieces and hit the floor. That's how his heart felt right now.

All he wanted to do was die, but he couldn't. It wasn't possible. He was immortal; he had actually created his own personal hell. If the Charmed Ones couldn't vanquish him, no one could. He would be forced to live everyday knowing that he screwed up the best thing that ever happened to him.

He suddenly realized who was at fault for his suffering; the youngest Charmed One, the only one of the sisters who hated Cole from the start. Paige. That name flowed through his veins just as sure as his blood. Every time he thought of her he became angry, but on occasion, he dreamt of holding her, kissing her, and it did nothing but confuse him. He couldn't figure out if he wanted to kill Paige or sleep with her. How would he ever get Paige Matthews out of his head?

She sat in the sunroom and watched as Phoebe worked on her laptop, she looked completely content, almost at peace. But Paige knew better, she knew Phoebe's emotional wounds would probably never heal. And it was all Cole's fault. He had every chance in the world to confront them when the Source first possessed him, but he kept quiet. Whether or not he ever actually loved Phoebe, well, that didn't matter anymore. He had no right to apologize for what he put Phoebe through, all of them through. He was scum, lower than scum; he was the Source of all things Vile and Evil. Phoebe looked up and shot Paige a small smile and turned back to her work. Paige admired her sister so much, for not giving up, for not crawling into a hole and barricading herself from the world like she herself would've done put in the same situation.

She couldn't understand who in their right mind would want to ruin a thing so incredible. Phoebe and Cole had one of the best relationships Paige had ever seen, well next to Piper and Leo. What really made her feel bad is that no one believed her in the beginning. They told her she was just overreacting, judging him for his past when he supposedly 'wasn't that man anymore'.

It infuriated her to know that Cole couldn't be vanquished. He'd never be able to suffer just as Phoebe had. But Paige supposed that he was dead inside. He had lost the woman he loved, and he knew no matter how hard he tried, would never win back. No amount of magic, good or evil could change that.

Yet under all that hate and resentment Paige could feel love. It didn't make sense. This was the man who had broken Phoebe's heart and nearly killed her and Piper, she should hate Cole with every fiber of her being, but she sometimes imagined waking up next to him, and making love to him. Paige knew she couldn't talk to either of her sisters about these feelings, especially Phoebe, even telling Leo would be awkward. But then how would she ever get Cole Turner out of her head?


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