Four Vigilantes

Okay, we had to write a story about what happens when the community doesn't become involved and this is it. Also, this is a note, but

all stories featuring Ace are not related, unless they say sequel to something. This is not how Ace Ian Combat normally acts anyways.

A young woman ran down the street, her breath forming sharp edged clouds in front of her. Three others followed her, two boys

and another girl. One girl carried a sniper rifle, complete with a scope, while a boy carried a handgun. Donned in black, they turned into

an alley. Pausing to take a breath, they spoke.

"Bullets don't work. Arrows don't work. Knives don't work. How do we stop this thing?" asked the teenage vigilante male

equipped with the knives, Ace.

"We haven't tried shock bombs yet," the girl with the bow and arrows, Kim, interjected.

"Well, I'm sure that will work if bullets don't," the sniper, Tara, said sarcastically.

"Yeah, well, we have no other choice," Ron, the boy with the hand gun, concluded.

"Okay, Tara and Kim, go in high. Ron and I will go in low," Ace ordered, pulling out his knives and spinning them around.

"You got it," Tara stated, shouldering her sniper rifle. She spun around... ran straight into a wall. "Ouch!" Ron laughed.

"Dude, be more careful," Kim said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm hungry," complained Ron. Ace rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, here comes the mutant bacteria!" Kim exclaimed. The four teens split in four directions as the huge monster

attempted to squash them flat. Ace threw several shock bombs at the monster. The mutant bacteria drew back as it was blinded by

the light.

"Yeah baby!" exclaimed Ron, as he loaded his hand gun. Sadly, it did not work, as the monster had regained it's sight, and

continued to advance towards them

"It didn't work!" shouted Ace. He dove out of the way as the mutant bacteria slammed towards him.

"I have an idea. Let's flush it through the resovoir," Tara said. "Lead it this way!"

The four teens were able to guide the monster towards the dam and ran it through the wall. The four breathed deeply as

sweat poured off them.

"Next time, we let the police handle this," Ace breathed.

"But there are no police! No one got involved and became one, and no one enforced the laws against pollution and littering,"

stated Ron.

"Leaving it to us teen vigilantes," Tara concluded.

"Way to go community," Kim said sarcastically.

"Let's get some people to volunteer next time. Lighten our load," Ace stated.