A Saturday in the Life of Joshua Mankey

We have to do journal writings in English, and this is one of them that I wrote. (Most of the stories I write at school can be turned into

KP fics. This was supposed to be a separate fic, but now I'm turning it into a prequel to another fic I haven't posted yet. You don't even

have to read this one to get the other. Post So The Drama. Actually got moist eyes writing it.

A eighteen year old stumbled to the light switch on his wall. Flipping it on, he gazed over his room. Somber pastel blue paint

covered the walls. Sighing, the man went downstairs and ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.

After breakfast, Josh climbed back upstairs to his room. He lived a solitary life, being in all alone in the great big house of his.

Putting on a smock, Josh studied the easel. This was how he spent his weekends. Josh grabbed a paintbrush and began painting.

Painting a certain green eyed woman who had captured his heart. A woman whom he had decorated several paintings with and now

hung on the walls of his room. A woman who would never love him back. Yet he refused to stop painting her, though it pained him

greatly. In a rage of unbridled anger, he flung the paint across the room. It hit his door, and Josh let out a sob. It was the same color

of green as her eyes, and now it would remain there forever. It would never come out, he knew that for sure. Josh wept bitter tears as

he grasped his knees to his chest and cried his pain out. He would never feel her hair in his hands, would never feel her lips caress

his cheek. Josh would never love another as he had her. She had captured his heart those many months ago when he first looked at

her eyes carefully on his date. He loved her more than most people would think imaginable.