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Chapter 20


Morganna turned to the Lyoko warriors, the players, and the activated tower that glowed red. Tsukasa glared at Morganna and raised his staff. Morganna, however, smirked at the warriors. Suddenly a purple aura glowed around Morganna as the Guardian that contained Aura disappeared.

Aura looked around with her scared, innocent face as Morganna turned into a purple electric cloud. She flew right into Aura and the little girl on her feet. She smiled evilly at the warriors. Tsukasa gasped as Aura raised her hands.

"Morganna, get out of her body and fight us yourself!" said Tsukasa,

"Or what?" asked Morganna, inside Aura's body.

She raised her hands and the warriors flew in all directions. Odd and Yumi fired their weapons, but with a wave if her hand Morganna/Aura the fans and the arrows floated in the air. The girl smirked evilly.

"You were all so foolish to think you could actually defeat me. Even though Xana has interfered with the copy, I had a back up plan. Strange, I would never have suspected Xana to be the one who attacked the scientists." said Morganna,

"We thought you were the one behind it!" said Mimiru.

"I would have done that a long time ago if I had the chance. This is only the third time I have actually met Xana. The second time was after Tsukasa woke up Aura." said Morganna.


Darkness filled her vision. She constantly looked around only to find no light. Just a black void. Suddenly light came.

A grey fog covered the area.

"Awaken, Morganna. Awaken, to see the light." said a voice.

A silhouette stood above. She had a strange feeling. A new sensation. There was a pond nearby.

She crawled over and looked into it. She gasped when she saw the reflection. She was staring a humanoid reflection. Her body was covered by a long cloak and she was thankful because the stranger would not see her naked body.

No doubt the stranger somehow gave her a body. How did he though? It would take someone very powerful to do it. She turned back to the stranger.

This new body gave her new feelings and sensations and right now she was doing her best to comprehend them. The being smirked at her confusion. She looked up at him and noticed that the being was actually a teenaged human.

He was dressed entirely in black with black fingerless gloves. His skin was pale white and his eyes were bright sharp green. There were dark triangular markings under his eyes. His hair was jet black with red streaks all through it and it was spiked.

She saw the sheathed sword around his waist.

"To think I met the AI in that realm was actually the great Morganna. You powers rival mine." said the boy,

"You're that unknown player in the World. The Wavemaster that was dressed in black. The virus." said Morganna.

She recalled the memories of their last encounter.

"My name is Xana. I have saved your soul from being deleted by giving you a humanoid form. You should thank me for saving your life. I can help you recapture Aura, however, in return I want you to help me." said Xana.

She looked at Xana in confusion. Xana smirked at her.

"I have more than one gift for you." said Xana.

Morganna's phases appeared around her. Xana held up a small orb and dropped it in front of her.

"Use this to come to my world when the time is right and then destroy my enemies." said Xana.

She looked at the orb and then looked up, only to see Xana gone.

End flashback

"In the end it looks like I was doing Xana's bidding the whole time. Doesn't matter, with this power I can easily destroy him with Aura's powers." said Morganna,

"Not unless Aura says so. Aura! I know you're in there! Fight her!" said Tsukasa.

Morganna/Aura raised her hands Tsukasa was lifted into the air. Tsukasa pointed his staff at her and the staff glowed. Suddenly Aura was thrown back into the wall.

"Aelita, we need to deactivate that tower." said Ulrich.

Aelita nodded and they ran for the tower. However, Franz Hopper landed between them and the tower.

"What are you doing? I thought you were against Xana." said Odd,

"That's not Franz Hopper, Odd. Take a closer look." said Yumi.

Franz's eyes were replaced by Xana logos.

"A polymorphic clone. That means that all the data we had was fake. Xana tricked us all!" said Aelita.

Franz smirked and raised his hands. Electricity shot out and hit the gang. They fell back, but managed to jump as the clone fired again. Mimiru raised her sword and jumped at Morganna/Aura.

She avoided the sword and knocked Mimiru back with a blast of lightning. Bear jumped and used his sword to block the next attack. Tsukasa raised his staff in defense as Morganna/Aura turned to her. She smirked and prepared to attack.

"Please, Aura. Fight her." whispered Tsukasa.

Suddenly Morganna/Aura fell on her knees and held her head with her hands. She screamed and a purple cloud came out of her body. The cloud morphed into Morganna and she glared at them with hatred. Suddenly, the Phase known as Skeith appeared and swung its staff.

Tsukasa created a barrier that blocked his attack.

"I will Data Drain you all!" shouted Morganna.

Suddenly the room started to collapse on them. Jana stepped out of the shadows as creepers chased after her. Creepers came out of the walls everywhere and fired at them. They heard a familiar screech.

"Oh no." muttered the Lyoko warriors.

From below came out the Scyphozoa.

"Eww! What is that thing?" asked Mimiru,

"It's the Scyphozoa! A monster created to steal info from others. It is trying to steal my memory." said Aelita.

The creepers came between Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich as the Scyphozoa wrapped its tentacles around Aelita. Sora landed in front of the monster and slashed its tentacles off.

"Now that wasn't very nice." said Sora.

The Scyphozoa floated back into the shadows. Skeith and Morganna were surrounded by hundreds of creatures.

"Aelita, run to the tower!" shouted Yumi.

The Lyoko gang and the players ran to fight the creepers. Subaru stood and protected Aura. Aelita entered the tower and traveled to the upper platform and placer her hand on the screen.



The instantly turned from red to blue. Suddenly she was held in place as the tower turned to blue data streams and vanished. Aelita was held by blue glowing chains on her wrist.

"Aelita!" said Yumi.

They heard a soft chuckle.

"Xana." said Ulrich, through clenched teeth.

"You are making far too easy for me. It seems while I was gone you got soft." said Xana's voice.

"Why did you attack those scientists?" asked Yumi,

"I didn't attack them. I only erased any memory of Lyoko that resided in them. I got rid of the old memories and replaced them with new ones. The scientists were just in a state of shock.

They also had some programs I could use to upgrade my resources." echoed Xana's voice.

"Next question, when Jeremy scanned Xavier he found no trace of you on him, how did you get through without activating a tower?" asked Ulrich,

"I did activate a tower. It was right here in this region where Jeremy's superscan can't detect it. Right before you blasted me with that energy wave I activated a tower that separated me from Xanadu. He was sent faraway so Morganna would not discover him until it was too late and he was safely protected by you.

One night I managed to enter the real world. I wanted to see if I could harm Aelita myself, now that her guardian was separated from me, but the link was not entirely cut so I had to remerge with Xanadu. Morganna suspected I was still alive so I quickly managed to cover my tracks. I must say you have helped a lot more than you think.

Now that Aelita is captured I can now take what I need." said Xana.

The Scyphozoa came back and floated right in front of Aelita. The chains vanished and Aelita was caught in the monster's tentacles. She wished she never had to experience this again before the monster placed her into a trance. Tsukasa quickly raised his staff and chanted.

A beam of light blasted out his of staff and hit the Scyphozoa before it finished. Aelita fell to the ground and the Scyphozoa vanished back into the shadows. Morganna and Skeith ran to attack them, but Tsukasa's beam caused the room to collapse.

"We have to get out of here!" said Bear.

The others nodded and ran. Morganna opened a portal back into the World and Skeith followed her.

"Looks like Morganna is heading back into the World. See you around guys. Be sure to call sometime." said Mimiru.

The players ran for the portal but it closed. Suddenly Aura was trapped as the floor fell and she was stuck on a platform on the far edge of the room. Suddenly a door opened up and Xana stepped out with his sword.

"Aura!" shouted Tsukasa,

"Aelita, do I still have that energy you gave me?" asked Ulrich.

She nodded and Ulrich turned back. He raised his sword and it glowed light blue. The energy wave fired and Xana saw it coming. Suddenly Aura raised her hands and Xana was lifted into the air as the wave hit.

Nearly his entire body was destroyed, but he survived.

"Ulrich . . . you'll pay for that." said Xana.

He glared at them before turning into a black cloud and vanished. The walls were falling around them.

"How do we get out of here?" asked Mimiru,

"Won't we be devirtualized?" asked Odd.

"Not if Jeremy is not at the controls." said Yumi,

"I might have a suggestion." said a voice.

Jana came out.

"Why should we trust you?" asked Mimiru,

"We have no choice." said Krim.

"The time return program has been set back to the day Xana launched his last attack. I can activate it with a little help." said Jana.

She pulled out a wrist computer and the white light consumed them. The Lyoko gang awoke back at their school where everything was normal. They got up and entered Jeremy's room. They saw the players on screen.

"What has happened?" asked Aelita,

"We are back to the same day we beat Xana." said Ulrich.

"But I saw Xavier and he . . ." said Jeremy,

"We know Jeremy. Xavier was Xana in disguise. He fooled us all and Morganna. But the good news he didn't get what he wanted." said Yumi.

"Good luck with Xana, everyone. Remember to call us when you have the chance." said Mimiru.

They all said their good byes. The Lyoko gang walked to their classes.

"I can't believe. I thought we were done with Xana. I was hoping that we stopped him once and for all." said Aelita,

"Don't worry, Aelita. We will defeat Xana one day, together." said Jeremy.

They all smiled and put their hands together. They were looking forward to the future. Xana and Morganna were still alive, but the Lyoko gang and the players will be ready to face them.


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