Three Sibs

Another journal entry for English. Kind of a 'what if Ron had two younger twin sisters when he got Rufus, and as a result, named him

something different?' Phew, three oneshots just today, even though they were short.

Sara and Alex Stoppable were twin sisters. They did everything together and were best friends. One day the Stoppable twins

happened to go to the store, Smarty Mart. Their mom said they could each get a pet, but no fur because of their dad's allergies. Their

brother, Ron, could also get a pet. They searched the aisles of the store for two hours. None of them wanted a bird or a fish for a pet.

(Ron had a problem with birds, mumbling something about woodpeckers at camp. The twins just shrugged. They hadn't been born when

Ron went to camp.) Finally, Sara spotted something.

"Hey guys, come here," she called her twin and her brother. They rushed over to where Katrina stood. Sitting in a cage were

three pink blobs.

"What is that?" Alex asked, pointing to one of the blobs. The three blobs quivered together.

"It says here that they are naked mole rats," replied Ron. "Well, they have no fur and looked like they would be fun to play

with. We can keep them in our pockets." So the three siblings purchased the three naked mole rats and named them Blaze, Blair,

and Blaine.