Work Trouble

Another journal entry, last one for right now. Basically, Kim and Ron are helping out building a house.

A woman pulled on a pair of work gloves. Moving quickly, she squatted next to a man laying on the ground. She fumbled

around for a minute, then grabbed his wrist. A weak pulse.

"We're gonna have to operate," Kim screamed.

"Here in the middle of the construction yard?" asked a man. Kim nodded. "Well, it's your fault if he dies." Kim rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Just get me a chainsaw," Kim replied.

"You're the doctor," the man responded. He handed her the chainsaw. Slowly Kim edged it close to a prone Ron's stomach.

"It's a miracle!" Ron exclaimed, jumping up. "Thanks Doc!"

"Look, I'm sorry, but next time I eat your naco, don't pass out," said Kim. "And besides, I'm not even a doctor."