Verboten - Vietato - Kinmotsu - Forbidden

WIP 1 of 13

AN: Ok so you don't think I abandoned you or Return of Timeā€¦ this is part two of three. Each section is 13 chapters. Return of Time dealt with Chrno and her coming to terms with her new life as well as her search for her Rosette. Verboten deals with Gabriel and his coming to terms with his past as Rosette and what that means for his future. Part three, which hasn't been named yet, will deal with them getting together and what troubles they will go through to get there. As for me, the writer, I've been put on bed-rest until after I deliver so I should be able to write and update more often. So, let's get on with the story shall we.

In the morning I wake up And in the night I sleep
Since the day that I was born
Repeat, repeat, repeat
Brought to this life Born to this life
Where was I before? Non-existent? Not at all?
Will I ever know?

- No Doubt "Six Feet Under"

Disclaimer: I do not own Chrno Crusade, just what I've done to them. If you want to sue me, you can have my insane cat and my medical bills.


"So you truly are the Sinner Chrno."
Chrno nodded. "And you are my beloved Rosette."

Those words echoed in Gabriel's head as he woke to bright light streaming into his eyes from the large picture window across the Nepalese hotel room. Though it had been nearly a month since the day he had fled her soft touch and pleading eyes, she was still there in him. Her words and her voice haunted him like nothing ever had before. He sat up and slammed a fist into the soft down of the mattress. "Damn her."

It had taken so much from him to leave her standing there in his father's garden. He could not even blame her for it. It was his own cowardice that had sent him running into the care of one of his fathers enemies. The very enemy who had transported him here to his mother's homeland.

A soft knock on the bedchamber door preceded the entrance of his faithful servant.

Her violet eyes sad, Ryuu Mahou carefully set the breakfast tray she was carrying on the small table near the window. "I brought you breakfast Gabriel-sama." She had been concerned over her master's health this past month, as he had taken to staying in his suite and barely eating enough to sustain a human child, let alone a grown half-demon. "It's all of your favorites. English style muffins with jam, a slice of orange-honey ham, scrambled eggs with extra sharp cheddar cheese, and rose-lemon tea."

Gabriel smiled softly at the green haired girl as he got out of bed and wrapped his dressing gown around himself. "Thank you Ryuu. It sounds delicious." Moving across the room he sat at the chair she had pulled out for him. As soon has she had finished serving the meal to him, he looked up at her. "Did I do the right thing Ryuu by coming here?"

"It is not for saying by me Gabriel-sama." Ryuu perched herself on the edge of the facing chair and started to sip her own cup of tea. "While I may not always agree with your methods or actions, I will always follow your orders. However, in this case I do believe that you have done Mary-sama a grave disservice. After all, how can you discover the truth if you run from it."


"Gods above, where in all the nine hells is he!"

Julian rolled her eyes as her friend and partner once again cursed the young man who had kidnapped her and then left her alone in his father's garden. "It's okay Chrno. I'm sure he's fine. He probably just left town for a while to work things out."

Chrno turned her worried crimson eyes to her friend. "But it's been a month."

Azmaria placed a hand on the half-demon's arm. "And it may be another before he's ready to deal with this. You know better than anyone how stubborn Rosette was. Gabriel being Rosette is probably just as stubborn. He'd have to be with someone like you in his life."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Julian laughed. "Just that you can be pretty stubborn yourself sometimes Chrno." She held up her hands at the disbelieving expression on the other girls face. "Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just saying that it can sometimes get in the way of things. Like this."

"Patience is a virtue after all." Ewan interjected from the relative safety of the doorway.

Chrno turned to look at him, her crimson eyes narrowed. "I've been patient."

"Remarkably so. However I do not believe that now is the time for haste." Ewan looked down into his long-time friends face and smiled at how flustered she looked. "Gabriel may be Rosette, but he may not remember all there is to being her. He needs time. Much as you did after you first started to regain your memories." He placed his hands on her shoulders. "So please be patient for a little while longer my friend. He'll come back to New York when he is ready."


Pale blue eyes looked out over the Nepal skyline as a sinister smile played on thin lips. "I hope you are ready for what is to come my one time Brother." Blue turned to silver. "Because I have your precious Saint, and I will use her to destroy you."

Dark laughter echoed through the streets below as the pale demon took flight.