Verboten - Vietato - Kinmotsu - Forbidden

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AN: This chapter is for my little Chrno friend that I met one day at work. She's headed off to her first AX this year as our favorite tomb-bound devil and also as the elder Elric brother. She's just so cute as Chrno. She went as him to NanDesuKon X last year. And I wish I had a picture. I was supposed to glomp her while dressed as Satella, but unfortunately for me I ran into technical difficulties with my dress and couldn't quite get it to work in time for NDK. Oh well, hopefully I'll get worked out for this year.

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I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
And you always give more than you take.

-Rascal Flatts "My Wish"

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"I want to believe that there is nothing that I can't change." ep 18

"I want him back."

A rumbling growl from Shader was the response as the normally hyperactive cat demon's ears fell back against her head. Uncoiling herself from the largest, warmest patch of sunlight in her lab, she stood. As she stretched she let a mild purr escape at the feel of the warm suppleness that comes from an uninterrupted nap in the sun. "How?"

Mr. Anthony though usually pristine in his grooming habits had been anything but since he had heard of the Saint's disappearance. Turning away from his pacing for a moment, he glared at his old friend. "How in all the nine hell's should I know. You're the scientist."

Shader's rolled her eyes, grinning as an idea grew in her mind. "What if we make our own portal?"

The white haired demon paused in his pacing to stare at the other Sinner blankly. "We can do that?"

"With the proper application of technology… sure." She shrugged. "If we could do it back in the 19th century, why not now at the end of the 20th."

A slow evil smile curved Mr. Anthony's lips as he thought of the punishment he could now bring upon the half-demon. No one gets away from Mr. Anthony without consequences, no one.


Gabriel grinned as he watched from across the convent's main courtyard as several small girls from the Order's children's choir, hung off of his beloved's arms, begging her to sing for them.

"Aren't you going to help her?"

Gabriel's grin widened as he let out a laugh and answered the dark haired German's question. "No."

"Why not?" Zoë arched a dark eyebrow at her old friend, daring him to say anything bad about her little wurst.

Gabriel's smile softened, as he pointed at Mary-Chrno and her little gathering of girls. "Because she's happy and smiling."


Chrno was indeed smiling as she spoke with the choir girls. "All right. All right. I'll sing for you." she looked at them sternly as they cheered. She held up her hand silencing them. "But only one."

All of the girls let out a slightly disappointed sound as they found places around her feet to sit.

Once they were settled Chrno closed her eyes and sighed happily. "Okay. I'm going to sing a song for you that my friend Azmaria taught me a long time ago.

"Star of Bethlehem. Star on High. Miracle Love of midnight sign, Let your luminous light from Heaven, Enter our hearts. Star of happiness. Star of wonder. You see everything from afar. Fill with Love the age of man. Oh Light! Oh Holy Light! Oh Light Divine!"


Zoë placed a hand her cheek as she sighed in awe and delight. "She sings like Azmaria."

Gabriel nodded as his eyes paled to a soft shade of blue. "She has inherited our Joshua's gift."

The German was taken aback by this statement. "What?"

The half-demon looked up at the elder girl sadly, tears starting to fill his eyes. "The sorrows of the past have followed us into our new lives. This is what we fought to prevent, my parents and I. And yet it is all coming to pass as I had once foreseen." He paused for a moment as Mary-Chrno looked over at him and waved before returning her attention to the now giggling girls. "And he will love me again. Though darkness should seek to tear us asunder, la Santo Isabella's gift will protect all that we love. Out of memory will the darkness come and the Seven Sorrows of Mary will be forged upon my flesh once again."

Zoë stared at her friend in shock. "A prophesy?"

"Si." Gabriel smiled softly as a tear slid down his cheek. "It is part of one that I made over one hundred years ago, when I was still known as Mary Magdalene."

Even though she knew that she didn't want to hear the answer, she still felt that she needed to ask. "What was the gift you spoke of?"

Gabriel turned away from his friend as he signed heavily. "Mia mater, my mother, gave up her life for ours." He stopped long enough to take a heavy breath. "She used her life energy, her own astral, to unseal the memories of all who were connected to me as Rosette Christopher and Mary Magdalene. She had seen us perish at our old enemy's hands if we did not remember. She saw our world fail and fall before he who is known as Aion the Sinner."


"Si. You would know him now as Mr. Anthony."

Zoë tapped a finger against her lips as she frowned in remembrance of the slightly slimy feeling blond. "But why would he be after you?"

Gabriel bowed his head at the sight of anger in his old friend's eyes. The tears that he had been holding back, bursting forth as he looked over at the still playing Mary-Chrno. "He needs me, to control her."


Chrno stopped laughing as the breeze brought the sharp tang of tears to her nose. Checking over her charges, she let out a breath when she saw that none were hurt. Urging them to go on ahead she started to scent the air. Once finding the direction that the smell had come from she started to follow it. Her now golden eyes widened when she saw Zoë trying to comfort a sobbing Gabriel. Running over she touched the German's arm, catching her attention.

The older girl stared at her friend helplessly. "Mien schnitzel. Please. I do not know what to do for him. He needs you."

Mary-Chrno nodded as she gently relieved the dark haired girl of her burden. Resting her head in the hollow of his throat she called his name softly. "Gabriel." After a moment of unresponsiveness she called his name again. When she again received no response, she leaned up and whispered softly into his ear, bringing a fairly immediately reaction.

Gabriel stumbled back from her, his golden eyes horrified. "You wouldn't dare."

Chrno smirked. "How would you know. After all I've done it once. Who's to say I couldn't do it again."

Gabriel straightened, his eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't."

"Try me." Chrno grinned, showing off her canines.

The Italian backed up a step as he stared at her sideways. "If you weren't a girl…"

Chrno arched an eyebrow. "You'd what?"

A dainty but very familiar laugh caught the attention of both half-demons.

"Probably nothing, right?"

Gabriel's face lit up as he recognized the owner of the lyrical voice. "Azmaria!"

Azmaria smiled serenely at her old friends. "Rosette. Miss Satella. Chrno."

Chrno moved over to her petite friend to give her a hug. "Good afternoon Azmaria. What brings you to New York? There's nothing wrong in Chicago is there?"

Azmaria was quick to shake her head in negation. "No. No. Everything is just fine. Everyone sends their best wishes. They were all very happy to hear that you had found Rosette and that he was here with you." She turned to Zoë and gave her a quick hug too. "You are looking so wonderful Miss Satella. I've missed you."

Zoë's eyes softened as she looked down at the other woman. "I have missed you as well. You have grown up to be so beautiful."

Azmaria turned to look at Gabriel, but this time it was not her who initiated the hug. Gabriel had moved before she had thought he would, startling her. "Rosette."

The young half-demon clung to the smaller girl as though she were a lifeline. He was nearly ready to burst into tears of gratitude for this vision. "Grazie, mia alleata for taking care of mi amo, Servo Mary-Chrno, for so long."

Azmaria smiled in relief and hugged her old friend back. Stepping away slightly, her smile became as radiant as it always was when she was helping those she loved. "Thank you. But it was no trouble to take care of someone I care about. You and Chrno always took care of me when I was a child. It was my turn to take care of you two. It was a pleasure to aid la Santo Isabella's Gabriel and my dear friend Servant Chrno."

Gabriel's shoulders sagged in relief. "It is good to see you Az."

Azmaria let out a little giggle. "It's good to see you too Gabriel."



Grazie, mia alleata - Thank you, my friend
mi amo - my love

la Santo - the Saint

wurst - sausage
Mien schnitzel - my fried thin slice of meat