Hey, Who, What, Revamp?



A/N: Big Announcement. Dumbtrickerita has risen from the dead, and broughten goodies! I've finally come back from hiatus to produce some results, although not in the form you would be expecting from an alert email that has just told you I posted a new chapter (sowwies!); it's something I'm excited about, as I've spent the past 2 years off and on finding the creativity and motivation to work on it. I know it has been far too long.

I have actually decided to revamp my story, and create a new one that basically repeats but improves upon Behind The Smile, but has a lot more spice and better scenes and better plot and better outcome for me. Much of it will definitely be familiar to you, if I felt it ok enough - and lazy - to leave word for word, scene for scene.

The new story is called Antiquated Folly and I've posted a whole new introduction and explanation about it, in the actual story itself. Please take a look!

The first 4 chapters are posted. And openly available for review and criticism ... or they will be in a few secs after I post this.