Gil-Salad and the Chicken Wings

In case you missed the summary: This is NOT meant to be taken seriously! It came to my in the shower when I was twelve… enough said.

Oh, Gil-Salad was an Elven king

Of whom the harpers rarely sing

He made it not into tales of old

But has this story, seldom told:

Gil-Salad was an Elven king

That ate too many chicken wings

You'll learn the reason why we don't sing

About this terrible, awful thing

He ate those wings like a hungry toad

His subjects feared he would explode

Halfway through he burst his robe

(The fabric couldn't hold the load)

The prince asked, "How many stomachs have you got?"

"You certainly seem to eat a lot."

"Only one," said the king, "Worry not.

I just must eat wings while they're hot."

"Good king, don't fear," cried young and old

"There's a remedy for wings that grow cold!

Use the toaster oven, be bold!"

"I cannot," said he, "for it was sold."

Good Gil-Salad could not be stopped

He slurped and gorged until he popped

The last to see Salad was the man who mopped

Said he, "The pieces oozed and glopped."

I hope you listened, for my tale is true

And the message is not new:

Don't eat chicken until you're blue

Or you could easily explode too!