Hey there. I was talking to a Very good friend and I got this Idea.

Smarmy: Kagome is getting beaten up in an all girls' school. Her mom starts to get worried because she finds her in a hospital. Her mom gets an idea to send her to a- a ALL BOY'S SCHOOL. How can her life get any worst?

Special note: They are Inu-hanyou and Miko. Only Miroku dos NOT have the Wind tunnel. Oh and KIKYO BASHING. At first it's Kikyo who's bashing on Kagome., But that ALL changes when she leaves school.







"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" A scream from a hall of Shikon school for girls.

"What's the matter? Can't fight?" A girl stood towering a cowering teen girl on the ground. The girl laughed. "Should I have mercy or should I continue to beat you up?"

"Please Kikyo! Have mercy!" The girl shouted at the girl that was standing above her.

"I don't know. Hmmm… Kagome." She thought. Kagome was crawled in to a ball. She had a thick trail of blood running down her right side of her lip. She felt like they had broken a bone in her rid cage. She was panting like a dog and it felt like she was going to die. 'This is it. If they don't stop I-I'll die.' Kagome thought this was it the end. 'Sango where'd you go? I need you're help.' Kagome's mind cried out.

"I think I'll let you go this time but, next time you won't be so luckily." And with a flick of her hair she left. Kagome fell unconscious on the floor. She was happy that they didn't continue to beat on her. Kagome was a beautiful young girl. She had raven black hair that went to her waist. Blue-gray eyes withered in pain. She was pale. Kagome woke up in the nurse's room. Her chest was burning in pain. Like some one had taken a hammer to it.

"Those are some injuries you got their Neh? You might want to get you're mom to take you to the hospital. Just in case you have a broken bone." The burning sensation in her chest just wouldn't stop. Kagome coughed up a little blood. "I guess that's my cue to go call for an ambulance." Kagome had long trails of the salty water running down her cheek. 'Why? What did I do to deserver such pain? I should of never been born just to receive pain.' Kagome was swimming in her thoughts as the white dressed nurse called 9-1-2. (I dunno) Kagome knew she was in good hands. So she let her self drift to an

un-easy sleep. In the next five minutes the paramedics where by Kagome's side lifting her onto a moveable bed.


"Hunnn." Kagome moaned as she stirred in the bed. There was a little boy about 7 sitting close by to the bed. He had dark brown hair and carious brown eyes. He was wearing a orange shirt but with a green strip in the middle and he had a whitish blue color of pant that had holes in the knee area. On the other side of Kagome's bed was a woman. She was hunched over crying in her hands. When she heard this quit moan she looked strait up. Her brown eyes glazed over with tears and bags sat under the glazy eyes. She looked to be about 35. Her short brown hair was ruffled

"Mom, Where's Miroku? Shouldn't he be here?" The younger boy asked

"I don't know where you're bother is Souta. Yes he should he told me he was coming. I don't I really don't know any more." The mom said. All of the sudden the door opened quickly and shut. There was a tall man looking to be 16. He had violet eyes'. He also had black hair that was just long enough that it was in a ponytail that really looked like a shortened rat-tail. He had a purplish shirt on and baggy black jeans.

"Miroku!" Souta jumped up and ran over to the tall boy. Miroku had a white stuffed teddy bear that had a red ribbon tied to its neck. He also had white roses to match the teddy. Miroku looked down as he felt his shirt wetten. "Oh Miroku-onii-kun. What's going to happen?" He asked as his older brother looked down. (Just to let the people who don't know anything medical wise- breaking a rib is NOT the smartest thing to do. It could kill you if it was positioned right to stabbed right in to the heart or a major blood vessel. Just letting you know. On with the story)

"I don't know Souta. Here let me put these down and I'll talk to you ok?" Miroku asked as Souta let go nodding. Miroku walked over to Kagome's bed and set down the roses. He put the teddy bear in Kagome's arms. The teddy was her favorite stuffed animal. She treated him as if it was alive. The bead was the only present she had gotten from her dad when he was alive. Kagome's, Miroku's, and Souta's dad dies after Souta turned 2. He was killed in a car accident.

"Mmmm." A muffled sound came from Kagome. Kagome's eyes slowly fluttered open. Her mom looked down at her.

"Oh Kagome! I'm so happy you're ok." Kagome's mom said. Her older brother bent down and hugged her careful of her wounds. Miroku and Kagome are twins. Miroku being the older always knowing when some thing was wrong with his baby sister yet she was only 4 minutes younger.

"Hey sis, I have someone you might want to meet. COME ON IN!" He yelled at the closed door. A girl with a high tied ponytail came in. She had brown hair and beautiful deep chocolate eyes. This mysterious girl had a baby blue top on that showed her curves and a pair of bell bottom jeans that had a dragon going up the side and stop on her right side thigh.

"Kagome-chan." The girl rushed over to her. "I'm sooo sorry I couldn't be there to help." The girl was tearing up as she looked at her battered up friend.

"Sango, don't worry. I'm still here alive right?" Kagome asked trying to comfort the girl at her side. "How long has it been since I've seen you?"

"A year at the most." The girl bent down just like Miroku did and hugged her friend.

"Awww Can't I get some loving?" Miroku asked

"SHUT UP YOU PEVERT." Sango yelled "Can't you see where having a reacquaint meeting?"

"Kagome how long has this been going on?" Her mom asked

"Ever since I've been there" Kagome said.

"WHY HAVN'T YOU TOLD ME THIS?" Kagome's yelled. Kagome winced as her mom yelled at her.

"I'm s-sorry. I didn't want to get any one in trouble." Kagome always though that if it was meant to be then let it be.

"Honey, this time you're gone way to far in protecting the people there. You can't even protect you're-self. That's it you'll go to a ALL BOY'S SCHOOL." Kagome's mom yelled the last part of the sentence.

"WHATT" Kagome yelled and fell unconscious.

So here we go with MOVIE EXTRA'S!

2nd movie: When they find the girls who treated Kirara (yes that is how you spell it)



B blue lady

PPink lady (Did you know that in the Japanese version there name's are glass and glass?)

D Director

I Inuyasha

S Sesshoumaru


M: You've seemed to master our langue. You speak it fluently.

B: Indeed we do

P: After all we've been here for quit some time

M: So tell me what am I saying "Genki-Ka-Desu?" (How are you?)

D: Miroku what are you doing?

I: Swaying back in fort Hiya .hic. There .hic. Pulls out sword die stupid ladies. Wind hic. Scare

D: Inuyasha what in the 7 HELLS are you doing?

K: I just found Inuyasha's water bottle and you aren't going to like this. There was tequila and Vodka with a little water mixed in.

D: Oh no. grabs bridge of nose.

S (comes out of dressing room grinning) Hey what's every one doing? (Looks at Inuyasha and starts laughing) Inuyasha's a happy drunk.

D Sesshoumaru! You did this didn't you?

S Ummm Heheh no it was Her! (Points to a statue of Midoriko and runs away)

D God please kill me now!