October 27th, 2005 -- Hotaru -- Characters (C) CLAMP -- One shot x3.
Wow! By popular demand (five reviews between my two last stories in three days. Yeah, it's my first time, let me gape) here's another one shot.

It was about two o'clock in this strange, hot planet.

Currently the half-naked teenager, Syaoran, was shyly adapting for the process of swimming.

In truth, it was more the skimpy suiting that un-nerved him.

The mage, Fai, was off in the middle of the lake, and had finally dragged the furious ninja Kurogane with him.

He was sure they had swum before.

But he, in the desert?

And Sakura…

Their hostess had almost left for their daily routine before taking notice of the scorching weather and given them each a bathing suit and map to a lake before running off.

She (the hostess, going by the name is Hatsuki) hadn't been around them long, and thus had given Sakura and pink and green bikini.

Syaoran wouldn't even go into that. She looked gorgeous-

Well, from what he had caught a glimpse of.

He felt awkward being around her in this improper suiting, but she seemed to quickly get used to it.

He, on the other hand, was still a crimson pile of nerves looking at her.

And scared of water.

But he couldn't afford to, after all, who knows where Sakura's feathers could show up?

It wasn't until Sakura had reached waist in had he touched his toe to water.

And, oh, it was cold.

He immediately brought it back out and dragged his eyes over the immense, tree sheltered lake.

His eyes stopped at Sakura, who was laughing gaily as she chased a fish.

The game resulted with her loosing, her silken features tilting into a sulky pout.

Watching her made him flustered, but at the same time he couldn't bear to see her sad.

So he walked in, slowing easing to the refreshing blast of water surrounding his feet.

And as he neared her, with her dainty face broke into a cheerful smile, and her pure, spring apple leaf colored eyes twinkling.

Thus making him smile.

And then he reached her, now fully unaware of the water.

And she grabbed his arm, and offered a tender smile, meeting his eyes and never quite loosing sight.

For a second, he lost track or what was right.

Or where they were.

Or who he was.

And yet gained that desirable yearn to lean in and discard the space between them.

It was as simple as that.

But it wasn't right.

For she was a Princess…

And he was a meager peasant.

That is, in the Clow Kingdom.

She hadn't ever treated him as so.

And he had always loved her for it…

Among her other divine qualities that were beginning to show though with each feather he gathered.

He kept the gaze, a pink tinge building with each gathering minute.

She, as clueless as ever, broke out in a wide grin, perhaps oblivious to his actions.

And she leaned in.

His eyes widened, blush growing furiously.

Once they were touching noses, she took his shoulders, and paused, leaving Syaoran in agonizing suspense, until she took a questionable gulp of air and thrust them both under water.

Syaoran was unprepared, and was only kept under by her emerald stare.

Then together they rose, gasping for air between Sakura's melodic laughter.

And he was further enchanted.

Not the best, but hey, it's something random.