Once In A Lifetime: Sequel

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"...The university had just let out for summer break and the boys were finally coming home. Sunako shook her head; they weren't really boys anymore, if they could ever have been called such. Sometimes, she thought her four former roommates where born fully grown, oozing charm and sexuality. Okay, enough. She needed to start on the food prep or there would be nothing for tonight's dinner. Sunako had to remind herself earlier to buy enough to feed an army, because he alone was a bottomless pit and there would be nothing at her table if she shopped for the normal amounts.

The morning had been dedicated to the marketplace, selecting the best meats and seafood and haggling over the fresh vegetables. Sunako bought extra shrimp, remembering how he loved her ebi tempura. After coming home and storing her purchases, her afternoon was spent cleaning the mansion in a flurry of duster mops and vacuum noise. It'd been so long since the rooms had been in use that Sunako had to air everything out and retrieve the bed sheets and blankets from the cupboards. It felt like that first day in grade ten all over again, only this time, she was anticipating their arrival. She admitted to herself that she missed them all; the last time everyone had been together was last summer. Takenaga had took Noi to Hawaii last Christmas, before University semester started and Ranmaru had been on a round the world cruise with his fiancé, Tamao. It had only been the three of them and Auntie then, and that was fine. But now, everyone was finally coming home to her..."

"Good to be home." Takenaga raised one hand, which held three square bags. It looked like they'd bought half the liquor store.

"Sunako, darling, did you miss me this Christmas? I thought of you the whole time I was cruising." Oh, he was smooth, both in his actions and tone. Ranmaru had taken the distraction and perched his butt on the arm of Sunako's chair, draping himself across the back.

The raven-haired girl turned her head around and stared straight in Ranmaru's golden eyes. "You were probably too busy making use of the mistletoe, and I don't suppose you did a lot of thinking with your head. How many wives did you debauch?" His face was too close so she brought up a hand and pushed it away....

...She glanced at the clock again, slightly worried now. Six thirty-seven. Where was he? She couldn't start the tempura until he was home but she also couldn't drag it out much longer. And—

"Getting hungry waiting for me?" The smooth baritone voice she had been missing brushed across her nape. Sunako involuntarily shivered, she had pinned her hair up in a loose knot while she was cooking and that had left her neck bare. Finally. He was back. Kyohei was home...