Where Did It Go Wrong Ch. 5

Last chapter folks, then hopefully I'll be able to finish Secrets Better Told soon. I warn you, minor quantum physics in this chapter. This story does jump around quite a bit. Definitely a heart-wrenching tale, and I assure you, there will be no sequel. EVER. I like it perfectly fine the way it is.


Ron Stoppable was worried. First off there was this rash of murders, second Kim was acting weird, and third, he was paralyzed with fear. Of course, Kim Possible, standing in your room, blocking the door, with a four inch knife in her hand would do that to a guy. And that was not counting the fact that she was also decked out in the little black dress, and stiletto heels, and the fact that the knife was dripping with the blood of his parents.

"K-Kim? It's me Ron," pleaded Ron. "C'mon now, you don't want to do this; we can get you some help." He backed up a few paces and stared, horrified, as Kim twirled the dagger in her hand. A purr of what could only be pure pleasure at seeing Ron in this state erupted from Kim's throat.

"Oh, I'm fine Ronnie," Kim replied, striding forward, the knife raised and glinting in the light. "Besides, what's a little blood between friends?" Ron tripped over the bed as he continued to retreat from his girlfriend.

"A little would be no big. Enough to kill a person is a serious sitch, K.P.," answered Ron, struggling to pull himself from the tangle of sheets on the bed. He groaned, wishing he had listened to his mother when she had said that making the bed would save him a lot of trouble. As he managed to yank himself loose, he heard Kim's mocking laugh.

"Oh come on Ron, don't tell me you're afraid of a little pain! Where's your sense of adventure?" Kim pouted, and Ron felt like throwing up. Okay, something was really wrong with Kim. Though, Ron noted, he should have figured that out when Kim had drawn the knife in his room, and told him where the blood was from.

"You killed it," Ron responded, and instantly wished that had not passed by his lips. He clapped his hands over his mouth and stared at Kim, wide-eyed as she closed the gap between them.

"That's not the only thing," stated Kim.

As Amy tended to Shego wounds, she listened with rapt attention as Shego told her just how Kim Possible got loose from the prison. "I was there to break her out. Why, I have no clue, but I was. I discovered which cell she was in, and was shocked by her appearance. Apparently she had been dying her hair all her life, because there were now streaks of raven black locks in it. Once there, I landed on top of her cell and began cutting the material that held her inside with my power. It was at this point that she lit up her own in an attempt to help me remove her from the cell more rapidly," stated Shego as Amy changed the bandages on her arm. "You wouldn't happen to have any idea as to when I can fight again, would you?"

"Best guess is tomorrow. You, like everybody else in this world, seem to heal much faster than should be possible," Amy replied, stowing the first aid kit benath Shego's cot.

"This world? What do you mean by that?" asked Shego, curious to what Amy had to say. She propped herself up onto her elbows and listened to Amy explain parallel universes.

"Well, think about this. There are several possible places that any one person or object could be. I put the first aid kit under your bed. Where could it be in another universe that is accelerating at a rate different from ours?" Amy questioned.

"Under the bed," Shego responded, and received a swift 'try again' from Amy. "In any of the several possible places?"

"Wrong! It could be in the exact same place, or it could be in an entirely different area. The answer would be both," corrected Amy.

"Uh. Quantum Physics hurt my head," Shego said, leaning back into her bunk.

"It's a garbled mess of annoying concepts," agreed Amy, sitting back down into her seat. "Back on the subject of your wounds, I think you're be right as rain soon enough. No need to rush these things anyway."

-three days later-

"Shego! Amy! My office now!" Kim's voice demanded over the speaker, static crackling, the suddeness and urgency in her voice causing both to jump. The two hurried into Kim's room to find her staring at two monitors, one of which was beeping. "We've got intruders. Amy, how soon can the Ron and Barkin clones be ready?"

"Another two weeks," replied Amy, flinching as Kim's hand slammed down onto the titanium desk, splitting it in half.

"That's not good ...," started Kim.


It was at this point that the wall blew up, debris flying everywhere, tendrils of smokes twirling about. When it cleared, a blonde haired boy with chocolate brown eyes and tanned freckles stood there, his face contorted into a scowl. Kim gasped and backed away, her now completely ebony locks falling over her shoulders, twisting this way and that as Kim scrambled to gain distance from this impossible feat. Shego and DNAmy were shoved out of her way.

"But... how? I killed you! I felt your blood!" Kim shouted, her hands grasping the wall behind her, scraping along the concrete. "Just how many are still alive?"

"Yeah, Wade, he's really improved the holograms. Your family, my family, myself, Wade, and Tara. But I'm not really sure Tara even wants to live after you took Josh away. He was her reason for living!" Ron exclaimed, stepping off of the pile of debris and marching over to Kim. "K.P., you hurt a lot of people, but there's still some willing to help you. Me, Wade, your family. C'mon Kim. We can help you feel better." Ron outstreched his hand to Kim, who slapped it away. "Kim, please, just give me your hand, and you'll be alright."

"Get... away... error... from me... error. Glitch detected in KimBot's programming. Auto shutdown initiated," the KimBot stated. Ron yanked his hand back as sparks danced wildly around the KimBot before it collapsed to the floor.

"Wait, that wasn't Kim? Then where is she? And who's behind this?" questioned Ron, enraged and desperate to find Kim.

"That would be me," said a masculine voice. Ron spun around, fists clenched. Shego lighted her hands, the flames sparking erratically. Amy simply hid behind Shego and Ron.


"Quite correct, young Stoppable. You see, I created a bot of Kim Possible, and a bot of myself, to place instead of the real ones. The Drakbot is still rotting away in the jail, while I'm healthy and free. The KimBot took Kim Possible's place after we tied you two up at Bueno Nacho Headquartes, and it malfunctioned, so you'll find the real Kim Possible here, admist the many corridors and rooms. Oh, and did I mention that you only have five minutes to find her before this place goes up in flames? Ta," Drakken said, his face on the monitor practically smirking. A countdown took it's place as soon as Drakken stopped talking.

"Grrr... C'mon! We gotta find Kim! DNAmy, you go on ahead. Shego, if you could help us, just this once...," begged Ron, worry replacing the anger on his face.

"I haven't a clue as to where she is, but I'll help you look. I think we better stay within hearing distance of each other though."


The two hurried down a corridor, checking doors. When the corridor split in two, they took the left, searched it, and returned to take the right. Ron was close to panicking. They just had over a minute left to find Kim and get out, and they still hadn't found her. At the end of the right tunnel, there were two doors. Shego opened the one on the left, Ron the one on the right. Ron hung his head as the room turned out empty.

"Hey! I think I've got something! In here!" Ron's head snapped up as he rushed into the room with Shego. He flipped the switch on the wall by the door, and did not recognize the Kim Possible he knew and loved.

Her hair was matted, in one place there was caked blood just over her temple, and several places were singed. Some areas of her hair had actually been shaved off, and there were bruises here and there. Her face had a gash on it that ran from just above her eyebrow to the corner of her lip on the right side, and blood had dried around her mouth. Her wrists were chaffed from the chains that held her firmly against the wall, her clothing torn and filthy. Pushing a button on the wall, Shego realized something at the same instant Ron did, who had rushed forward to catch her. Just from her body language, the dull glint to her eyes, and her response to Ron catching her, only one conclusion could be made.

"I'll kill him for this," whispered Shego, watching Ron gently caress Kim's hair.

Kim Possible would never be mentally fit again.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

The years passed, and Ron took care of Kim the best he could, with the help of her friends and family. Shego hunted for Drakken to no avail, and a pit of fire grew in her gut. A pit of revenge. Ron felt it too, and despite his efforts to ease both his and Shego's need for burning vengeance, the hatred remained. Kim would sometimes gurgle out parts of words, and Ron was by her side through it all. Eventually their parents died, and Ron, now with the help of the twins, Wade, and Shego, helped Kim along, doing their best to ease her discomfort when it was there, to aid Kim in her daily activities, to constantly watch over her.

Then a freak accident happened. A reactor exploded at the space center, killing both Jim and Tim. The memorial was a tearful one for them all and it showed, save for Kim. The doctors had described it as having a cloud in her mind that was in constant turmoil.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

Thirty years passed, and Shego had long since given up the hunt for Drakken. Ron, now in his fifties, claimed that Kim was recovering a little bit every day, but Wade just didn't see it. Ron's love was everlasting, and he would wait by Kim's side till the day he no longer could. Then he would be a spirit guiding her.

That day came ten years later, when a car crash took his life, leaving Kim trapped in the car, unaware of her surroundings. Nobody even noticed that she was Kim Possible, the girl who could do anything, as Ron's body was taken to autopsy. She was a forgotten hero. They both were forgotten heros in an uncaring world. This left only Shego and Wade to care for Kim, and Shego would pass only two years after the crash from skin cancer.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

It was on that day, however, that the body of one Dr. Drew Theodore P. Lipsky was found on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. The two officers who found him were amazed to see an arrow glinting in the sun, pierced through his chest. When they approached, though, the shaft of the arrow, as well as the head, turned into pure light and disappeared, floating up to the skies. The two policeman pondered this and only had one explanation when they noticed both who Drakken was and that the feather attached to the shaft that had remained behind was mostly black, with a few streaks of green in it, as well as dappled spots of blond. It was the arrow of an avenging angel.

Wade, now the only one left to care for Kim, was shocked to see that Drakken, in his eighties and near ninety, had been killed when he turned on the news. However, what broke his heart was that Kim had awoken from her reverie, if only to sing a song that had taken a lifetime to compose in her state:

There once was an angel who fell from the skies,

His hair was blond and chocolate his eyes,

He knew a lass with flaming red hair,

Together they made an odd little pair,

Team Possible saved the world with great care,

But sometimes life just isn't fair,

Old Drakken had made Kim go insane,

And Ron intended to be Drakken's bane,

But Kim required the greatest care,

And Ron had sworn he'd always be there.

So Shego did the deed for Ron,

But only after the two heroes were gone,

So Shego proved to be a gift from above,

She was an avenging angel - who loved.

"I miss you Ron."

Where Did It Go Wrong?