Chapter Eight: Cracks in the Doors

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but I do have one reply, to Dragonlady222: your idea is understandable but, there is no actual common sense that is universal, so what you think is right could be quite different to another person. Think of it this way, Jou, wants to be Jou, and in his mind, if he's fixed, then he won't be who he was meant to be, he believes this to be destiny. His sister was different in his mind...I guess, I never really thought about it like that when I wrote this, I like the idea of a blind Jou, it adds to the effect of touch and taste and smell, and it heightens my writing skills from moving to hard subjects, such as emotions that I have never actually felt.

I didn't understand why I had reacted so violently, why it was such a big deal to me that Kaiba only wanted to fix me, and not like me even if I was defective. Why I longed inside to feel what it was like to be blind, to know my destiny. But what I did understand was that I was hiding for the issue, I mean honestly, who hides in a closet in another persons house at 10 at night?

Of course I just had to pick the smallest room possible, I couldn't have chosen a roomy plush bedroom, or a stocked pantry, no, I picked the room with the smelly mop and spilled cleaner on the floor, which currently was sticking and soaking into my freshly changed pants.

I was absolutely positive even if I left the closet; Kaiba would kick me out any way, so decided to make myself known to my new room. I reached up and pulled the cord to turn on the small hanging light bulb. The light flickered on and illuminated the small disorganized broom closet I had escaped into. There were some cluttered shelves, and many brooms shoved higgily-piggily around the floor, I was even sitting a couple mop heads.

I sat for a second thinking this through, then suddenly jumped up, disgusted with what now covered my clothing.

" oh gross!" I hissed and dusted the bottom of my pants off, then realized that it was now on my hands and whined while shaking them around, trying in childish vain to get the invisible grossness off my hands.

While jumping around I hit me head on the lip of one of the shelves and drew in a hiss of pain from between clenched teeth. I reached around to feel the tender spot and hit my elbow against the wall, and whimpered in pain as I spun around, hitting my forehead against the shelf, I reeled back in shock and got my foot caught in a mop bucket, it slid across the floor, disrupting my balance, and reaching out for anything to hold onto I grabbed the light cord.

I collapsed to the floor, blowing the bulb, and bashing my head and back against the solid wood door. Engulfed in darkness with a sparking open wire, and entirely too many bruises, I groaned clutching my head as a squeezed my eyes shut.

" ooh, that hurt…" I crooned to myself, curling into a ball on the wet and dirty floor.

Then the wall from behind me disappeared, my eyes popped open and as a yelped and fell backwards, I decided that by then end of the night I'd voluntarily bash my head against a wall, it seemed like it would hurt less.

My head hit the floor with a thud and I groaned.

"Ready to come out yet?"

I nodded and reached up, gripped the arm held out for me and was hauled up. An arm wrapped itself around my waist.

Of course I would have instantly jumped up and accursed him of being a bastard and run away, if I wasn't currently seeing spots, bright yellow, and hot pink ones, flashing across my vision.

"How'd you open the door?" I said shaking my head, trying to clear it, and only making it worse.

" I went up stairs and got a key, dumb-ass, now look in my eyes and tell me what you see."

I did, or at least, I tried, when I glanced over at him a giant bright pink blob seemed to be in my way, without thought I tried to way it away, obviously unsuccessfully.

" what the hell are you doing? Just tell me how many fingers I'm holding up!"

"I can't." I wailed slumping down, and covered my eyes, " your pink."

"I'm what?"

"your pink." I said a little louder.

He gently let me go, and I stood on shaky legs, I wasn't looking, so when a gentle touch, brushed the back of my head, right where it hurt I hissed in pain, and reeled away from him, blocking the back of my head with my hands and spinning around.

" ahhh! Don't do that!" I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut and shuddering with pain.

I heard a chuckle sound and felt that unmistakable anger bubble up.

" oooh, yeah, this is just soooo funny to you, Kaiba, ain't it?" I said peeking over at him through one eye. He was brushing off his jacket of invisible dust, an obvious gesture meaning ' I'm laughing at you on the inside.' Because his chin was tucked down and his hair was swept over his face.

I hissed at him, turned on my heel, and marched away with as much dignity a semi-blind, naturally clumsy, teenage boy could summon.


I let him prop me up in bed, and pull the blankets up around my shoulders, while I held an ice pack to the back of my skull.

" because your such an idiot and have gotten your self in this position without any help from me, I figure its only right that I should help someone in such need as you, you poor moronic boy you." He said in a soothingly fake voice, and he fluffed the pillows behind me.

"Now get some sleep, and when you wake up I'll help you bandage your head up, we don't want that walnut of your to fall out do we?"

I growled at him, resisting the boiling urge to strangle him with my bed sheets. Had to of course, murder was illegal after all, and who would I drool all over, if he was gone?

I satisfied myself with sticking my tongue out at him, and giving him the finger while he turned his back to turn off the lights.

In the pitch black of the room, I heard the click of his heels get closer, and suddenly though he just might strangle me with my own bed sheets.

Then I felt the feather light touch of him brush my hair away from my forehead, and a light kiss on my cheek, then he turned away and left the room, with the deafening click of the door closing…and locking.

I reached up and lightly brushed the spot where his kiss burned into my skin, and with a satisfied and smug grin I snuggled under the covers and drifted off into the much needed sleep of oblivion, with the whispered words to myself sending me off, " I need a shower…"

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