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"Hey Phantom! Look! I'm destroying school property!" Ember lit a trashcan on fire.

Danny blinked, still holding the frightened Box Ghost by the collar of his shirt.

"Uh, Ember? That's really pathetic."

Ember frowned, and dissapeared. Danny sighed, and opened the thermos, effectively putting the Box Ghost back in the ghostzone. Or was it all that effective? This was at least the third time he had tracked down the box ghost, and everywhere Danny was, Ember was there suddenly, doing stupid things to get attacked.

"You go on without me, guys. I'm going to go find Ember and figure out what's up."

Sam frowned. "Are you sure you won't need our help?"

"I'll be fine. How hard can it be?" He waved, and flew off.


"I can't do it by myself, Zoi! You need to help me! His friends are always around, and when we start fighting, I can't stop, it's fun!"

Zoicyte looked at the pleading ghost in front of her. "Ember, do you really need my help to invite the halfa to the ghost party as your date?" Her pupil dilated pointedly. Ember fixed her sight on the tearlike makeup underneath Zoi's eye, unwilling to look into the snake eyed pupil. "I don't know. I'm not used to this. I'm never nervous, but..." She trailed off, shrugging.

Zoi sighed, watching the gothic rock ghost bite her bottom lip in frustration. "Fine, I'll help. Where was he last?"

"Over by the school."


Danny stopped suddenly. Something didn't feel right. He turned his head just in time to avoid a blast from Skulker's new gun.

"Aw, man. And I thought tracking down Ember was gonna be easy."

Skulker fixed Danny with a wicked grin. "What do you need her for, ghost boy? You can't even handle me!"

He aimed his weapon again. "I recently acquired an upgrade."

Danny's eyes widened as the beam glowed harshly, and separated into three different jets. He took off, but they followed him.

"Damn. Hunters?"

Skulker laughed. "That's right! Run, ghost boy, run!"

Danny cringed. As he lost all hope of losing them and futilely wondered if he could take a blast from all three of them at once, A horse with bat wings landed in front of him, leaving the Fright Knight standing, slicing at the jets until they dissapeared into smoke.

"That's enough, Skulker! We have a truce today, and you know it!"

"Not with him!" Skulker shouted, now aiming at the Fright Knight.

"Ember has requested he be a part of our function, therefore he is under my protection."

Skulker laughed. "The rocker picked him? What does that matter to me?"

"It should."

Skulker and Danny looked up to see Desiree perched on a tree limb, leaning an arm on Vlad, who looked completely at ease, as though it was a simple discussion, and not a bargain for Danny's life.

Skulker pressed a button, and with a mettalic sching, his suit was equipped from every angle with weapons.

"Hey Phantom."

Danny whirled around. Ember was behind him.

"When did you get here?"

"When Fright sent out the call. Same time Vlad and Desi did."

Danny was confused, and opened his mouth to say so, but a legion of firing weapons droned him out. Desire shot for the safety of the sky as Vlad and The Fright Knight were rendered immobile by encasing nets.

"Damn! Desi! Call Zoi! She was right behind me a while ago!" Ember shouted.

Desire turned, frightened, and looked at the sky. "She's coming!"

A net shot up and dragged Desire to the ground, rendering her unconcious instantly.

Danny moved protectively in front of Ember, but she moved away. "Hey Skulker! Catch this!"

The shockwave ran out so fast Danny clutched his head to avoid the sound. Ember strummed her guitar in a series of glitches, and launched into Sweet Dreams Are Made of These.

A dark purple smoke slipped into the clearing, and Zoi landed gracefully, eye half closed from enjoyment of Ember's music.

She opened it fully, gazing apathetically at Skulker. "You don't believe in fear, you don't believe in pain, you dont believe in anyone that you can't tame..."

She turned, gaze sweeping over Desire, Vlad and finally The Fright Knight. Her eye contracted in anger at the same time Skulker's weapons aimed and sped towards her. She dodged the first round with barely a movement.

Once again in tune with Ember's music, she held up her hands. "Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you, some of them want to abuse you!" Black ectoplasmic substance dripped from her mouth with a rasping sound. Auric remnants gathered immediately to her outstretched hand, and shot towards Skulker, shattering his weapons. He staggered back, and she wiped the drips from her mouth. Ember strummed a few bars from a new song, and Zoi slipped in easily. She bent slightly backward. "Prick your finger, it is done the moon has now eclipsed the sun the angel has spread it's wings the time has come for bitter-"

"Enough!" Skulker was gazing in fear at the auric slime dripping a morbid hue from Zoi's fingers. "I submit."

As quickly as it began, it ended. Skulker was gone.

Zoi watched the slime dissolve, and turned to Danny. "So, Danny Phantom, we need to talk to you." She walked off and with swift motions freed Vlad, Desire, and The Fright Knight, whom she helped stand up, and then stood by. Ember walked in front of Danny.

"I need to ask you something."