ZN: Apparently I am well liked by those I have not already mentally scarred, know what I want and can get it without any trouble and disturbing levels of enthusiasm,have a tendency to shock people, my need for a certain type of attention brings out a manipulative side in me, I can lie better than most, sometimes find myself caught in the web of my own false reality, I am poisonous, can't take the hint when someone doesn't want me around, have a one track mind and tend to ignore the advances of others, but if they push me too far, I just might bite off heir head and suck out their brains, still like to maintain a decent prescence, am always ready to chime in when a certain situation is 'bad', I treat individuality like it's a religion, don't give a flying fentonthermos what other people think about it, am attracted to other people outside the norm, when I find a cause to put my foot down, I often end up stepping on soemone else's toes by accident, Am a nasty piece of work whom everyone is afraid of, and in another life could have been a huge glam rock superstar!

...Does that sound like me? Now I dare you to figure out which results I got to be those.

"Uh, Mom? Can I go to a Halloween party?"
Maddie Fenton turned around to see Danny behind her, embarassed about something. Being more in-tune with teenagers than her husband, she immediately guessed what it was. "You have a date for a party? Why, Danny, that's wonderful!"

"Yeah, I guess. The party's at seven."

"Will there be any adults there?"

The Lunch Lady.

"Yeah, mom, the host's grandma will be there."

"And is there going to be any alcohol?"

No brand we've heard of.


"Who all is going?"

Ember, The Box Ghost, that great ghost couple Johnny and Kitty, The Fright Knight, Desire, a really creepy goth girl called Zoi, and guess what? Vlad!

"A few friends I met in the park earlier."

"How will you get there?"

We'll fly. It's just another dimension away.

"We'll walk. It's not that far."

Maddie considered, gazing thoughtfully at her son. "Alright, you can go. Make sure you don't get into trouble, your father and I will be out looking for ghosts. I have to make sure he doesn't attack any trick or treaters." She laughed. "Go on and get ready!"

Danny left the basement, and headed up the stairs, taking a look at the clock as he did so. Six forty nine! He ran upstairs, throwing off his clothes and redressing, then paused, wondering why he was changing at all, he would be in ghost form the whole time anyway. He shook the thought away, and quickly brushed his hair out. The doorbell rang.
"I'll get it!" Jazz called out from downstairs. There was muffled conversation, and Danny shoved some toothpaste on his brush, checking himself in the mirror and worrying about how to act. He felt someone behind him, and turned around.

"Jazz, I'll be right down-"

Ember laughed. "Not your sister, baby. You ready yet?"
"Do I LOOK ready?" Danny threw up his arms in frustration, hair falling out of place again.

Ember grinned, and walked over, yanking his shirt smooth, and ran a hand over his hair. "You're fine. Let's go."

She led the way downstairs, and turned the corner, missing his blush. Jazzmine didn't though. She gave him the thumbs up sign. Danny rolled his eyes. "So, Ember, what time are you bringing my little brother home?" Jazzmine turned to the rock ghost.

"Oh, not too late, I don't think. But plans could change."

"Well don't worry about Mom and Dad, they'll be out most of the night. He gets here late, it's no big deal."
"Jazzmine!" Danny was shocked.

Jazz grinned again. "Oh grow up, Danny! You're going to a party with Ember! Have fun or else!"

He hurried towards the door. Ember flashed Jazzmine a grin. Danny could hear his sister giggle, and felt a blush rise again.

The door closed, and Ember surveyed the street. "Ah! Empty! Come on, do your thing, Phantom!"
Danny turned to his ghost mode, still agitated. "How do you know where I live?"

"Zoi asked that goth girl you hang out with, what was her name?"
"Sam told Zoi where I live?"

"Yeah, that's it! Well, it seems they know each other. Not surprising, really."
"I can't believe Sam just told Zoi where I live!"
Ember grabbed Danny's arm. "Come on! Let's get going before the trick or treaters show up on this street!"

Danny was pulled up unresisting, and a few seconds later gained his own speed at Ember's side.

"You have to learn to teleport, Phantom! It's a lot easier! Anyway, Zoi made Technus secure a portal directly to her place."
"Now she's got Technus working for her."

Ember grinned, and sped up, forcing Danny to stop complaining and concentrate on keeping up with her. Suddenly she stopped, and pointed downwards. "There. Come on!"

Danny shrugged, and joined Ember in her downward spiral. She stopped just before hitting the pavement, grabbing his waist as she saw his reflexes weren't as good as hers.
"Why do you do those things?" He asked, eyes still wide from the shock.

"For the thrill of it." She responded, trying and failing to keep a laugh from escaping. She nudged him from behind, still holding his waist. He grew red again.
"Hurry up! We're going to be late!" She directed, leading him forward.

"Hi, Ember and...Danny Phantom." Technus managed to keep a civil tone with a bit of difficulty.

"Party started yet?" Ember demanded.

Technus brough up a complicated looking device. "0.53 seconds ago."

Ember stepped halfway through the portal that was glowing faintly, and coming back out, looked amused as Danny struggled with his better instinct. She grabbed his arm, and tugged him in.