1Have you ever done something and wondered to yourself what would have happened if you made a different decision? What if you ordered a salad instead of a burger for lunch? What would have happened if you decided to go the long route instead of the shortcut to work or school. Or even what would have happened if instead of getting out of bed you you just turned over and went back to sleep?

Would any of this really even make a difference in the end? There are an infinite amount of possibilities of choices to make and an infinite amount of possible paths to take. Though you may chose one choice, one path, what happened to the other choices and paths? And what about the choices and conditions around you, how would they affect you?

There are an infinite amount of planes of existence, an infinite amount of alternate realities where though you went one way, there are an infinite number of other yous taking other paths. In one reality you could be a police officer while in the other you would be a violent murderer. In another you could be a highly respected religious leader leading the world to peace and love while in another you are an insane tyrant who rules the world with an iron fist leading the world farther and farther into violence and hate.

And how about the circumstances around you? The choices other people may make. You could be happy in one world and sad in another. You could be an only child in one and just one of many siblings in another. In fact there could even be numerous amounts of both female and male versions of you running around.

This is a story of one such alternate reality, a reality in which the choices of one pigtailed martial artist and those around said person will change the course of that world's destiny forever...

A Phoenix Reborn

Chapter 1

By The Senshi of Valis

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the series within this story as it is a work of fanfiction.

The dreary, overcast day was actually a perfect match for one somber martial artist who had lost everything she once held dear to her. Of course part of it she could blame others for, a good amount of it was her own fault in a way for her stupid, cocky, better than everyone else, attitude. In just two short weeks she had not only lost her manhood, she now lost the only copy of the cure to the ultimate weakness pressure point the old freak had used just a few days earlier. The worst part was, she had destroyed the scroll herself because of her anger at the taunting of Happosai. While in a rage she had release one of the strongest, most destructive ki blasts ever which incinerated the scroll and knocked the freak somewhere in the next district no doubt.

Now, she was trudging slowly home in defeat, something that despite how often she claimed never really happened to her she now had no other choice in admitting to herself that she had failed. She had failed to regain her manhood when the idiot due of Lime and Mint accidently destroyed the unlocking kettle. She had failed when she allowed Happosai to actually execute the pressure point that left her so weak. And again she failed to regain the cure to the pressure point and restore her power.

A strange part about the ordeal with Happosai was that she actually managed to even use such a ki attack in her weakened state. It wasn't even a normal attack either, it seemed almost like fire in a way. No matter how much she tried duplicating it she couldn't, she couldn't even feel the power that she drew upon to create the massive attack anymore. The power was just there one moment and gone the next. For just a brief moment it had caused her hope and in the face of failing to reconnect with the source, her hope was crushed and drained a lot of what little life she had left in her.

Everything she worked for over the years of what Genma called training, all the suffering through what Ranma thought as as torture was gone now. While she hated a lot of what Genma had done to her she was still proud to be one of the best and the heir to the Saotome School of Martial Arts. Now though, with being turned permanately into a girl and now without her strength not to mention the repeated failures there was no way Genma would name her his heir. How could he, after all she was now the weak girl that Genma had always claimed Ranma to be. She was now the thing Ranma knew Genma hated the most...something she was starting to hate just as much. She was starting to hate herself more and more, she was a failure and she was beginning to believe there was now no way to go back.

As she entered the house which she called home for the last six months, Ranma could feel that something was wrong. The lights where all dimmed and there were no sounds, not even Kasumi in the kitchen working on dinner or the faint sounds of Akane's breaking blocks in the yard. In her weakened state she didn't even realize what hit her before she lost conciousness.

Ranma wasn't sure how long she was out but she awoke to arguing between the two fathers and another male's voice. Groggily she realized that they were holding her up and there was something wrong with her clothes. Looking down at herself she realized that she was in a tuxedo as were the two fathers and they were in front of what looked like a priest in the dojo.

"I refuse to marry someone who isn't even awake for their own wedding!" the priest growled out angrily.

"Ranma belongs to me!" a familiar voice huffed from beside Ranma in a very possesive way, a way Ranma never really heard the voice speaking in before. It was as if the voice believed that Ranma was her property and nothing more. There wasn't even a hint of compassion or friendliness in that voice. Looking up Ranma could see Akane in a westren style wedding dress that made her look beautiful. Unfortunately, the look on Akane's face ruined the effect and in a way horrified Ranma.

Ranma tried to say something but the loud explosion from one of the walls stiffled it as Shampoo broke through the wall with Ukyo in tow. "You no marry Shampoo airen violent girl!" Shampoo snarled pointing one of her maces at Akane.

"Sugar, there is no way in hell I'm letting this happen!" Ukyo said throwing an okynomiyaki at Akane who dodged out of the way. Ranma wasn't as lucky though as the explosion from said okynomiyaki sent the redhead flying into the wall. She was barely concious as the sound of fighting ensued.

Ranma was too stunned by the impact with the wall to really do anymore than lay there and listen to the loud fighting and explosions as Ryoga and both Kuno voices added to the mix. She groaned when she heard the supports of the building creaking as it weakend from the dmage the dojo was taking. It was really no surprise when the roof caved in right on top of her ripping a cry op pain as she was buried under the debris. It wasn't long before she lost unconciousness again that day.

Ranma finally regained conciousness but she was in an extreme amount of pain making it hard to breathe or move. She finally did manage to move though but she finally managed to crawl out from under the rubble that was once the dojo until she was in the yard. She noticed that her clothes was tore up pretty bad and stained with blood. The worst part was that the largest spot of blood on her stomach was actually still wet and still bleeding, leaving a trail as she stumbled to her feet and right into Akane knocking them both back down to the ground.

"Y-Y-YOU PERVERT!" Akane screamed pushing Ranma up and off of her as she jumped to her feet. Within seconds she summoned her mallet and sent Ranma on another free trip courtesy of Akane Airlines.


Kasumi stared in horror as a nearly dead Ranma crawled out from the wreckage of what was once her families legacy. The red head was soaked in blood and could barely move but Kasumi couldn't help but smile a little bit as Akane started walking out to Ranma. Maybe there was hope for the two yet.

Of course she regretted what she did that morning when she learned of the father's plans to attack Ranma in her weakened state and force her to marry Akane. Kasumi immediately went under the excuse of shopping and went to inform all of Ranma's rivals that she could find about the wedding hoping that her plan would work and it would stop the wedding. Kasumi knew that neither Akane nor Ranma was ready and what the fathers were planning was just wrong.

She got her wish when the rivals crashed the wedding but she never expected that the dojo would be destroyed in the process. Knowing that it was her fault made her feel so ashamed of herself for what she did. She destroyed all of her father's dreams about uniting the schools because she went against his wishes but she couldn't see any other way. What he wanted was wrong and she couldn't let it happen. She realized that what she did may have also been wrong but what else could she have done.

At least everyone had made it out of the collapsing dojo without too much injury and at the time she was sure Ranma did as well until she saw the beaten and bloody form of the red head crawl out of the mess. Kasumi's slight smile fell to horror when she realized Akane wasn't going to help Ranma but to attack the already heavily injured redhead.

Tears fell down Kasumi's face as she watched the bloody form of Ranma disappear into the sky, she knew there was no way the girl could survive the landing in the condition she was in.


A cloaked figure stood on the wall after being attracted by the commotion she heard earlier thinking it could have been a demon, instead she found a very badly injured girl that looked so hauntingly familiar it sent shivers down the figure's back. The figure growled in outrage when a blue haired girl drew a mallet and used it like a golf club to launch the injured girl into the sky.

The figure was about to attack when something different caught the figure's eye, a large, balding martial artist in a gi. The figure pulled out a photograph and compared it to the man. Of course there were changes, you didn't just go ten years without a few changes but there was no doubt as to who the man was. With a cry of rage an explosive red battle aura surronded te figure and leaded off the wall slamming their fist into Genma Saotome's stomach sending him flying painfully into the wall. When Genma bounced off the wall the figure executed a perfect roundhouse kick sending Genma skipping across the yard and into the koi pond.

The figure stared at the instant panda flexing their hand after slipping on something that looked like a ring in a way but it reached back to cover the back of her hand and wrap around her wrist. It looked almost like a skull of something but it wasn't really readily identifiable. Flexing their fist the figure watched the panda for a few moments until muttering in an surprised female voice, "Jusenkyo..."


AN: I've had so many complaints and flames about Old Life, New Beginnings. I've even seen a forum that said. "New Fanfic: Old Life, New Beginnigs." I thought, wow, even other sites had seen my story and liked it. Guess what, when I looked at it I didn't really see any good comments about it at all. Mostly complaining about rape and Ranma getting pregnant. Guess what, they are real life issues. There is every chance that it could happen to Ranma.

I had most of NLOB planned out and Ranma's baby played a very important part at the end of the first arc. Since something like that happening to Ranma the Yggdrasil system messed up and didn't assign a soul to Ranma's baby. At the end of the first arc someone who was a major villian in the first arc sacrificed herself to save everybody and they were offered the chance to redeem their self instead of being sent to the underworld. They was going to be reincarnated as Ranma's baby and that baby was going to play a big part in the second arc as a new team of senshi were formed.

Most of that won't happen in this version of OLNB which I'm rewriting as this, A Phoenix Reborn.I still may go back and finish up OLNB sometime too but for now I will be working on this version. I try not to listen to complaints or flames but sometimes its hard not to and sometimes its hard not to be hurt over what they say.

On another note, I am not stopping any of my other stories, I plan to finish them all. However, I plan to work at them one at a time with maybe a chapter on the others here and there when I need a change of pace. I will be adding Story Ideas with SI before the title. Mostly for now they will be just that, story ideas that I may take up at a later time which I will remove the SI then.

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TIMELINE: Things have occured faster in this Ranma universe and Ranma knows everything except for Genma's sealed techniques and the Hiro Shoten Ha. Ranma has also never met Nodoka yet.

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