A Phoenix Reborn

Chapter 11

By The Senshi of Valis

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Cologne was worried as she sat down the letter she was reading from the council that one of the higher ranking warriors from the village had brought along with one of the tribes most sacred treasures, the Gekkaja. Cologne was the eldest member on the council as well as the most knowledgeable when it came to their most powerful artifacts. It was said that thousands of years ago the Gekkaja and the Kinjakan both fell from the heavens and struck the Earth between Phoenix Mountain and their tribe Apparently Saffron and one of the elders of the time had fought over possession of what the Amazon's believed was gifts from their Goddess. Unfortunately Saffron took one of the weapons but the Amazons managed to take the other.

At first Saffron demanded to have the weapon back claiming it belonged to his people but the Amazon knew it was a lie since the weapon was capable of producing intense cold which was the polar opposite of the fire that the phoenix people symbolized. Saffron was on the verge of starting a war to get the Gekkaja when a woman of the Phoenix people had convinced him to back down saying to let it go, the princess and her guardians were dead and there was no bringing them back. Reluctantly Saffron had backed down.

Now Cologne had the Gekkaja before her, its powerful aura flaring stronger than she had ever seen as the letter explained. The elders were afraid that it would attract Saffron's attention so sent it to Cologne for safe keeping as well as hoping that she could figure out how to dampen it.

"Great Grandmother, the council send holy weapon to catch Shampoo's airen?" Shampoo asked giving Cologne the urge to whack the younger girl in the head with her own gnarled staff. Fighting down the instincts was very hard for the older woman, really, how could the child even think of using something like the Gekkaja for something as frivolous as that. Then again…Maybe it could work.


"My lord, we have a small problem." Kiima said as she walked into Saffron and her personal bed chambers. He was standing at the large window looking out over the valley with a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong, Kiima?" Saffron asked, the worry growing.

"It's the Kinjakan, its aura is flaring again. Its been getting stronger for the last few days too." Kiima reported, wondering if the Gekkaja was doing the same thing knowing very well what it could mean.

"We will take it with us when we depart." Saffron said, "How much longer until the inhibitors are finished?"

"Another three days at least." Kiima said, bowing apologetically.

"That's good, then in three days we depart for Japan." Saffron said with a true smile.


Ranma was in pure misery after they had breakfast and Hikaru and Ranko left for school and work. Her mother had dragged Ranma, Aiko and Yuki on one of the things Ranma hated to do the most, clothes shopping. Ranma's face was still bright red as they left the fourth store in the mall where they had finally found Ranma some undergarments that she was willing to wear, even if reluctantly. Aiko kept smiling mischievously at Ranko in a teasing way after finding out how embarrassed Ranma was getting in the place. Aiko even went as far as posing for Ranma in some lingerie that made Ranma turn bright red in embarrassment and almost made her nose erupt in a blood geyser.

"It wasn't that funny." Ranma mumbled, a little agitated.

"It was, you should have seen your face." Yuki giggled. Ranma noticed Nodoka also trying not to laugh but she was smiling. Sighing Ranma gave in and giggled a little herself. Maybe shopping wasn't really so bad, at least not when it was with family and friends who really cared and was fun to hang around with.

"Nodoka." A tall young man with short black hair and gray eyes called, hurrying over to the group.

"Honda." Nodoka said happily as the two embraced and shared a kiss before the stepped back.

"What happened, dear?" Honda asked, sounding a little worried, "Hikaru said that you would be coming over for dinner but you never showed up and when I tried to call no one answered."

"It's fine Honda, I'm so sorry though. I finally found Ranma and I have two new daughters also." Nodoka said.

"Two…new…daughters?" Honda asked in confusion. "I'm pretty sure we haven't for a long time…You know…I don't think I would have forgotten that."

"Silly." Nodoka giggled, her face slightly tinting red as she slapped his arm playfully. "This is Ranma and my new daughters Aiko and Yuki."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Honda said bowing.

"Girls, this is Honda Shidou, we…We may be getting married." Nodoka said.

"Really?" Honda asked, almost jumping for joy, "You changed your mind?"

"I always wanted to get married to you Honda but only if our children is okay with it." Nodoka said, Honda's face sagging a little.

"I'm sure my boys will accept you in time, Nodoka." Honda said.

"In time, Honda, in time." Nodoka sighed.

"At least bring everyone over for dinner tomorrow night." Honda pleaded.

"Okay, I guess that would be okay." Nodoka said.

"You look kind of familiar, Yuki was it?" Honda asked, looking closer at Yuki who fidgeted nervously. "Wasn't you Kakeru's girlfriend? He's been so worried about you."

"As if…He probably forgot me. And even if he didn't, I seriously doubt he would want anything to do with me now." Yuki sighed sadly, Aiko squeezing the blonde's hand in an attempt to comfort her.

"Nonsense, he hasn't seen anyone since you disappeared." Honda said smiling, "But I thought you were Seinya's daughter."

"It's a long story dear, please let it drop for now." Nodoka begged.

"Okay." Honda sighed, "Kakeru will just be so happy that you are okay."


For once in her life Usagi was actually up early and on her way to school with her black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead in Usagi's arms. Luna had waken her up really early that morning and try as she might to go back to sleep Usagi couldn't as Luna would only bite her.

"Are you sure she wasn't another youma?" Usagi asked quietly.

"For the thousandth time Usagi, no she wasn't a youma." Luna growled.

"But she had wings…I mean we have wings but…She…I don't know…" Usagi said, glad that the girl had disappeared the previous night because Usagi would have attacked the red head thinking the girl was another youma.

"Usagi, she was a member of a race of phoenix people…Well at least half phoenix. I can't remember exactly who she was but she was one of the strongest senshi even if she was an unauthorized senshi." Luna said.

"That's another thing, if she is a senshi why does she get the cool uniform instead of those stupid mini skirts." Usagi said.

"Usagi, she wasn't a member of the inner court…At least I don't think so. If I remember right most of the moon kingdom hated their people." Luna said sadly.

"But why?" Usagi asked, "If she's one of the good guys why would people hate her?"

"Sometimes people just hate what's different. I know it isn't fair but sometimes it is a fact of life." Luna explained. "I think she was a very good person…But I think she was an outcast even among her own kind because she was a hybrid."

"You know Luna, for someone who doesn't remember much you sure seem to know a lot about her." Usagi said.

"Just fragmented memories, Usagi. I knew you were the senshi of the moon when I first awakened you but I couldn't remember you were the moon princess. Something happened to the spell the Queen cast that fragmented Artemis and my memories."

"NOOOOO!" Usagi cried.

"I know it's not fair, Usagi." Luna said.

"Not that!" Usagi cried, dropping Luna and running off, "That was the tardy bell. Even when I get up early I'm late!"

"Only you princess, only you." Luna said as another streak rushed past Luna with blond hair with a white cat behind her stopping next to Luna making her sweatdrop.