I like you, but you're crazy, you're crazy... therein where the problem lies

"You know, if you just lean a little forward and put pressure on your heel, the step will loosen."

Draco scowled and turned his head around to mouth off the owner of the voice. He had to blink in surprise.

"Lovegood," he sneered after a moment, "I don't need your help."

Luna bobbed her head up and down, "I know, but the staircase is quite narrow and you are in my way."

Draco swore verociously, shuffling his feet about to try and force the step to release his foot. The step responded, by tightening it's hold on his foot and grabbing it down causing Draco to yelp in surprise.

"The step has characteristics of a quicksand. It's rather fascinating isn't? The more you struggle the more it pulls you down," Luna said serenely, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, her round eyes watching Draco struggling with utmost fascination.

"Why the bloody hell do you want to go up there anyways?" Draco questioned, grating his teeth painfully as he huffed in irritation, glaring at the step, wanting it to disappear and release his damn leg.

"To do my homework. The Ravenclaw common room does tend to get loud, and it's even more unfortunate that the library is louder than the common room despite Madam Pince's attempt to cast silencingspell on the rowdy students. Over there," Luna said, trailing her eyes to the top of the room, "is where I can finish my homework in peace."

Draco returned his attention to the step that had his foot and snarled at it.

"Bloody - pissed - oh hell!" The step has now swallowed most of his leg.

"Do you need help?" Luna asked, her eyes now wondering off to the paintings hanging off the walls, "I'm aquainted with this step before and it does seem to like your leg."

"Really Lovegood?" Draco snapped, sarcasm dripping in his tone, "the step just happen to swallow most of my leg now, it must really like me." If he didn't know any better, he could've sworn he saw Lovegood hide a grin. 'So she thinks this is funny huh?' Draco's eyes roamed at the pale blonde's form, the ridiculous earrings that many would ridicule, the wand - oddly, fashionably, perched on her ear, to the slight curve of her lips and the way -

Draco swore again as the step tried to swallow the rest of his leg.

Luna blinked, "I like you. But I can guarantee you that I won't swallow your leg."