Over Your Shoulder

A Drake & Josh fan-fic

A short story by Alison Lydon

Lead characters:

Drake Parker & Josh Nichols

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. No copyright infringement is


Chapter 1

Worth a Thousand Words

Upstate New York


The room was cold as the teenage girl with the sparkling caramel colored eyes stood

up on her tip-toes to turn up the thermostat. She wore her sky-blue polo shirt a size too

small because she liked the shirts to fit snug and so the boys could see her tattoo of a

rose on the small of her back that had green ink for the stem and red for the actual

flower petals. Her mother hated how she dressed. She said it wasn't becoming to a


Whatever. She was probably jealous because she couldn't fit into a size two hip

hugger jean. Her dresser was a complete mess. Deodorant, guitar picks, lipsticks in

various colors, and more perfume bottles then you could shake a stick at. It was here

nestled between the bottle of Chanel Chance and Dolce & Gabbanna Blue that her

chrome slim lined cell phone rang.

Would it be Eddie? Christopher? Maybe, Bobby.

"Oh, it's you Leticia."

"Is that anyway to talk to your best friend, Denise?"

"Sorry. I thought it was one of the guys." She scrunched her nose in the mirror glad that

her freckles were finally fading. She didn't know if it was the lemon juice or the fading

cream she bought at Sephora, but either way she was releaved. Denise took her

history book off her bed and threw it next to her navy blue Jansport backpack. Who

needed to study for a test when they looked this hot?

"Which one is it this time? I lost count after Tony at the Spring Fling."

"He was ages ago."

"Denise!" A older woman called from upstairs.

"Your mom sounds pissed."

"She always is. I'll talk to you later, Leticia."

"See ya."

There was always something magical about having a best friend since Kindergarten.

Denise Roberts and Leticia Robbins (same homeroom every year!) went through

many good and bad times together. She would have died without her best friend.

"Mother, I was on the phone with Leticia."

Mrs. Roberts was a rather plain looking woman with thin whisps of blonde hair that she

always wore in a ponytail and whose wardrobe mainly consisted of three colors: black,

white, and beige.

"If you are done with my medical encyclopedia put it back on top of the closet shelf."

Her mother screamed at her to get off the phone just so she could put a book back in

her closet? How lame could this woman possibly get?


"Fine." She was finished reading up on 'depression' anyway.

The doorbell rang, probably another UPS delivery of mother's tres tacky faux

collectibles from the cheapo television shopping channel. The curio cabinet in the

living room was full of ugly glass birds, baskets, and bells. Her mother thought it was


Denise thought it was embarrassing.

She hated being only 5'3" and wished she had her leather boots on with the small

spiked heel that her mother thought was going to send her straight to Hell. Denise

wasn't paying attention when the box from Bloomingdale's spilled all over the closet

floor. She picked up a stack of tax forms and put them back in the box only to notice

something sticking to the back of a manila envelope. It was a photograph of two five

month old babies. She recognized herself as this picture in a neatly cut down the

middle form was in her baby book, but she had no idea who the other baby was. Days

that you find out life changing secrets start off like any other day, the day was cloudy

and the wind chill was minus –10, the room was silent that Denise could hear her own

shallow breathing and her heart start to beat rapidly. She turned over the picture and

written in her mother's neat, prim and proper award winning penmanship cursive were

the names from a finely pointed black Cross pen:

Denise & Drake Parker, 1986

"Denise and Drake Parker?"

Brother? I have a brother named Drake---and my REAL last name is Parker? What

in the Fuck?

Denise decided to open up the manila envelope. Her life was in this damn

Bloomingdale's box.

Audrey Parker

Dennis Parker

San Diego, California

They kept the son. Naturally, boys were more fricking valuable of course.

Denise who was never one to show her emotions let one solid tear fall down her


Holy Shit. Her mother wasn't really her mother (that explained a lot right there!), her

father who lived in Miami wasn't really her father who left the family when she was ten

years old.

And most importantly she had a brother. And not just a brother, a twin brother.---Only

one thing mattered to Denise Roberts---Denise Parker---she wasn't quite sure how

she felt---she had to go to San Diego, California and find him.