Chapter 11

The Instant Messenger Rant

A few days later

Megan never had a mood like this. It felt like her whole body was changing. She

wondered if she was starting puberty early? Audrey had not given her "the talk" yet, but

that was okay by her, because she found out where babies came from at six years old

when she read it in the World Book encyclopedia.

She usually would start her homework early, but today she didn't feel like it. She flung

her knapsack across the room where it landed by her closet door. Why was it bothering

her? She took off her pink sweater and put it over her desk chair. The young girl was

about to sit down when she noticed the family photo on her dresser. The happy family

who went to Belmont Park for their first outing as the Nichols-Parker unit where Josh

got sick after riding the Giant Dipper and Drake must have left the place with twenty

girl's phone numbers. She was even happy then even though she'd rather have gone to

Legoland California.

She took the picture off her dresser and stuck it face down in her last dresser drawer.

Didn't he re—She wiped a tear from her left eye and wondered where did it come

from? She never cried.

Megan Parker didn't want to cry and she wasn't about to let her emotions win. She sat

down at her desk to open up her computer. Her friend Jessica who she used to go to

school with moved to Denver, Colorado when her father got a job there. She missed

having a real friend at school. Most of the girls in her class were either snobs or wanna-

be adults. No one that questioned life's ponderables like she did.

Jessica05: Are you okay, Megan? You haven't been online in awhile.

MP3Player: Hi, Jessica. You're online early. You'll never guess what.

Jessica05: I didn't have school today. What is it? What have the Boobs done


MP3Player: Drake has a twin sister! Which means, I have a sister. sighs A sister

that I knew nothing about. They're stupidly hiding her from Mom and Dad while

trying to find her a place to stay. I don't like her; she rubs me the wrong way.

Jessica05: So, you aren't going to tell your parents about this?

MP3Player: I don't want to hurt my Mom. And I don't think Dad knows about

this. And it's always best to let this explode in their faces.

I could make her wake up in Cuba tomorrow if I really, really wanted to, but

she's not worth the trouble. She dresses like a skank and wears way too much


Jessica05: I'm sorry that you are going through this, Megan. Hugs.

Did Drake know about this all along or did he just find out?

MP3Player: He found out when she came to the house. Thanks for the hugs. I

really don't want to talk about Drake right now.

He's beginning to be not worth the trouble either. I think Josh is getting

annoyed over the whole situation too. How long can she stay upstairs? I think

she goes out when Mom and Dad aren't home, but she's basically living a

terrible existence. I'm sorry for rambling, Jessica, I just HATE her.

Jessica05: You're entitled to rant. I would too.

MP3Player: Thanks. Onto other topics, I ordered some new gadgets yesterday.

I purchased a new tape recorder and a remote control for the blinds in my room

so I can put them on a timer. I hate to cut this short, but I hear noises outside

my room, Jessica. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Jessica05: See you later, Megan.

Josh opened up the door.

"Excuse me, Josh. How about knocking?"

"Sorry. I need a blue marker mine ran out of ink."

"Fine. Take one and then go away."

She was about to do something she rarely did. Take a nap. She just wanted to wrap

herself in her blankets and never come out.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. You got your marker now leave me alone."

"Are you upset over our visitor?"

Megan took her remote control off the end table and opened the door.

"You have until three or I'll find ways to make your life uncomfortable."

Josh could tell that she wasn't going to do anything this time, but it was still best to leave

her alone.

"Okay. You can talk to me anytime, Megan."

"Yeah." As soon as he was in doorway she pressed the button that closed the door.

Megan hasn't taken a nap since she was pre-school age. Unless she was sick she

saved her slumber for bedtime.

The covers were warm which she needed because her body started to shiver and it

was sixty-five degrees outside.

Would you like me to read you a bedtime story?


Megan Parker did not want to cry, but she was going to let her emotions betray her, just

this once.

Damn him.