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After Apocalypse

I think…that I would like the world, after apocalypse. Stories tell and movies show the devastation, the carnage, as a hellish world full of fire and brimstone without hope or joy or salvation. But I think…that I could get used to such a world; to stand in the midst of a crumbled society, invincible buildings in rubble and silence within a wondrous metropolis. To walk in places you previously were unwelcome, where once it was so imperative that you not go; such frivolous things no longer matter.

A place where there is no one left to say you don't belong, you are of no use to them, you are not allowed.

Small streams of red run along the grooves and cracks of broken concrete at your feet. The color belongs to this world; to the golden light of a fresh dawn (because of course the dawn does not care if there is or is not a soul to see it) and the clouded dust of the earth rising to reclaim that which has been denied it for so long.

The bodies lay where they've fallen, a gruesome beautiful reckoning, for human beings were but another passing moment to the Earth. So small. Where others might see a horrific carnage, I see peace, at last. The kind of peace a person would wish to die with; a fading, warm, gentle sort of peace.

I think…that I would like to be the last one to go, the last human to die, to know that they really all were insignificant like I knew they were all along. It won't matter that there is no one left to prove it to.

Does it make me bad, not to mourn at such an event? If I rejoice, laugh because I am free, dance in the street without the people around trying to ship me off to drug factories to make me just like them, am I bad then? What is bad when there's no one left to say they are good and better than you are?

"Bakura, what do you think?"

Bakura looked over at the Egyptian teen seated next to him on the sofa and frowned slightly.

"About what?"

"The end of the world; when all the humans are dead."

Bakura's frown deepened in serious thought.

"Who would I steal from?"


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