A list Fred and George wrote down every prank ever pulled by them

Prank 1: Putting a huge bucket of worms under Ginny's pillow when she was three years old

Prank 2: Giving moms knitting to a garden gnome.

Prank 3: Cutting Ginny's hair when she was 7

Prank 4: Turning Ron's teddy into a tarantula when he was 3

(That was my prank-George)

(Wait a sec, the teddy was both of our idea-Fred)

(No it wasn't-George)

(Yes it was-Fred)


Prank 5: Putting real blood on Ginny's bed and putting her under a powerful sleeping potion so everyone thought she was dead

(We love torturing our little sister-Fred)

Prank 6: Switching Ginny's doll for a garden gnome

(I loved hearing her scream-George)

Prank 7: In the middle of the night leaving a note saying we went to Switzerland when we were really in the broom shed

(Mom didn't fall for that-George)

(Too bad to-Fred)

Prank 8: Bringing Percy breakfast. We brought him worms and cockroaches disguised as bacon and eggs

(HE ATE IT-Fred)

(It was hilarious seeing him gagging- George)

Prank 9: Putting an add in the paper saying that we had a 5 year old girl named Genevra to sell off to the highest bidder

(Tons of people came-Fred)

(Mom killed us afterwards though-George)
(Good point-Fred)

Prank 10: Putting a cockroach on Dumbledore's dinner plate when he came to visit us

(He found out an he didn't care-Fred)

(Dumbledore's always been weird-George)

Ok, we only wanted to write down ten of our best pranks and their might be more if people actually review. So click the little button at the bottom of the page

Fred and George Weasley