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#$#$ chapter 1#$#$

"Spike!" , Angel yelled loudly from his office.

Spike sighed as he walked into Angel's office. "What do you want, Peaches?"

Angel looked up at spike.

"How is that wound of yours?"

"Its fine."

It's fine. pft. yeah right.

"Can I see it?"

Wait a sec what does peaches care?

"Why the hell do you care?"

Since when have I not.

"Spike, you are still my childe."

Angel got up from his desk and walked up to Spike.

"Take of the jacket and shirt."

"Sod off!"

"Let me rephrase that , take them off before I do."

Spike grumbled about him not being boss of him but took off his jacket and shirt.

"Spike! You didn't take care of it at all!"

"Since when do you care?"

"You're the only thing I've got left spike."

Spike looked down at his feet and sighed. Angel was right everyone was gone Conner, Cordy, Gunn, Wes , Buffy, Fred ,Lindsey ,Lorne and even Harmony were now dead.

"Fine. Your right everyone you ever loved is dead. Want a gold medal?"

"No. I want to be your sire again instead of peaches." Angel replied while putting on the bandage.

"What!" Angel sighed.

"I want to be your sire again."

"So you can control me again? Sod off! I'M LEAVING! YOU CAN SIT HERE AND ROT IN YOUR OWN SODDIN' SELF PITY!" Spike yelled, slamming the door on his way out. "Spike! Wait!" Angel pleaded chasing after him.


"Spike! Please just consider it. We can go to my place and talk. I really don't care what we do just don't leave Spike."

"Go sire someone else 'cause I 'm sure as hell not going home with you."

Angel stared at him with yellow eyes. "Yes you will…….."

To be continued…….

( don't ya just hate me? )