Chapter 1 – WHOOAA O.O

Sunako woke up something's different yet she couldn't put her finger on it. She got out of bed and walked in the living room. Good those creatures aren't here. They must still be asleep or maybe dead! She smiled to herself. Now that's what dreams are made of. The phone rang; Sunako answered it, "Hello?"

"Huh? Oh Sunako darling this is Auntie"

"Oh hello auntie how's France?"

"It's lovely especially with my friend"

Sunako sighed some people never change, "Well anyway that's not why I called you Sunako" her auntie said.


"Guess what?"

"Yes Auntie?"

"Remember Zatoichi Kawashima?"


"Ichi's coming and staying for the rest of the month maybe a year"



"Sunako make us breakfast, we're hungry. And he last time we ate Yuki's cooking we almost died." Ranmaru stated rather plainly as Sunako pulled on the landlady's apron. Yuki started to cry,

"It wasn't that bad!" Yuki protested. He was still crying from early that morning. And Ranmaru's remark did nothing to quench that pain. "It's not fair, you guys always have girlfriends! Well except for you Kyohei, and my girlfriend's dad is a spawn of the devil!" Kyohei's eyebrows twitched, "Thanks Yuki." He muttered. Sunako finished cooking and placed everything on the table. Takenaga looked at Sunako something was different he couldn't really put his finger then it hit him.

Her aura was pure light! And she was…was smiling! "Sunako why are you smiling?" Takenaga couldn't help himself something was wrong. The rest of the guys looked and realized she was smiling not the usual evil I'm-At-Last-Going-To-Kill-You-All sort of smile. It was a sort of like the smile Noi wore when Takenaga was near an Oh-My-Gosh-He's-Hot kind of smile. Sunako laughed it was strange, "Ichi's coming today! I'm really missed Ichi a lot. The last time we were together was five years ago," she said smiling. All three guys started to get all teary, "Sunako – chan"

"So Ichi's you boyfriend?"

Everyone turned to Kyohei who was looking sort of pissed he didn't like the sound of Ichi. Sunako looked at Kyohei, "Well no but Ichi's more than a friend…Why?" she asked. Kyohei didn't say anything he just got up and left the kitchen. "What's up with him?" Yuki asked, the others shrugged, Sunako just space out. He couldn't be jealous of Ichi? Nah after all Ichi is a-

"Sunako –chan you okay?"

Sunako snapped out of her thoughts and smiled making the guys blush, "Ichi's coming this afternoon so be nice or else" The boys felt shivers down their spines, she was definitely related to the landlady. Sunako looked at them, "I'm going to get ready okay?"

The boys just nod their heads Damn who knew that Sunako could do the landlady's You're- Going -To -Suffer look.

That Afternoon

Kyohei was sitting in the living room a little ticked off than usually. He was drinking a can of soda it was the first time he was drinking it. Something called 'Pepsi lemon yet has some orange in it'

Ding Dong

Kyohei ignored it he knew it was most likely Ichi and for some reason he didn't want to answer it.

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Ding Dong..For God's sake answer me damnit!

Kyohei was shocked as he looked at the can of soda in his hand. Never again he thought as he emptied the can in a nearby plant. Kyohei got up and answered the door. He looked and saw a guy in a black school uniform. This guy obviously Ichi had short black spiky hair. (As short as Kyo's) Sparkling green eyes, he was almost as tall as Kyo but definitely taller than Sunako bout three or five inches. He had a great smile but wasn't smiling right now. Ichi looked Kyohei, "You can get out of my way any time you want punk" he said ticked. Kyohei twitched who the hell was this pomp ass calling punk? Before he could react Ichi pushed Kyohei out of the way. Ichi was now in the middle of the living room and let out a whistle. "Wicked" he murmured, Kyohei started to twitch. I don't care if he was Sunako's father he's ticking me off! Thought to himself.

"Yo were you raised in a barn or something? Shut the door"

Kyohei lost it a fist came straight towards Ichi who simply dodge it and grabbed Kyohei's arm and flung him across the room. "Nice try punk but your moving too slow and your angering is blocking you from what you really want to hit"

"Y-you –"

"Did you really think you could hit me I'm the one who taught Sunako to fight"

Suddenly Sunako came downstairs and saw Ichi. "ICHI!" she ran up and hugged him, Ichi smiled, "Hey Sunako" Kyohei sat up as he watched the two he hated to admit it but Sunako didn't look bad at all. She was wearing a black jeans pants with a chain attached with a black shirt with the words in dripping blood red ' I'm Evil In A Bra' Her hair was brushed and was smiling she looked really hot. Kyohei stopped himself did he really think that? Okay it's official never ever, ever, ever drink 'Pepsi lemon yet has some orange in it'