Everything was quiet in the apartment complex, except for the low hum of fluorescent lights throughout the parking lot, and the occasional sound of voices or music from one of the nearby complexes. Under a tree a figure wrapped in a trench coat watched a window on the second floor. A light shown out of the window, two figures silhouetted against it. A man holding a glass moved across the area, then turning set down the glass, pulled another figure closer to him. The two seemed engaged in lighthearted banter and play, unsuspecting of anything out of the ordinary.

But the silence was shattered by a sudden explosion, the window of the apartment blowing out in a loud crash, a tinkle of glass spraying across the roof of the carports under it. Tattered remains of curtains blew out through the open window of the now darkened apartment, flames flickering around the sill, smoke pouring out of the room. Alarms began to blare, mixed with panicked voices, hurried footsteps and slamming doors. Security began covering the spot, shouting to each other. Somewhere in the distance several sirens began to wail.

In the commotion no one noticed the coated figure slip away from the tree and back into the darknessā€¦