Title: My Sakura

By: Cherry Lea

Summary: Syaoran is forced into a marriage with Sakura. He is a cold hearted person. But a glance at Sakura makes his heart warm as if a fire lit up. He is finding a way to get out of the marriage but what if suddenly a baby is involved! And what will happen if his most precious possession is stolen by Sakura! Will he be furious! Read to find out. Please R&R.

Rating: R

Aging: Sakura & Tomoyo- 18……Syaoran & Eriol- 21

Pairing: SakuraXSyaoran, TomoyoXEriol

Genre: Romance/Drama

Chapter 1: My Dream Guy

Someone hugged her from behind; in just a second she was wrapped in love, kindness and bliss. The person whispered sweet endearments in her ears. It makes her chest tight it feels wonderful, as if it'll burst with love. "You are my angel Ying Fa,"…

Kring…… Sakura's alarmed clock went off. She waked up with a jolt.

"Wha..What time is it?" Sakura rubbed her eyes. Ah…! Its 7o'clock. She'll be late for her graduation day. She reached for her towel and barged into the toilet. Just in 10 minutes she is already in front of her dressing table. Her maid helped her dry of her hair. She put on some lip gloss an some lose powder. She glanced to the left, 7.25 am. She better hurry or else she wont have any breakfast this morning. As usual she stomped down the stairs. Her elder brother Touya was sipping coffee at the dining table. Her father was reading the morning times while her mother is talking on the phone.

"Ohayo…minna-san" She greets everyone cheerfully.

"Morning, Kaijuu…" Touya greets her lazily.

"Sakura no kaijuu…"She stomped her feet on her brother's but he moved his feet quickly.

"Come Sakura, eat up your breakfast or else you'll be late for your graduation," Her mom Nadesiko cooed softly at her. Sakura gobble down her pancake in just a few minutes.

"New record again, today Sakura?" Her brother teased her the way she eats. She just stared daggers at him.

"Come on Sakura, James is waiting for you outside. We'll meet you at school later ok sweetie?" Her mother picks up her saddle bag and walks her to the limousine.

"Say hi to Tomoyo for me," Nadesiko kissed her daughter on her cheeks.

"Bye mum," She is still smiling when the car pulled out of the drive way. 'She is a lady now; my baby girl has grown up'. She feels strong hands on her waist.

"It'll be fine my love, I know it'll be fine," Fujitaka hugged her wife from behind and kissed her shoulder. They're attending Sakura's Graduation today. Touya and he are settling some business works from home. He tugs his wife inside.

Sakura Kinomoto is the daughter of Fujitaka and Nadesiko Kinomoto. Her elder brother Touya Kinomoto is over protective towards her. Even at he aged of 18 she is still single and not dating anyone. Sakura is a happy go lucky girl, carefree and have a good heart. The Kinomoto family has their own company. Fujitaka is the President while Touya is still working his butt off to prove that he is worthy to take over his father. Not that he isn't but it's the way he wants it. Nadesiko has her own modeling agency; she always works with her favourite cousin Sonomi Daidouji. While Tomoyo, Sonomi's daughter is Sakura's best friend. Both of them are like sisters. Nadesiko thanks kami everyday for her wonderful life and family.


The fitting room was crowded with people. Giggles, laughter and voices were heard everywhere. Everyone is excited so were Sakura and Tomoyo.

"How do I look?" Sakura ask her best friend Tomoyo.

"Wonderful. You look like an 18 year old girl that is about to graduate." Tomoyo giggled. Sakura laughed. "So do you my dearest Tomoyo," She smiled sweetly.

"I just can't believe we are graduating today Sakura," Tomoyo said softly.

"Me too. It seems just like yesterday we were 6th grade school girl who was too excited to go to junior high," Sakura replied in wonders.

"Hurry up you guys, we are starting in just 5 minutes," the organizer shout to the students.

"Here we go," Sakura held Tomoyo's hand tightly while they were walking to the grand stand to line up to received their certificate. She felt so happy that her face shines with it.

"Sakura..." Tomoyo whispered. Sakura turn to face Tomoyo. "What is it?" She whispered back. They don't want to be rude to talk so loudly.

"Ever wonder about your dream guy?" Sakura made a weird face. 'What the hell is her best friend thinking about? They are about to graduate and suddenly the topic pops out from her mouth'

"Tomoyo dear, are you that tensed? Come on you know we did very well. Especially you," Sakura try to soothe her friend's feelings. Tomoyo giggled.

"Now, I'm not nervous Sakura. It's just, it came suddenly into my mind," Sakura saw her family from the corner of her eye they waved and smiled at her. 'What'll onii-chan think of me dating?'.

"Erm…well I just don't know, I guess…" Sakura stammered with her words.

"We talk about it more tonight. I'm staying over your place since mom got to fly to Paris after this to attend some designer's conference about our new design with the new kind of material," Sakura nodded. Then Tomoyo's name was called out by the Principal.

"Tomoyo Daidouji the School Theatre's President, School Choir's President and The School photographing and Digitals Video Club's founder. She represents our school for choir until the National competition and won first place. She is also a straight A's student. I present you, Miss Tomoyo Daidouji," The MC's voiced boomed around the hall. Tomoyo bowed and say her thanks to the principal.

"And now last but not least, our best student of the year. The president of the school's Cheerleader Club. The President of Gymnastic Club, the Vice President of Student Council Community. She is also the founder of Arts and Design Club. She represents our school in many curricular and co-curricular activities such as debate, Organizing school's Art and Design Exhibition including forming a tutorial class for beginners in arts with lecture from every different arts critics. All her achievement doesn't come empty handed; she is the best student in class with straight A's. Her personality is amazing, and she is no other than Miss Sakura Kinomoto," Sakura walk up the stage gracefully and proudly. She felt all eyes on her. The hall was loud with clapping and cheering. After bowing to the principal, she turns to the audience and look at her family, she held up her trophy and her certificate and bowed once more. Then with a big smile she stepped down. Joining Tomoyo who waited for her.

(I'm sorry if I exaggerate Sakura's ability but I just want people to know that she is a great person. It is needed further in the stories.)


Syaoran was standing still beside a very handsome woman, yes handsome she is. Yelan Li and President of Li Empire Business, Syaoran Li with 4 other squealing beautiful girls.

"Is that her mother?" the eldest Sheifa, asked their Mother on behalf of her sisters.

"Yes my girls," Yelan nodded.

"Kawaiii……" They squealed again. Syaoran was annoyed. He looks back at the girl they were talking about. Her dark auburn hair reaching her waist, somehow her smile moves him. Something that he never feels before. He shakes his head, 'what the hell I'm thinking of? That girl is just a mere foolish naïve teenage girl, come on Syaoran, you knew better than to meddle in this mess,' Syaoran scold himself.

"And she is the reason we travel from China to Tomoeda is it?" Syaoran asked her mother coldly.

"Now, now dear lil bro don't be so mean. She is such a cute girl. We like her instantly. Eriol is taking a good view down there. I do hope he gets few more information from her friends with him mingling around those students," Feimel try to sooth his brother sour mood.

"We better get back to the apartment; I need to present myself for the conference with the board of directors. We are having it online," Syaoran just walk of with his hand in his slack pants pocket. Yelan stared after his son, so does his sisters. They looked at each other and smiled. Syaoran won't stay like this for long now, the presence of the girl of their choice will change him completely.

Kinomoto's Residence

"Oyasumi okaa-san,otou-san…" Sakura greets her parents good night before went off to her room with Tomoyo. Sakura throw herself onto her comfy queen size bed. She looks over to Tomoyo who is obsessed with her Digital video camera. Her best friend is totally obsessed that every single thing Sakura did, she wants to record it. Sometimes it makes Sakura a little shy, but they were friends since children, Sakura knew Tomoyo just love recording stuff and all. Tomoyo is very good in designing cloths, every single design she makes Sakura handed it to her mother and Tomoyo's Mother and mostly, Sakura is the one who modelled it for them.

"Wow mom is surely good at recording our Graduation day, I'm glad she remember to do it for me, here look Sakura," Tomoyo handed her the Video camera. They watched it together.

"Well Sakura, what about my question earlier?"

"What question?" Sakura sweatdropped.

"About your 'Dream Guy'?" Tomoyo prod her to answer.

"Well, I don't know what Touya thinks about me dating or having a boyfriend,"

"Ow… come on. He can't continue doing that. Sooner or later you're going to have to date you know," Tomoyo smiled at Sakura. Sakura just nod her head

"Let see… He must be pleasant looking, cheerful, understanding, kind and loving," Sakura said.

"That's all?"

"I think so, it's not like I have experience with guys. Why are you asking this Tomoyo?" Tomoyo blushed when Sakura asked her that.

"This morning, while we were at the grand stand I felt someone is staring at me," Tomoyo stopped for awhile.

"And…?" Sakura eyed her curiously.

"There is this one guy. I've never see him anywhere around. He has this great amethyst eyes and pleasant look on his face. It's like kindness and understanding combined together. He has short neat blue hair. I just can't seem to forget his eyes, the way he look at me and smile with tenderness. I felt like there is a thousand of butterflies in my stomach," Tomoyo bit down on her lower lips. Sakura gasped at her friend.

"OH MY GOD! TOMOYO!" Sakura shouted. Tomoyo covered her ears.

"Sweet heart, I think you are in love," Sakura smiled brightly.

"How can you know? I just see him once this morning. After all I didn't know who he is or even where he lives," Tomoyo whined.

"I just can't believe you let your first love went away like that," Sakura sighed.

"I mean, what should I do? Confront him? That is out of the question. And after I received my certificate I didn't see him around anymore," Tomoyo try to lightened Sakura with what really happened.

"Oh… poor Tomoyo. But you know what; if he is truly your love, god will let both of you met. Don't worry Tomoyo," Sakura pat Tomoyo's hand. Tomoyo smiled weekly.

Li's Apartment

Syaoran and his family is having dinner when Eriol his cousin also his advisor came in into the dining room.

"Konichiwa," He greets everyone.

"Good Evening Eriol, Have a seat. Wei, can you get Eriol a plate, we're having dinner together" Syaoran speaks very formally.

"Well my dear Eriol, what did you learn from her friends?" Fanran, one of the four sisters spoke up.

"Not much, but one thing that is so obvious is, she never dates anyone," Eriol face Fanran and smile.

"Whoa, a great girl like her never dates?" Fuutie gapes at Eriol. Eriol just grin.

"Unfortunately yes," Eriol glance at Syaoran but he is as still as a stone, not showing any kind of emotion. He sighed.

"We are having dinner with The Kinomoto tomorrow. I want everyone to attend and be punctual. Please behave yourself girls. Tomorrow by 7 please be at the hall, Oyasumi everyone," Yelan excuse herself and went to her room. Everyone was back into the conversation, except Syaoran who is still pondering with himself. The girls asked Eriol so many questions about the cute girl.

"We've known about her from her family a few months ago, why should we search more information with her friends, the information from her family is enough to us," Suddenly Syaoran speaks up.

"But Xiao Lang, she is soon to be your wife. Don't you want to know about her social life? What kind of life she is leading, or even who her friends is?" Her elder sister Sheifa asked him sweetly.

"Not that I mind at all what kind of person she is, she is just another business to the family. Good Night everyone. Please excuse me," With that Syaoran left the dining room.

"Aren't you girls' worried about him?" Fuutie asked her sisters.

"We all do sweet heart; just pray that this Kinomoto Sakura will change him. From my first view of her. I believe she can." Sheifa just smile knowingly.

"Eriol, any other information?" Fiemel still wants to know about this Sakura.

"Not that I know of, but she has a best friend also her cousin. Tomoyo Daidouji," Eriol try to say it with a straight face and as calm as possible. He is interested in the girl but does not want his cousins to know, or else it'll not go on as his plan. But unfortunately they are better than that.

"Ohohoho… Eriol dear, are you interested in this Miss Tomoyo? erm!" Sheifa and the girls gathered around him. Eriol sweat dropped. His face is red from blushing.

"What are you girls talking about?" Eriol try to get away but Fanran held him down to the chair.

"Oh poof… boys are obvious. Not that they knew of it," Fiemel just held up her hand.

"Come on Eriol Hirigizawa, spit it out. You knew better than that. There's no use to keep it from us. Sooner or later we the foursome will eventually know of it. So better sooner than later ne?" Sheifa persuades him. Eriol sighed.

"Yes I'm interested in her, but I warn you girls…please let me do this on my own okay?" Eriol pleaded to them.

"Oh okay, but we want to know all bout it, if you need any help just tell us. We are here to help you," Fuutie agrees and every one nodded. Eriol sighed happily.

"Tell us about her appearance,"

"She has long black hair that reaches her waist just like Sakura but Sakura's hair is auburn. Her eyes is big and so beautiful, it's blue. Her smile is full of tender." Eriol speaks in a daze. He recalls Tomoyo's face in his mind. He just can't forget her, the way she smiles at him when she realizes he is staring at her. Her soft lips curving into a smile. He sighed again. Tomoyo Daidouji.

"Ow…… our Eriol is in love," The girls cooed at him. Eriol wake up form his day dream and coughed.

"See you tomorrow then girls, good night," He walks away blushing.

"Why cant Xiao Lang be more like him, gentle and cool," Fanran complained.

"He's different sisters, after the episode with Shu Yin he completely locked his heart from others. He seems to be living in his own world where he is invincible. No one can hurt him or reach for him; he seems to be colder than ever. Never showing any expression of feelings towards any of us," Sheifa softly speaks up.

"He was too young at that time to be used like that," Fiemel agreed.

"Oh I really wished it never happens," Fanran join her sisters in their agony.

"Come on girls, don't lose hope. Remember Sakura? She'll be able to bring our dear Xiao Lag back to us. Believe me." Fuutie try to cheer them up. They smiled at each other. Hope rising up high. Sakura, they're relying on Sakura to bring Syaoran back as he's one is.

Dinner at Kinomoto Residence…

"Tomoyo!" Sakura shouted her cousin's name.

"Hai..hai..coming Sakura," Tomoyo replied softly. A dress in her hand. "Step out from the blind Sakura so I can help you dress," Tomoyo called out from behind the blinds. Sakura came out with her chemisette and corset on.

"Why do I have to wear this damn restraining corset Tomoyo?" Sakura whined.

"Because you look better with it on honey,"

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Sakura put both hands on her hips. Tomoyo giggled.

"No Sakura dear, the dress needs a corset to make it look prettier. Not that you're fat it's just the way it is," Tomoyo smiles.

"Oh…okay, you with your design. And me having to modelled it for you guys," She whined again. Tomoyo, aunt Sonomi and her mother loves dressing her up in their design. Sometimes Sakura feels a little proud and sometimes a little tired of it. But she did it anyway. The dress really looks good. Sakura glanced to her right.

"I just can't believe you asked Marie to hold the video camera for you!" Sakura shrieked when she saw her maid holding Tomoyo's Video cam. Tomoyo is really unbelievable.

"Relax Kura-Chan,"

"Don't you go Kura-Chan on me, Tomoyo. What's so special about today that everyone is so busy about?." Sakura is puzzled.

"I just don't know Sakura, but you know how I love to get every single shot of you in my dress," Tomoyo walks around Sakura and admiring her handy work. The dress is cream in colour its sleeve is quarter in length. The dress's flower at the neck is sewn in with golden colour threads. A touch of blue, red and green flowers are scattered at the bottom of the gown. Sakura looks lovely in it.

The times come for them to go down to the hall. Tomoyo is wearing a princess cut dress. It is white and full of colourful small flowers printed from below the chest to the bottom. It makes her looks like a porcelain doll and it make Sakura giggled. They went down hand in hand. Just as the guest is arriving.

"Tomoyo," Sakura whispered.

"What is it Sakura?" Tomoyo turn to her.

"I don't know, my heart is beating wildly," Sakura clenched her chest.

"What's wrong Sakura? Is it hurting?" Tomoyo is concerned.

"No, not that way. Its pounding," Sakura look up at Tomoyo and smiled.

"Maybe you're nervous,"

"Why should I?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, come on or Touya will be furious with us making the guest waits," Tomoyo held to Sakura's hand and guide her to the Hall.

"Kombawa minna-san," They both greet the guest and their family.

"Good Evening Sakura, Tomoyo." Nadesiko smile. "This is my niece Tomoyo and my daughter Sakura, Yelan-san," Her mother introduces them to Yelan Li.

"Nice meeting you Sakura," Yelan greets her. Sakura bows and smile.

"This is my daughters, Sheifa, Fanran, Fiemel and Fuutie," The girls smiles at Sakura. She smiles back. "And that is Eriol my nephew and Syaoran my son," Sakura turn to her left and saw a guy with brown chestnut hair with big brown eyes. He takes her breath away but still she remembers her manners. She smile and bowed so does Tomoyo. She seems tensed. They walk to the sofa and take a seat while their parents are having conversation. Touya is having conversation with the Li sisters while Tomoyo and Sakura just look at each other and smiles.

"That's him Sakura, the one with blue hair," Tomoyo whispered to her.

"I know, I'm glad for you Tomoyo," Sakura clenched her cousin's hand.

"That Syaoran makes me feel weird," Sakura said.

"How weird?"

"I don't know, he takes my breath away," Sakura whispered again.

"I agree. He is good looking. Is he the kind of your dream guy?"

"Erm…1 criteria is there, pleasant looking. But I can't find others yet, since I didn't know him,"

"That's true, so why not know him better?" Tomoyo smile knowingly.

"What?..." Sakura's words were cut off…

"Good Evening ladies," Eriol was standing beside Tomoyo. Tomoyo smiled.

"I'm Eriol Hirigizawa," He introduce himself. Syaoran just stands straight beside him.

"Nice meeting you," Sakura replied back in Chinese. Eriol and Syaoran were shocked. Tomoyo giggled.

"You knew Chinese?" Eriol ask her back in Chinese. Sakura nodded.

"I've been learning it since 1st grade, so does Tomoyo," Tomoyo nods her head. Sakura just smiles.

"How long have you been here Hirigizawa-san?" Sakura change back to Japanese.

"Not that long, 3 days and Eriol would do," Eriol said

"Then you can call me Sakura," Sakura said pleasantly.

"Are you staying with them Miss Daidouji?" Eriol asked Tomoyo.

"Iie… my mom is away, call me Tomoyo," She smiles. Eriol nod. He likes her when she smiles.

"So Li-san, how are taking Tomoeda? Is it pleasant enough?" Sakura asked Syaoran.

"It's ok," He replied curtly. Sakura was taken aback. This guy is surely not talkative. They had dinner and everyone continue chatting so does Tomoyo and Eriol. Sakura feels awkward sitting besides Syaoran and not saying anything. After dessert they walk to the library and have coffee there.

"Sakura, come here sweet heart" Fujitaka called his daughter.

"Sakura," Fujitaka held out his hand for Sakura's. She smiles and reached for it. She stands beside him.

"Today we are arranging the final arrangement for your engagement and wedding," Fujitaka

explained. Sakura blanked out.. 'engage? to whom'

"Syaoran and you are getting married in 2 months," Sakura can't seem to breathe. 'Married to him? In two months time? That Syaoran? No…no. This isn't true, oh please tell me this isn't happening to me,' suddenly Tomoyo was right beside her. Holding onto her hand and squeezing it showing support. Sakura's face was terribly pale. Sakura gather up her thoughts and courage. She just smiles and nods.

"I'm sorry; it just came as a shock, excuses me," Sakura bowed and walked out.

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