Title: My Sakura

By: Cherry Lea

Summary: Syaoran is forced into a marriage with Sakura. He is a cold hearted person. But a glance at Sakura makes his heart warm as if a fire lit up. He is finding a way to get out of the marriage but what if suddenly a baby is involved! And what will happen if his most precious possession is stolen by Sakura! Will he be furious! Read to find out. Please R&R.

Rating: R

Aging: Sakura & Tomoyo- 18……Syaoran & Eriol- 21

Pairing: SakuraXSyaoran, TomoyoXEriol

Genre: Romance/Drama

Previous Chapter:

"It was a pleasure, Sakura Li," I laugh and he silent me with his passionate kiss. The ceremony at church went very well. Now we are heading to my house for the reception. I do hope it'll be just as wonderful as the ceremony.

Chapter 7: The Banquet

Syaoran step out of the car with Sakura holding onto his arm. The front of the house is empty. The bride's maids and their partner were waiting by the side of the house thatleads to the back garden. Sakura's face was shining with laughter and happiness.

"You look lovely Sakura" Tomoyo who was standing in front of her with Eriol turn her head to speak with Sakura. She bend down to help Sakura took off her veil and the wedding gown's train that was 5 feet long and gave it to a maid that was nearby to put it in Sakura's room.

"Thank you Tomoyo," The girls in front were chatting with each other waiting for the moment they will be walking to the garden. The song was played and they readied themselves and one by one the couples walk down the patio. Sakura turns to Syaoran and realise he was watching her. She smiles at him and he bend down kissing her lips tenderly. They walk together and Sakura's gasp at the loveliness of the garden. The scene took her breath away. A path of white silk was on the ground leading to the main table which was extra long. The table cloth was dark pink and the flowers on the tables are perfect. It is the combination of pink to the shade of red. A dance floor was installed at the middle of the arranged table. There is a pedestal at the opposite end of the main table, but most of all, the ice sculpture of a cupid leaning on a big love that makes her wants to cry and giggles at the same time. The sculpture is melting little by little. It was and open air banquet. Not even one canopied is seen. Every one of the guest was seated and cheer them. When everyone has taken their place, Eriol took the microphone.

"I'm not very good at speeches, but for all who know us well, the five brothers, they also are familiar with our ways but on this particular day one of us will bury his past and move on with a new life, and I truly believe each one of us are not far behind," . Eriol paused and the guys laugh holding up their champagne glass then he continue on with his speech "So, to Syaoran and Sakura Li I would like to wish both of you a happy everlasting marriage and may the two of you be bless with lots of children," everyone laugh and cheer to that. Sakura blush and giggle. Syaoran just grin and they drink to that.

The guests were chatting with each other while dining. Sakura just smile to anyone who looks at her. Suddenly Tomoyo stood up and walk to the pedestal which was decorated with Sakura blossom around it and lots of hanging bouquet roses.

"Sakura, my dearest, you are my very best friend and a very caring cousin. So on this day I'm going to dedicate a song to you which I'm going sing it myself, its Every Heart by Boa," Sakura claps her hand. She loves Tomoyo's voice.

If there were many tears falling down,

Every heart would become gentle.

If everybody expresses what they think,

Every heart can be satisfied.

Sakura feel as if the song was meant for her, how Tomoyo look at her and Syaoran. The way she sing the song, makes her feel like crying. The song was about her, how she wishes to the star at night and cry herself to sleep and keeping her feelings to herself. Tomoyo knew she love this song. She really wishes that Syaoran didn't realize that. Suddenly she felt a hand touching her upper arm. She turned and Syaoran was standing there smiling and already standing, ready for a dance. She smile and took his hand. They walk slowly to the middle of the dance floor. In seconds she was in her husband circling arms, comfortable and warm. How nice its sounds, her husband.

I was frightened by the never ending night,

So I prayed to the distant stars.

In endlessly repeating time,

We were searching for love,

Because we wanted to become stronger.

We look up to the faraway sky.

The two of us, smiling, meet here,

Every heart has a habit of receiving its dreams.

Sadness has no effect on us,

Every heart gains happiness when it flies.

Syaoran dance perfectly. The way he moves. He held her close to him. His hands on the curve of her slender waist, while her hands on his shoulder and feeling the strength of him. They moved as one. Each knows the next move. Sakura look up to his face smiling and swallowing every inch of it. She just admires his eyes. The longer she stares the more it changes. It certainly is amber. She is sure of it. When he is a bit unsettled those eyes is fiery with emotion that way not there on his face.

Someday our souls will unite,

We will give peaceful approval.

In endlessly repeating time,

We know why we are living.

We go through the nighttime laughing,

Both of us are mourning, yet we walk on.

His hold on her tightens; she laid her head lightly the crook of his neck, inhaling his perfume. It is so masculine. Syaoran bends his head a little, burying his head in her straight soft and silky hair. He loves her scent.

Memories of everything has settled,

This is a warm place to be.

The stars separate us from the future,

We are always so brilliant,

So shine.

(A/N : Anyone wants the Romaji lyrics, do tell me)

When the song ends everyone gave a big applause. Sakura blush a little, other songs was played and everyone join in. She was dancing with Syaoran when her brother taps Syaoran's shoulder. Syaoran bow and give him the turn to dance with Sakura. Sakura smooth the lapel of her brother's coat.

"Its ok kaijuu, all will be fine. Don't worry," Sakura just smile up to him and nod. She puts her chin on her brother's shoulder, her high heels shoes enables her to do that. Eyeing the guest lazily and at the same time trying so hard not to cry.

"You're a woman now. Try to adapt to the life you're going to live soon. Remember Sakura, mature women thinks before acting," Sakura giggles to that. She was known as the one who loves to be doing things out of the blue.

She walks to her friends when her brother went to meet some of their relatives.

"So how does it feels to be married Mrs. Li?" Mei Lin teases her.

"I feel totally…taken," Sakura answered hesitatingly.

"What does that suppose to mean?" Tomoyo giggles.

"I guess, it means that I belong to someone now, and I have responsibility to take upon," Sakura smile softly at her friends.

"That sounds so…I don't know," Chiharu sighed.

"I'm afraid we wont spend much time like we use to do Sakura," Rika whine.

"Come on you guys, I promise I'll try to come back as often as I can. Either way you can come and visit me," The girls chat about the life that is ahead of them. Then a man approaches their group.

"Sakura-chan," he bow and Sakura grins widely.

"Tori-kun, I'm glad you come. So…?" Sakura tease, she knows why he is there.

"I'm here to claim my dance, if you are willing to give it to me,"

"I'm not a person who brakes promises," She took his arm and they make their way to the dance floor. Tori is just wonderful. He is fun to be with just like a brother. They laugh and talk while they dance. Enjoying the song and move to the beat.

Syaoran is with his friends, they all are animatedly staring at their girls.

"Why don't all of you just go over there and take them somewhere private, I just can't stand you guys anymore," Syaoran told them smoothly while sipping his wine. As if he is suggesting them to have a drink.

"We can't do that, is inappropriate," Ren grumbles.

"Since when you cared for appropriateness," Eriol turns to him staring at him deliriously. The others just laugh.

"Well……bosh! I don't even know," Ren raked his finger thru his hair and froze when Mei Lin turns to him and smile lightly.

"Someone is getting damn besotted now," Shan tease him. The others just grin.

"Huh…talking about your self Shan?" Shan just shut his mouth. Syaoran smile sheepishly at them.

"What are you smiling at Li, You should take care of your young bride over there. Don't want her to get attached now do we?" Syaoran turns to where Takashi was looking. He froze. Sakura is dancing with the waiter guy at her favourite café. She is so comfortable with him that she laughs easily and smiles brightly. He sips his wine again. Staying cool and remain his composure. He is known by his patience. He never went into a temper.

When the song almost ended he makes his way to his wife 'damn that sound awfully satisfying, she belongs to me' he thought, when he reach there the song just end.

"Syaoran," Sakura looks up to him. He just nods. She links her arm with his.

"You know Tori right? He owns the café where I use to hang out with the girls," Sakura reminded him.

"Yes, nice to meet you again Tori," Syaoran extend his hand for a greeting. Their hands clasp.

"I just want to wish both of you congratulation. It's a wonderful feast," Tori wish them.

"Thanks Tori-kun," Sakura thanked him

"I better go, my companion must been waiting for me, see you two later," He walks away.

"Its time to cut the cake," Syaoran whispered to her ears softly. The cake was Chocolate cheese cake with Strawberry richly decorated on it. The wedding cake is an art itself with three tiers. The cake was shaped into a heart. The top one is small then, to a medium size after that a very big love shaped cake at the bottom. Somehow, she feels like laughing and turns to Syaoran.

"I just can't wait to eat this, but at the same time I cant. It's too wonderful" She giggles.

"I'll be glad to share with you my dear, since it's my favourite too, and you won't feel bad since we eat it together," Sakura was all bubbly inside they hold on to the knife. Dozens of cameras, even some video camera are pointing to them. Although their wedding cake isn't traditional or as a wedding cake should be, Sakura adores it. Each of them held the cake to each other. Sakura naughtily touch Syaoran's nose and left a smudge of chocolate. He laughed and did the same to her. It was time to throw the bouquet. Sakura turns around and throw it. Surprisingly, her brother caught it. They all were shocked and the family members laugh hysterically. Touya just smile slyly at his little sister.

It was already 4 o'clock when almost all the guest left. Before that, they didn't miss the chance to take a few pictures with Sakura and wish her happiness. Her parents are entertaining a few relatives with Touya. All of them are resting at the main table watching the caterers clean up. They just sat there silently staring off at nothing even when they have to move and sat by the pond they still hold on to their thoughts. A mat was laid so Sakura's wedding dress wouldn't be ruin. She is lying on Tomoyo's lap while Tomoyo is leaning on Rika's shoulder. Mei Lin sat beside Sakura with her legs out stretch and her high heeled taken off. Naoko and Chiharu sat back to back and playing with the flowers that were gathered from the pedestal. The men sat opposite them. Some of them still are sipping their wine.

Suddenly, Rika turns to Sakura and ask her,

"Did you do what you were supposed to do right after the wedding?" Sakura looks up at her friends who are staring at her.

"Yeah Sakura, did you?" Mei Lin curiously asked and arch up her brow. Sakura sat up abruptly.

"I totally forgot……mou…" Sakura whines. Tomoyo stood up.

"Hurry up there is still time," She held her hand out for her. The others are frantic to search for something. The guys stare at them as if they just went crazy.

"Where is the nearest mirror?" Chi asked.

"I think there is one at the back of the sculpture. It was set there by the decorators," Rika suddenly remembers. They rushed their while Mei Lin struggles to put her shoes on.

"Hey wait for me,"

"What are they up to Mei Lin?" Syaoran asked lazily. Mei Lin finished putting on her heels.

"Well, the girls insist that Sakura stand directly in front of the mirror after the wedding. They said it's the first look as a married woman. I certainly don't understand myself, but girls do things that are sometimes absurd," Then she rush off. Syaoran turns to his friends.

"That is totally true," Ren fall onto his back. The others laugh. The men just sat there resting and watch the girls from afar. Syaoran looks at Sakura who is just standing there with her friends squealing beside her. She does look different. There is something about her that change but he can't put his finger on it.

"I don't think there is any changes," Sakura still stares at her reflection.

"There is, try saying hi to that person," Tomoyo touch her shoulder. Sakura look at her weirdly.

"That my dear, is Sakura Li," Sakura gasped. She did realise now. She did think of this before the wedding. How she is going to greet herself in the mirror differently. Now she is Sakura Li, wife of Syaoran Li. Sakura giggles nervously. She smoothes her gown with a pair of sweaty palms. She sees a difference there, not her appearance but inside her that makes her face glow and a few lines of maturity. She is determined now. There is no going back. Sakura glance a little, to where her husband is resting.

"Hey girls, I want to go and change my gown," Sakura is a little worried the beautiful gown will be ruined.

"Come on Sakura, lets take a few more pictures before you go and change," Mei Lin is holding on to a camera and so are the others.

"Okay, so where should we take it," Rika search for the perfect place.

"Let's go to the gazebo, it'll be perfect," The girls walk lazily to the gazebo while Rika search for a footman to be the photographer.

Sakura walk past the boys but stop abruptly and turn to them.

"Would you like to join me?" Sakura held out her hand to him and smile sweetly. Syaoran put down his flute on the grass, reach for her hand and tug her close to him.

"I was just about to think that you forget about me," Syaoran whisper to her. Sakura giggles.

"How could I ever do that my dear? When you just stood there and stare," She raises her brow. Syaoran grins widely and hook his hand onto his wife's waist.

"Aren't you guys joining the girls?" Syaoran ask them without even giving them a glance and walk with Sakura. The guys shoot up and run. Tagging at each other while rushing to get to the gazebo. Sakura laugh and clings to Syaoran's arms.

"They are still boys," Sakura laughter cools down to giggles.

"They surely are, after all…their girls are teenagers. And so are mine," He nuzzled Sakura's cheeks. Sakura giggles again.

"Our flight is tonight at 8, you've done your packing?" Syaoran held her hand.

"Yeah, every thing is settled," They reach the Gazebo. The others have already started taking pictures. They just stood there watching. Ren is trying to get Mei Lin to sit on the swing with him.

"Come on Sakura, lets take the picture with all the girls beside you on the swing," Rika ask her to sit on the swing. Tomoyo on her right side, Mei Lin on her left, Chiharu beside Mei Lin while Naoko beside Tomoyo and Rika beside her. Each of them holds on to their bouquet. Then each couple take turns. Yuki walk leisurely to them with Touya. Naoko take a few picture with him. Sakura asked Tomoyo to take her picture with her brother. The handy cam is still on; Tomoyo put it on its stand. It was 5.30. Sakura squealed and run to her room to change and take a bath. The girls stay at the library with the guys and chat.

Sakura step out from her bath wearing her bath robe. Her long hair is still dripping with water.

"Your room, it's too feminine," Sakura was a little surprised. She dries her hair with a towel. Syaoran is lying on her bed. Sakura sat beside him at the edge.

"Well, I didn't have time to change it. I'll search for a new theme so when we come for a visit you could feel comfortable staying here," Sakura still busy drying her hair. Syaoran fold his hand under his hand and stare at her.

"That'll be fine," Sakura feels a bit discomfited. She has never stay alone with a man in her bedroom before save for her brother and sometimes her father.

"Syaoran, are we going to live with your family?" Sakura try to sound composed.

"No, I have my own house with my own servant. For now it's unoccupied since I live with my mother before this. It's just there for us to use," Syaoran answered and watch her face.

"Do you mind, if…" Sakura can't seem to continue.

"Do I mind what Sakura?"

"If, I have my own bed room?" Sakura turns to look away but Syaoran touch her chin.

"If that is what you want. After all, the master chamber was made to be attached. You'll have your room and I have mine," Syaoran kiss her cheek and stood up from the bed.

"I want to freshen up a bit, could you asked Wei to lay my cloths on the bed," He disappeared into the bathroom. Sakura went to her closet, took out a clean towel. She slowly opens the door and put the towel on the filing cabinet. Sakura open her bedroom door, stuck her head out. A maid just came out from her brother's room. She called for her.

"Could you please ask Wei, Master Syaoran valet to bring his luggage up to my room," she thanked the girl and continues with drying her hair and combing it. She put on her lingerie, then a black with white stripe slack pants with a white turtle neck shirt. She ties her hair into a high ponytail and put on some lose powder and a bit lip gloss. A knock was heard a few minutes later. It is Wei.

"Thanks Wei, but I'll do it for him," Wei nodded and left. Sakura unzip Syaoran's hanging luggage. She took out a black muscle shirt and a pair of baggy black jeans. She also took out a white blazer. Sakura slump down on the sofa near her bed resting, when Syaoran stuck his head out.

"I need my toiletries bag," Syaoran told her. Sakura went to his bag.

"Where is it?" Sakura asked.

"The front pocket," Syaoran is only wearing his towel round his waist. Sakura tries not to look at him. She gave the bag to him.

"Care to join me?" Sakura gasp at his words. Syaoran laugh, he didn't close the door. Sakura walk back to her seat, but she still could see him.

"Have Wei lay my cloths?" Syaoran is washing his face.

"No. I did it," Syaoran turns to her.

"You did?" He asked, as if not believing it.

"Yes, what's wrong with that?" She folds her hand in front of her and raises a brow. Syaoran just grins and shake his head.

"Did you take out my boxers?" Syaoran is shaving, he glance a little at her. Sakura blush furiously.

"I'll do it Sakura, never mind," Syaoran almost laugh but he held it in. He doesn't want Sakura to feel uncomfortable.

"No, it's no big deal," She Unzip the bag again and took out a pair of black boxers with white stripe. Sakura smile lightly.

"How about this one?" Syaoran turns to her and laugh.

"Perfect, so we'll match," Syaoran cleans his mouth after brushing his teeth. Sakura giggles.

"Yeah, the only way we could match is you, not wearing your jeans," Syaoran grab her waist and tickles her. Sakura squirm with laughter.

"I'll just take this," Syaoran take his boxers and the other cloths he move behind the blinders. If it's not for Sakura, he has already stripped down in the room and dress there. That makes him smile slyly. Maybe he'll tease her about it someday. When he is done he walks out. Sakura is holding onto his toiletries bag and gave him his comb. Syaoran took it, Sakura pack his belongings. Syaoran hand back his comb.

"Usually Wei did this for me, its kind of strange seeing you taking over his job," Syaoran sat on the edge of the bed while Sakura standing beside him packing his stuff.

"You want me to ask him does it?" Sakura is a little unsure.

"No, I mean. You are at ease. You don't mind doing it for me right?" Syaoran try no to make her feel bad.

"Of course not, its part of a wife duty. After all I don't think I have to cook for you, clean the house or anything similar to that. Although you have Wei to do it, I still prefer to have something that is my job. Where I'm, as your wife should do it for you," Sakura finished packing and sat beside him. Syaoran took her hand in his.

"Lets go, it's almost 7, our private jet must have been ready by now. We have to say good bye to your family. The guys want to send us to the airport," They went down stairs hand in hand. Sakura took a deep breath. This will be the new beginning. Sakura hug her parents and her brother. They wish her all the best. Touya walk her to the car, her friends are all ready in their car since after they sent her and Syaoran, each will go separate ways. Syaoran is waiting by the door. Sakura almost step in, then she turn back. She run up a few steps and hugs her brother, kiss him on the cheek.

"I love you Onii-chan," She whispered and draws back.

"Ja ne Onii-chan," Sakura went back to the car.

"Ja ne Sakura, aisheteru," Touya waved, 'she probably didn't hear the last part' Touya thought. But she did.

The jet is ready. They are flying in private plane. The guys gathered and so does the girls. They hug each other tightly. Saying goodbye and last words until they meet again.

"So…Mei Lin, Eriol. When are both of you planning on coming back to Hong Kong?" Syaoran asked. Mei Lin sweat dropped.

"Aww… come on Xiao Lang give me a break," Mei Lin whines.

"I'll be back in two weeks Eriol," Syaoran smirks. Eriol nodded.

"Take good care of my cousin Ren, or I'll have the full report from Eriol," Syaoran said seriously to Ren but truth is he just want to taunt him. Ren gulps at that.

"Yes Sir," Sakura laugh. Syaoran smirk.

"He is teasing Ren, relax. Chill man," Sakura pats his shoulder. Ren sigh with relief.

They wave good bye for the last time and board the plane. Sakura leans back on the seat and look out at the scenery that fades into darkness slowly. Syaoran then touch her hair. She turns to him.

"We'll be in Paris for two weeks, and then we'll return to Hong Kong. As I said before Sakura, you can choose whether to just stay at home, or work or even continue on with your studies. It's all up to you," He stroked her hair lightly, loosing himself into the scent of her hair. How he love to bury his face and inhaling her scent.

"I'll think about it, for now I just want to rest," She closed her eyes lightly. Syaoran stared at her face.

'How beautiful and peaceful she looks. Those lips, so luscious and sweet,' he almost kisses her when he suddenly realise what he's doing. Syaoran sat back and breathe. 'I can't do this, this is not happening to me,' the feelings of desire is running in his blood. He can't seem to think straight when he is near her. 'The wedding is just all an act; I just don't want to hurt her. But it doesn't feel like acting. It feels real. Those warm feeling when her hands touch mine,' Syaoran groans. He stood up and went to the bar. Two week in Paris will be a strained.

A/N: Well, it has been long hasn't it? Never thought I'll be continuing this. It has been quiet a fretful two months for me. What's with my aunt passing away and helping my cousin back on her feet after a brake down. I'm so sorry for neglecting my story. Do forgive me, lastly Happy Valentine's Day every one. Ja ne…