Author: Kristen

Title: Full Moon

Rating: PG

Spoilers: I suppose for PoA.

Summary: Sequel to Moving Day. Harry and Dudley are alone on Privet Drive the night of the full moon.

Full Moon

Eerie howls shattered the silence on Privet Drive.

Dudley cowered in fear on the living room couch, his bulky body nearly taking up the entire space. His eyes, wide with fright, gazed through the open curtains at he house next door.

In the neighboring house a large shadowy creature Dudley didn't want to name paced restlessly back and forth in front of the curtained windows. Compared to the size of the first creature a smaller shadow that looked like an oversized dog followed the first shadow's movements. A terrified corner of his mind noted the full moon and whispered the word for what he was seeing. Werewolf.

"What's the matter, Dudley?" Harry Potter stood next to the window, all smiles at the sight of his cousin's discomfort, wishing he shared the animagus ability that would let him be with Sirius and Remus next door.

"Don't you see it?" Dudley's voice came out in a high-pitched shriek.

"That?" Harry motioned over his shoulder with his thumb at the pacing of the shadows next door. "Oh, that's just a werewolf and my godfather's dog Padfoot. There's nothing to worry about. Werewolves are only attracted to the smell of pork. And you haven't been eating any, right?"

Harry watched with amusement as Dudley whimpered and tried to hide the remains of the bacon, ham, and cheese sandwiches he had been eating.

"Don't worry," Harry continued. "I'm positive I remembered to lock the door behind me when I was over there earlier." He feigned a look of confusion. "At least, I think I did." He gazed in the direction of the back door in feigned alarm. "What's that sound? You don't think they got out, do you?"

Dudley screamed in terror and thundered up the stairs to lock himself in his room, moving faster than Harry thought he could with all that weight. Harry collapsed in laughter on the couch Dudley had abandoned and claimed the remote to the television. He had the house to himself for the rest of the night until Vernon and Petunia returned from the dinner with a potential client. He intended to make the most of it.