Title: Lost And Found

Author: Michaelover101

Rating: M

Summary: Rory is an international model, Tristan is a Hartford lawyer. Both are wealthy and making a name for themselves and both are trying to forget the other. What happens when fate throws them back together? Trory. AU.

Beta: Flynn

Disclaimer: Still not mine… dammit!

Notes: Rory and Tristan were high school sweethearts, but the distance of college upon other things got in the way of their happiness. Pairings are: Logan and Louise, Colin and Stephanie, Finn and Paris, Robert and Madeline and of course Rory and Tristan. All of them know each other from elementary school and all of them but Tristan, keep in touch with Rory. The rest will be explained later.

Part 1: Twenty One

"I hate it." He heard her say. He rolled his eyes and looked the pictures over.

"They look fine to me."

"Yes, love, they're perfect." Another voice added.

"I hate them. I'm redoing it."

"The layout is due for next week." He responded rubbing his temples. Didn't matter if she was one of his best friends, she could be impossible at times.

"She's a model, mate. She can do whatever the fuck she wants."

"Yeah, what Finn said." Logan rolled his eyes as he looked over Rory's pictures again. She was an international model who was picky about how she looked. The shoot she had done happened to be for one of the magazines he owned. Finn happened to be the photographer doing the pictures.

They had all known each other since high school, including their other friends, Madeline Lynn, Louise Grant, Robert Boyd, Colin Bradshaw, Stephanie Merdock and Paris Geller. As well as Tristan DuGray. Rory's ex-boyfriend. And one of his best friends. They had all been best friends, but when Tristan and Rory broke up because college and distance tore them apart, no one mentioned the other's name in front of them. The break up was a bitter one and one better left alone. Logan sighed and in a defeated tone he asked.

"Finn, you don't mind, do you?"

"YAY!" He heard her squeal.

"Mate, I'm in Italy. Of course I don't mind." He heard Finn say over the three way.

"Keep him out of trouble, Ace." He heard a knock on his door and waved the person in.

"I will, no worries. Geez, Logan, you sound stressed. You've been overworking, haven't you?"

"Not everyone can pose in front of the camera and look pretty."

"Oh come on, Huntz, you know that you pose naked in front of your mirror everyday hoping that one day you'll become a model and travel the world with me."

"He does!" Finn said. He heard Rory laugh and he rolled his eyes, then looked up at his guest as he heard a shift near his couch. He saw Tristan sitting there with a faraway look on his face.

"Oh! Guests, I've got to go." Rory said. "Logan, I hate those pictures. We're doing them over."


"Finn, where are you?" He heard Rory ask.


"MADDIE!" Logan picked up the phone putting Tristan out of his torture. "Oh my god, Robert!"

"Hey Ace, I've got to go. I've got a meeting. I'll call you later. Finn, please keep out of trouble."

"Bye, Logan."

"No problem, mate." Then they all hung up.

"I'm sorry, man." Tristan looked over at him and nodded.

"It's fine... so you called?"

"Yeah, heard you were back in town. Wanted to see if you wanted to grab lunch?"

"Yeah, I'm up for that."


"How are you?" Maddie asked as they sat down in the living room of Rory's Italian flat.

"I'm good. I was just talking to Logan. I want to redo a photo shoot with Finn."

"Where is Finn?" Robert asked.

"Out." Was all she said with a smile as she sat cross legged on the couch facing the couple.

"Congratulations by the way, I heard you guys are expecting."

"Thanks." Maddie said putting a hand on her stomach. Rory noticed Robert's smile grow as well.

"So what are you guys doing in Rome?"

"Celebrating." Robert said. "Not every day Maddie gets pregnant." Madeline and Rory gave Robert a shut-up-and-let-the-women-talk look.

"I'm happy for you."

"Rory, are you coming back to Hartford?" Madeline asked. Rory gave a shrug.

"I'm going for Paris and Finn's wedding."

"How long are you staying?" She shrugged again.

"Not sure. A while maybe. I never get to see you guys and I'm taking a break for a while and I still own that apartment there."

"You know he's coming to the wedding, right?" Robert said.

"I know." Rory replied.

"And you know he's walking you down the aisle?" Madeline jabbed her husband in the ribs telling him to shut up.

"I know that too, Robert. Paris told me, Finn told me, Colin told me. Tristan could have told me and I would still say I know."

"So you know." He teased.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" Rory said with a death glare, but her smirk gave away the illusion. They just laughed and talked about plans for the future.


"So how is everyone?" Tristan asked after being seated on the outdoor patio of the Streetside Cafe.

"You've only been gone two months. Everyone's still fine. Though Madeline and Louise are pregnant."

"Of course they are. And together no less."

"Yeah, me and Robert think they might have planned it this way."

"Knowing them they probably did. Those two are closer than peanut butter and jelly." Logan raised an eyebrow and Tristan cursed himself for using one of her sayings. "Sorry. So congrats, dad."


"What are you hoping for?"

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a boy."

"Well, if you guys did it standing up." Tristan started.

"Shut up!" Logan said throwing his napkin at him. Tristan laughed. The waitress came over and took their orders, then left to give them to the cook.

"Who would have thought 8 years ago that we would all be where we are now?"

"And where's that?" Logan asked leaning back in his chair.

"Married, successful and with a kid on the way."

"Robert, Madeline, Louise and I are the only ones with all three. Colin and Steph are two of the three seeing as they just had their kid. Alexander by the way."

"Hate that I missed that."

"And Finn and Paris are getting married, so they'll be two out of the three as well. And well, Rory and you are only one of the three... unless you knocked some chick up."

"No, no, just... think back to freshman year of high school. Would you have really pictured yourself sitting here in 8 years? Married to Louise Grant, a kid on the way and one of the biggest newspaper and magazine moguls in the world, let alone the U.S. All our names are household names?" Logan shrugged.

"Seeing as I was fucking Leslie Adams freshman year, no. But," he shrugged, "I'm very happy where I am. I would have never imagined eight years ago that I would be this happy." Tristan nodded and ran a finger down his water cup taking a trail of water with him.

"What did you see yourself being or doing freshman year?" Logan asked.

"I imagined myself married." He said. Logan nodded. "How is she?"

"Good." Logan said, already knowing who they were talking about. "She's in Rome doing a photo shoot with Finn and from what I heard on the phone Robert and Madeline went down to visit her."

"She's everywhere now. God, I remember her doing clothes ads and Neutrogena commercials."

"She still does the commercials from time to time, but she's way past the clothes ads."

"I heard she was in a car accident." Logan nodded sadly.

"Yeah, a real nasty one, she got really banged up, but she's lucky that's all that happened."

"What happened?"

"Drunk driver swerved and hit the driver's side of her car. She was driving."

"She must have been so upset."

"Well, think about it, she almost dies the same way that her grandfather did. She's really been campaigning against drunk driving."

"I've seen the ads." Their food came and they ate the rest of their food talking about the hardships of work and plans for the baby, not visiting the topic of Rory again.


Tristan walked into his Hartford apartment and threw his keys into the bowl on the table next to the door. Everything was as he left it two months ago he thought as he scanned the rooms. The jacket he had taken off before leaving was still draped over the chair. And the coffee ring and newspapers were still scattered around the coffee table. He shrugged off his jacket and threw it on top of the other one. He went into the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water and turned on the TV built into the wall of the kitchen and began watching baseball highlights.

He took a swig of water and put it down when he noticed a pile of magazines sitting near his arm. The one on top was Seventeen magazine with a picture of Rory on the cover. She was looking straight at the camera and was laughing, her eyes filled with happiness. Finn had taken the photo. She always looked happier during one of their sessions. She was wearing a light blue sundress and was in the middle of a white backdrop leaning down to look at the camera. There was a piece of paper on the top of the magazine. He took it off careful not to rip the cover and read the note.

Here are the magazines that Rory's been in since you've been gone to add to your collection. You know, some would constitute this as stalking, you collecting every article and photo of her. And seeing as I'm the one giving you these, that makes me an accessory. So if we go to jail because of these newly found stalker tendencies then the blames on you, bucko.


He just smiled and rolled his eyes as he took the Seventeen off the top of the pile and flipped it open to the interview and began to read.

I'm sitting at a street café in Paris, France, where international model Rory Gilmore lives when not on the job. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. That's all that's really to know about her, except for some initial facts like her age, birth date and that she began modeling at fifteen when her friends signed her up as a joke.

She comes in dressed casually in jeans and a black camisole, her hair loose and her sunglasses placed on top of her head to keep the hair away. She sits down putting three cups of coffee next to her. I must have given her an odd look because she laughs and says.

"I'm not able to function unless I've got three cups of coffee in my system. It's a gift. But my stepfather calls it a curse. I say blasphemy. Coffee is the nectar of the gods." She then apologizes for her rants saying it's a Gilmore gene as well and a bad one at that. I began to ask her about her work and how she began doing what she was doing.

"Well, my friends and I were at the mall and our guy friends saw this ad calling for pretty girls to model. So they chose one of us and I was the one they picked. I almost killed them. I'm very shy so when I found out about this I almost died! I was so mad. Logan still has a scar on his upper knee from where I kicked him."

She laughs. She had this to say about her job.

"I love it. It's more fun than I expected it to be when I first started out. My best friend's fiancé overlooks a lot of my photo shoots or does them himself if he's not happy with the outcome. And a lot of the shoots I do are for my other best friend. He owns magazines. I work with wonderful people. People I love and admire. Plus going to different places for location is a big bonus."

I asked her how many best friends she had. She answers. "Eight. We all met in elementary school and ended up pairing up with each other by high school. We're this great big family."

I then asked about her family and if she missed them.

"Oh my god! Yes! I missed the birth of my baby brother as well as my 'nephews' because of work. That's probably the only thing I hate about this job is that I always end up missing the big important things that happen with my family and friends and end up hearing it over the phone or months later when I visit. Which just isn't the same."

We started talking about her family and friends and the small town of Stars Hollow that she grew up in which is like her extended family. She said she was planning on going back soon.

"My best friend is finally getting married." When I ask her who, she smiles and leans in excitedly.

"Her name is Paris and her fiancé is Finn. It took years for him to finally get her to go out with him though they were the best of friends. And when they did she fell for him. She found the one. They were each other's opposites which makes them perfect for each other."

I asked her about her role in the wedding.

"I'm the maid of honor." She tells me. "It's a big job, let me tell you. Paris is a bit on the neurotic side. Ack! Don't put that in there, she'd kill me." Though she later said it was okay. "The wedding just makes her more anal if possible. She's driving us all crazy with her wedding plans, but she wouldn't be our Paris if she didn't make someone cry by the end of the day." She laughs as she drinks her coffee then her eyes widen. "Don't put that in either." She gave me permission for that line as well. I asked her if there were any plans in her future.

"No, no, not for me. Not yet at least. I'm still waiting for that perfect guy. Blonde tousled hair, bright blue eyes." She blushes and takes a sip of her coffee.

Tristan reread that line ten times before he read the rest in which they talked more about her life and friends and some of her favorite activities to do on her down time. When he came to the end he smiled.

I told Rory that there were some frequently asked questions about her and if she didn't mind playing a round of 20 questions.

"I'm always up for that." She responds then as an after thought she asked. "Wait, do I have to study?" I laugh and reply no. She smiles. "Well then, fire away." Here is what we at Seventeen came up with.

Seventeen: We'll start with the easy questions.

Rory: Oh, I love easy questions.

S: What's your full name?

R: Lorelai Leigh Gilmore... the third.

S: What are your parents' name?

R: Lorelai Victoria Gilmore Danes the second and my step-father Luke Danes and my father's name in Christopher Hayden.

S: Your mom named you after herself?

R: (laughs and nods) Demerol and feminism took over.

S: Any siblings?

R: Yes, a half-sister Gigi, short for Georgia, she's my dad's, and a half brother James, he's my mom's.

S: What's your favorite color?

R: Blue all the way!

S: Any pets?

R: Um... Gilmore girls don't believe in the torture of animals therefore we would never own a pet for their own protection... Oh wait! (She sits up excitedly in her chair) My mom owns a dog, Paul Anka! Does that count?

S: I'm pretty sure it does. What are your best friends' names?

R: Um... wow... okay, there are a lot of names you might recognize. Let's see. That's Logan Huntzberger and Louise Grant, Colin Bradshaw and Stephanie Merdock, Robert Boyd and Madeline Lynn and Paris Geller and Finn Rothschild. Oh, and of course Lane Kim, my best friend since birth.

S: A lot of important names in there.

R: Not only to the world, but to me as well.

S: Were you popular in school?

R: No! (Laughs) I was what you call a bookworm. I still am. I love to read. I will never go anywhere without a book. I have one in my purse right now.Anyway, my friends at school (whom I named) were all really big shots at school. And my boyfriend at the time was the king, so it saved me from being picked on too much. Plus no one would dare make fun of a girl who hung out with the five hottest guys at school. It just wasn't done. And, oh god, if the guys are reading this I've probably just fed their oversized egos.

S: (laughs) Any nicknames?

R: Logan calls me Ace, for ace reporter, Finn calls me love, but he's Australian, he calls every girl he knows love or kitten. And Mary.

S: Mary?

R: Long story... it's a high school nickname... it's an inside joke.

S: Do you know you're blushing?

R: I do now! (laughs and covers her cheeks)

S: You mentioned you liked to read. What kind of books?

R: I mentioned I loved to read. And I love to read any kinds of books. My mom used to make fun of me, still does, because my backpack used to be so heavy, what with my binders, books, notebooks, then four of my own books. I would always carry at least four to five books with me from different genres.

S: What was your major in college?

R: Journalism.

S: Why?

R: I wanted to be Christiane Amanpour

S: Now to the good stuff.

R: Sounds scary... there are only six questions left, so it can't be that bad.

S: You're counting the questions?

R: Five... yes... is it a bad thing? I mean 20 questions, come on, someone's got to count.(Laughs)

S: No, no, not a bad thing. Now... any boyfriends?

R: (Blushes) No, no, no boyfriends

S: Have you dated?

R: (Thinks about the question before answering.) Yeah, but it's hard to find that guy that's interested in me and not what I do for a living or who I happen to know because of who my friends are. I hate dating all together which is why I rarely do it at all.

S: How about exes?

R: (hesitates with her answer) I only have one.

S: Did you love him?

R: Very much.

S: How did it end?

R: Um.. yeah... we sort of parted on really bitter and bad terms... it got a bit messy seeing as his best friends were... and are my best friends. And we don't talk anymore and when we do it gets ugly. It sucks.

S: What was his name?

Rory doesn't answer, instead she takes a sip of her coffee and utters two simple words. "Twenty one"