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Part 25: Talk Shows and Moving Forward


She looked at him through the mirror, and smiled weakly. "A lot nervous."

He came and stood in front of her, leaning against the make-up table his arms crossed over his chest. "I can practically hear the butterflies in your stomach."

"You always could." She laughed rolling her eyes. She looked at him and smiled softly, reaching out and putting her hand out. He uncrossed his arms and grabbed her hand. "It's going to be fine Tristan."

Tristan shook his head. "I still don't like this Rory. I don't like the idea of it being so…"

"Graphic?" Rory asked tightening her grip on his hand.

Tristan sighed, leaning down and kissing her hand. "I guess I'm just being protective."

Rory smiled and brought him closer to kiss his lips lightly. "Stop worrying it'll be fine Tris."

Tristan nodded as he leaned back and watched as the stylists poked and prodded her, pulling at her hair to style it. Even though he'd had the past three in a half days to process everything that Rory and Tyra had planned during their outing to the spa, he couldn't help but feel the need to shield her from people's reactions.

Shaking his head, he smiled at the intern who brought him a chair to sit in. He sat and watched as Rory quickly relaxed in her element and talked to the stylists. The day after they arrived, Rory had set up a lunch and spa day with Tyra Banks while he'd gone to take care of some work. He'd found out after he'd picked her up, just what the two had accomplished in the five hours they'd been together.

Tristan leaned agaist the rental car waiting for Rory to come out of the Spa. He'd called her earlier letting her know his meeting was done and if she wanted to be picked up. She'd told him that she and Tyra were having a spa day and to pick her up at five. Itwas now five thirty three and she still hadn't left.

Taking out his cell he decided to make a quick call. Rory was still on the hunt for her engangment ring. She'd even grilled his parents about him possibly hiding something in the house. Tristan had been getting phone calls from his parents ever since, trying to figure out just what he'd been hiding.

Luckily he'd hiddin it well and Rory would never figure it out.

"Yeah?" The voice on the other end snapped.

"Love you too Robert."

"What do you want Dugray. I'm in the middle of something."


"If I was having sex, do you really think I'd answer the phone?"

"You have before." Tristan pointed out, wincing at the memory, it hadn't been fun being on the other end of the phone.

"What do you want?" Robert asked even more irritated.

"Right, remember a few years ago, I gave you a package and told you to save it for me."

"Uh..." Robert hesitated, then quickly agreed. "Yeah, yeah, I remember, why? Do you want it back?"

"No, no, not yet, just wondering if it was safe."

"Yeah, it's in the vault. Again,why do you ask?"

"Look Rory's on the hunt and I know that her next target is our friends houses. She'll ask if I ever hid something there or if I gave you something to keep for me. You have to tell her 'no'."

"Why?" Robert asked slowly.

"Because if you say yes shewill tear your house apart looking for it."

"Tristan, just what is in this package?"

He saw the door open and Rory walk out with a tall slim, african american women who was Tyra Banks. "Nothing, look I've got to go, just negate everything."

Rory frowned at him. "Negate?"

"Client." He said to her. Then turned back to the phone call "I have to go"

"Wait, wait, am I or Maddie in any danger."

"Why would you be in danger?" Tristan asked.

"Look if this package has something dangerous in it, I want to know."

"You've had it for years; nothings happened yet, so stop worrying, just 'no' to everything all right?"

Robert sighed. "I don't know Tristan."

"I really have to go." Tristan said stepping away from the women, Rory frowned at his weird behavior, then smirked. Shit she had cought on. "I'll talk to you later."


Tristan hung up, and quickly cleared his call history, just as it had deleted, Rory grabbed his phone and looked. "You deleted your history!" She said in disbelif.

Tristna shrugged. "It bugs me."

"You were talking to whoever is hiding the ring weren't you?"

"Ring? What ring?" Tristan asked innocently as she handed him back his phone.

"You're sneaky Dugray, but I will find it." She took his hand and led him back to Tyra. "Ty, this is Tristan my boyfriend. Tris this is Tyra."

"Nice to meet you." Tristan said, shaking her hand.

"You too, Rory speaks very highly of you."

"I've only heard great things about you as well." Tristan nodded.

Tyra smiled and turned to Rory. "So Wednesday, you'll come to the studio around ten, get ready, and we'll start filming at one and we'll just talk."

"With an audience?"

"With an audience and I don't know if maybe you want Tristan there in the audience with you, or in the back."

Rory shrugged. "Whatever Tris wants, I guess."

Tristn shrugged. "I'll think about it." Not quite sure where he wanted to be while Rory was doing her interveiw. Really it all depended on how much support she thought she needed.

"Great, so Wednesday." Tyra nodded decisively as she hugged Rory. "You'll do great."

"Thank you so much for this."

"It's no problem. I'll see you Wednesday."

"Wednesday." Rory nodded as Tyra said goodbye to Tristan and went towards her car. Tristan opened the door for her, before getting in himself and pulling out and driving towards their hotel.

"So how was the spa?"

"Great." Rory nodded. "Relaxing, defintally needed."

Tristan smiled, taking her hand and running his thumb over her knuckles. "Good to hear it Mar."

"So who were you talking to?"

"A client, I told you."

"You gave my ring to a clinet?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Tristan laughed. "This person doesn't have your ring, Mar, so just drop it."

"Then why won't you use his name?"

"Who said it was a he?"

Rory glared, he was teasing. "I can't belive you deleted your phone history so I wouldn't cacth on."

"I'm telling you it bugs me, you knew that." He said, rolling his eyes at her insantiy.

"No, no, I didn't, you never delated your history when we were together."

"Things change." Tristan smirked.

Rory rolled her eyes. "uh huh."

He drove silently, before looking over at her. She was looking out the window with a frown on her face and her lip between her teeth. "Nervous?"



Rory shrugged and turned towards him. "A little, Tyra says that the fans will understand and I would even get a different group of people interested, because not many celebrities have come out and talked about their difficulties in having children and starting a family. Everything is so speculated you know?"

Tristan nodded. "I do."

"I have to call Paris and ask her for the pictures that she took in the hospital."

"There are pictures?" Tristan asked his hands tightening on the wheel.

Rory nodded. "Colin was preparing a lawsuit, and Paris took pictures, but the guy turned himself in, and his lawyer talked to Colin and said anything that needed to be paid would, and it was. Not that I couldn't pay my hospital bills, but the guys said that that wasn't the point." She shrugged. "I just let Colin handle everything."

"He paid?"

"Yeah," she laughed "I'm pretty sure Colin put the fear of God into the guy."

"So why do you need to pictures?"

"For the interview, while I'm talking they'll put pictures up from the accident, paper clippings all that stuff."

"I don't like it Rory."

"It's why I'm telling you now, so we can prepare together."

Tristan shook his head, "I don't like the idea of putting up pictures of the car accident. I saw those pictures Rory, and pictures of the hospital." His grip tightened, as he pulled into The Peninsula in Beverly Hills.


"Just let me process for a minute okay?"

She nodded as the valet opened her door; she stepped out as Tristan handed over his keys, before taking her hand. They were greeted by the swarms of paparazzi wondering what would bring her to LA after pretty much being a hermit for the past year.

"Rory! Rory what brings you to LA?!" One yelled,

Wanting them off her back she answered as Tristan pulled her closer. "My boyfriend has some business here, I decided to tag along." Tristan kissed the top of her head before ushering her into the hotel, the doormen greeted them as they walked to the elevator.

"You didn't have to say anything." Tristan told her, pressing the button for the top floor.

Rory shrugged. "Might as well give them something. You processed?"

Tristan sighed and leaned against the elevator walls. "It's one thing to recount the event in your own words you know, but it's a whole different ball game when you add in pictures." The doors opened, Tristan wrapped his arm around her shoulders and led her to the room. He opened the door letting her go in first before following.

He watched her sit in the bed and remove her sandals that she'd worn for the spa as he leaned against the desk that was in front of the balcony that allowed them to view Los Angeles.

"I think if it all gets out Tristan, all of the details, no hold bars, then I'll finally be able to close this chapter of my life and move on."

"Move on to what?" he asked, if not a bit bitterly, opening the balcony door and walking out to lean on the railing. Rory sighed as she followed him out.

"Tris." She whispered put a hand on his arm. "I know you're ready to get on with your life, settle down, and…" she smiled. "And think about a family. I know you're ready, and you've been ready since…college apparently."

He looked down at her. "I don't want that with anyone but you though."

"And I know that too, because I've never seen that with anyone else either. And I'm hoping that with this interview, with telling my story I'll be one step closer to being able to give that to you. I know I'm being incredibly selfish…"

"No," he sighed. "You're not; I understand why you're hesitating on starting something serious. I understand why you need to give this very uncensored interview. But I don't have to like it."

Rory laughed and leaned her forehead against his arm. "I have one more thing to ask you."

"And what's that." He asked turning and wrapping his arms loosely around her waist.

"Well, Tyra and I talked about doing two parts to this interview, one with me and talking about what happened and one with…maybe me and you."

Tristan looked at her in surprise. "Really?"

Rory nodded. "Yeah, I mean unless you don't want to."

"No, I mean…why?" he asked confused.

Rory shrugged. "Just for your reaction to everything, from the accident, to now, sort of how you're dealing."

"Dealing with what?"

Rory laughed and leaned up to kiss him. "God I love you." She said before walking away.

"Rory, what am I dealing with?"

"Just put on your trunks, we're going for a swim."

Twenty minutes later Rory walked onto the roof, wearing her turquoise butterfly bandeau one piece swim dress. Because of the surgery scars that crisscrossed her stomach and some of her back, she tended to lean more towards the one piece suits that covered her upper body instead of showing her scars. Tristan set their towels on one of the lounge chairs before jumping into the nearly empty pool. The few patrons that were still there were packing up their stuff to head for dinner.

"You coming in?" Tristan asked as he waded in the center of the pool.

Rory smiled and stepped slowly onto the steps of the pool. Once she was waist deep, she dunked down getting her hair wet, she came back up pushing her hair back, eyes widening when she came face to chest with Tristan, his arms snaking around her waist as he leaned back and waded backwards through the water.

"This is nice." Tristan said as he stopped in the center of the pool. "We haven't had a chance to relax just us…since…" he frowned.

"A week or two before we broke up." Rory said with a decisive nod. She pulled him forward so they were wading in the middle of the pool, her arms around his waist, he hugged her tightly resting his chin on the top of her head.

"We're going to be okay this time around Mar."

She leaned back and laughed before kissing him soundly on the lips. "I was thinking the same thing Tris."

"You'll be fine." Tristan whispered in her ear as they stood right at the entrance of the set where Tyra's show took place. She was standing behind the line where the cameras couldn't see her, at her cue she was going to walk down the runway that led her onto the set where the interview would take place. That was in five minutes time.

"My heart is beating so fast." She whispered, bringing Tristan's hand up to her chest, where it felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest.

"It's your first public interview since the accident Mar. Just tell your story, and don't worry about reactions." He looked down to see her staring at the floor breathing deeply, causing him to laugh. "Baby, you're going to do fine. Just…" he thought about what he was going to say, before grinning and turning her around. "You know all those Hartford events we had to go to when we were younger."

"And still have to go to now." She pointed out still breathing deeply looking up at him with wide blue eyes.

"Right," he laughed. "Well remember what we use to do in middle school and high school, how we would smile for everyone even though we didn't mean it and then we would slowly relax and the smiles became genuine. And with time, we didn't have to force the smile at all."

She breathed out deeply. "Sure, I remember."

"Okay, pretend you're at one of those events, put on a smile, act as if you're relaxed, and once you get talking, you'll forget about the audience, you'll forget that it's being taped, it'll be like you're having a conversation and it'll come naturally."

Rory shook her head, "I thought it was hard telling you the story, Tris, I don't know if I can do this."

He looked at his watch, two minutes, leaning down he brought her closer, and kissed her, her hands went to his shirt gripping it as his tongue swept into her mouth, teasing her, before nipping her lips lightly and letting her go, he smirked when she moaned at the loss of contact between them.

"Baby," he murmured against her lips, "I promise you, you'll be fine, and I'm going to be with you, watching you then sitting with you in a half hour okay." He gave her one last kiss before moving her back to the line, where some of the tech guys were trying hard not to smirk as she made sure her dress was falling straight.

God she looked good, she was wearing and beige and light blue summer dress that fell to her knees, a beige bow was tied under her chest where the low v-neck gave a peek at her creamy flesh. It gave her the approachable look that she and Tyra had been aiming for. The height difference between her and Tyra would also be kept, Rory had opted out of wearing high heels and instead wore beige peep toe low heeled shoes, apparently her being shorter then both Tristan and Tyra gave her the innocent look that she'd wanted to maintain.

"One more kiss." She said turning to him as she heard Tyra start her introduction.

Tristan laughed before leaning down and kissing her soundly, just as Tyra called her name, "Love you." He whispered before turning her around and pushing her lightly out to the runway that led to the audience. He watched on the TV by his side as she walked down the runway like the model she was and struck a pose, a true smile on her face. He could always spot the difference. That last kiss he'd given her had washed away her nerves, and he was glad for it.

"Mr. DuGray?" he turned and saw one of the interns.


"I'll show you to the private room where you can watch the interview until you're needed."

"Thanks." He said, casting one last glance at the small TV before walking with the intern.

Rory smiled as she skipped off the runway and hugged her friend, kissing her cheek before taking a seat on the couch while Tyra took a seat on the wide leather covered chair next to her. She crossed her legs as the audience clapped and cheered, she smiled at them as they quieted and turned back to Tyra who smiled.

"So…" Tyra started with a smile.

"So…" Rory laughed clapping her hands.

Tyra laughed, "Now how long has it been since we talked to each other, before the phone call I got what three weeks ago?"

Rory laughed. "Let's see, when we last saw each other I was still a senior in high school, oh god I'm old." Rory laughed blushing. "So what was that wow, almost eight years ago, but that's the last time we saw each other, last time we talked was at least three."

"And you've been through a lot in those three years haven't you."

"Yes." Rory sighed. "I have."

"Three years ago," Tyra said more to the audience and the camera then to her "Hartford society was disrupted when Richard Gilmore passed away, would you say that his death was the starting point of when things started going downhill?" She asked turning back to Rory

Rory bit her lip "I wouldn't necessarily say 'downhill' because without my grandfathers death I believe the accident that I was in last year would still have happened, one way or another, but I believe my grandfathers death did push me to either face my personal feelings head on or hide from them. Which I think happened to not only me, but to my mother and my grandmother. "

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a picture pop up onto the screen behind them, she knew even before she turned that it was one of the many picture her grandmother had sent overnight when Rory had told her what she was planning on doing. She turned and smiled softly, feeling the lump in her throat form. It was a picture during her cotillion; her grandmother was on one side while her grandfather grinned widely in the other. He'd been so proud that she'd been the one to do the cotillion.

"Want to tell us about the picture?" Tyra asked.

"Uh…" Rory laughed. "It was during my cotillion," she said turning back to face her. "Cotillions are huge in Hartford, and my mother never participated. My grandmother convinced me to do it with the added enticement that my boyfriend, Tristan, could be my escort. The picture was taken after the presentation of the debutantes. My grandfather was very proud, so proud in fact that when he caught my boyfriend and I making out in the coat closet later that evening, he laughed shook his head and said "kids" before closing the door." Rory laughed.

The crowd laughed, and she could already envision the smirk Tristan had on his face as he remembered, a week later she'd given him her virginity.

"You were close to him." Tyra stated.

"Oh very much." She said looking up at the picture as it changed to them golfing, she'd always been horrible, she'd get to the second hole before he'd decided that she ripped up way to much grass, before sending her off to the spa with the girls, while he finished the game with Tristan and Devon, then they'd meet up for lunch again. "When I heard about the accident I was at home in Paris, I was taking a break before my next photo shoot when my mother called me and told me what had happened.

"My grandfather had so many health problems, he'd suffered from an angina when I was sixteen, and heart attack when I was eighteen, then a stroke when I was nineteen, all of which left our family so shaken, so when I heard about the car accident and how he'd gotten hit by a drunk driver, and it wasn't looking good, my heart stopped." She smiled sadly. "I left right away, and went to New York where they were treating him. He was in a coma; we were all hoping for the best, none of us wanted to think about our family without Richard Gilmore in it, we still can't."

"What happened when he passed?" Tyra asked softly.

"Well my grandmother, my mom and I, all kept a vigil by his bed, we never left him alone, unless the doctors forced us out, and even then my grandmother would yell that she'd donated enough money into the hospital to stay as long as she pleased, so we stayed well past visiting hours. The night before he died my grandmother and I had teamed up on my mom and sent her home, then around eleven I sent my grandmother back to the hotel promising her I'd keep my eye on my grandfather. I'd fallen asleep and a nurse found me, she laughed and told me to go home, and get a good night's sleep, that my grandfather would still be there in the morning."

"You left." Tyra stated more then asked.

Rory shrugged. "The doctors said he was doing perfectly fine, his condition wasn't better but it wasn't worse, so I didn't think that in my leaving something would happen, so I left. I woke up in the morning and ordered room service along with the paper, and when I sat down to eat the first thing that popped out at me was the story of my grandfather passing."

"Did you feel any guilt? I mean you'd promised your grandmother that you'd watch over him and…" Tyra trialed off and Rory caught on, even though she'd known the question was coming it still hit her hard. No one knew she'd felt guilt after her grandfather died, not even Tristan.

"Tremendous guilt." She admitted. "It wasn't that I felt like I'd let him die, because I knew I had no control over that, it was his time to go, and slowly I had accepted that, it was the guilt that I had left him to die alone and I think that was what weighted me down the most." She shook her head and gave a sigh. "I've never admitted that out loud, my boyfriend's probably backstage just shaking his head in disbelief." She laughed.

Tyra laughed with her, before turning to the camera. "When we come back, we'll find out just what caused Rory to disappear from the modeling scene at her peak." Tyra smiled at the camera before calling cut. "How 'bout we take a ten minute break and then pick up where we left off."

Rory nodded, before standing and going back stage, she found an intern, and asked where Tristan was, the girl pointed the way. Breaking a Gilmore rule, she ran towards where Tristan was, opening the door she launched herself into his arms and let the dry heaves come.

"Oh baby." Tristan whispered kissing the top of her head and tightening her hold.

"I can't cry." She whispered as her breathing labored a bit. "Then my eyes will look horrible on camera and my makeup will have to be redone."

"Rory, if you have to cry, cry."

She shook her head. "I'm fine."

"You don't look fine." He pointed out, holding her at arm's length.

"It's just hard saying it out loud you know? After grandpa died, I never got a chance to talk about it, because the press was following us everywhere and I didn't want it publicized and twisted around as if I had let him die. I knew the guilt would eat my up inside."

"Rory, it's not your fault. Richard was ready to go, you'd all said your goodbyes and it was his time, you being there, not being there, him dying alone or with everyone around him, it wouldn't have stopped him, Richard was a force unto himself, and wouldn't have had it another way."

"I know." She said.

"Now you have five more minutes before you have to get back out there, knowing you, you can down two scalding mugs of coffee while they redo their makeup."

"Sit with me for a while."

Tristan nodded, "Until the last possible minute." He said following her out to the set. They sat on the couch as an intern brought her coffee and the stylist fixed her makeup. He kept his arm around her shoulders, squeezing her shoulder a bit, knowing that the audience waiting for the show to begin again was curious as to who he was. He was a household name on the east coast, west coast he was just some blonde sitting with a famous model.

"We're staring in two." Tyra said as she sat back down and they retouched her as well. "How are you holding up Rory?"

"I'm doing okay, I think it's easier to talk about it then I thought it was going to be."

"Are the pictures okay, or do you want us to stop?" Tyra asked, Tristan could see the concern in her eyes, and felt better about the interview, knowing that he wasn't the only one worried about Rory.

"No, the pictures are okay."

Tristan scoffed.

"Tristan isn't a big fan of them," she nudged him with her shoulder, before leaning up to kiss his chin. "But he's always been protective."

"I can tell." Tyra laughed. "Okay, thirty seconds."

Tristan stood and took the mug from her hands before leaning down to kiss her. "You're doing great babe."

She smiled as he walked off the set and Tyra counted down from five, the stylist checked Rory's appearance quickly before running off stage.

"Welcome back," Tyra said between the clapping audience "We're here today with Rory Gilmore, international model, we just finished talking about your grandfather that passed away three years ago and the guilt you felt at his passing by himself. Has the guilt eased any in those three years?"

"Oh definitely." She nodded, thinking about how much more it had been eased admitting what she felt and Tristan's reassurance. "My grandfather was…a law onto himself. No one chose, other than my grandmother of course, what he was to do, only himself. So when he passed, it was on his time, not anyone else's. I think that believing in that and knowing that he wouldn't want me to blame myself for something so out of my control, helped me ease it. Now even more, it's been a load lifted off, finally admitting what I felt and letting it out."

"There's a resentment that you were such a household name when your grandfather died? That press wouldn't leave you alone during those months?"

Rory smiled and nodded. "Absolute resentment, I know that even without my fame at that moment it still would have been publicized because of our family name but when he died, my families lives were overly publicized because of it. When I was starting out and up to his accident I was very public and very open about my life expect for my personal relationships with men. Which, granted haven't been many.

"When the funeral came I felt like my family and I weren't allowed to grieve in a way that was considered proper in the public eye. We were to cry privately and act…stoic in public. At least I felt that, my grandmothers not a crier, and my mother is one of those women that is able to cry once to get it out of her system and go one with her life, mourning, but no crying."

"You're not like that?" Tyra asked

Rory bit her lip and sighed. "I…" she shrugged. "In a way I am, but a few years before his death, I'd gone through a horrible break up, it sounds so…shallow when I say this out loud," she admitted. "But after all was said and done, I feel like I spent an entire year crying over a seven year relationship that I had thrown away because of my own stupidity and selfishness. So when he died two years later, I really felt like I was cried out, I just…couldn't and it caused me to clam up in front of cameras."

"Do you cry now?"

Rory nodded slowly. "I'm able to, I don't like to," she admitted with a laugh. "Don't get me wrong, I was torn up after my grandfather died, devastated and depressed, I just…couldn't cry, no matter how hard I tried, also, now that I think about it, because I had so much guilt at that time and was just so in shock at his passing that was also a factor and because our family were under such scrutiny we all came off very cold hearted the day of his burial. When really, my grandmother, my mother and I all went back to Hartford, crawled into the bed he use to sleep in and mourned his loss.

"Do you feel you shut off a part of yourself after his death, I mean, looking back on your work from say seven years ago when you were very public about everything, including your sex life, which let me tell you, is very steamy."

Rory laughed. "It was."

"To five years ago, when relationships were off limits, to three years ago when your grandfather died, and currently last year after your accident, do you see a difference in your attitude towards the press."

"Oh, definitely." Rory nodded. "Like I said, nothing was off limits the first say three or four years of my career, everything was fine in my life, and I didn't feel the need to hide anything. After my break up, I was just so…anti-relationships, that I didn't really think I could give input on them from my own experience anyway, then with the scrutiny and attention my grandfathers death and our family were getting a little more of me resented the press, and then with my accident, I became a proclaimed hermit, my friends hated it."

Tyra turned back to the camera, "When we come back, Rory will finally open up about the accident that changed her life."

They took another ten minute break, Tristan came out again holding a mug of coffee once again, Tyra ran past the questions that she was going to ask, before she called thirty seconds, Tristan left with a kiss once more, as they came back on.


"Tyra." She smiled.

Tyra laughed. "It's very publically known that a year ago you were in a bad accident."

Rory looked up at the screen behind her and winced when she saw the newspaper clippings Paris had sent. The picture was of her totaled car and the truck that had hit her on the highway; it was the aftermath of the accident.

"Yes, it was."

"Logan Huntzberger, a friend of yours if I'm right."

"One of my best." Rory smiled.

"He issued a statement right after the story broke, it says. 'Last week, Rory Gilmore was hit by a drunk driver on the Parisian highway on her way home from a photo shoot; she is currently being treated for some minor cuts and bruises and is doing just fine. We would greatly appreciate, if at this time she be left alone to recover in peace, and allow her family and friends to take care of her. Thank you.' Now you and I, as well as your friends, know this is a lie."

"Not exactly." Rory laughed. "Logan, who became my self-proclaimed publicist didn't lie at all in that statement. He just…left out details per my request. I had been treated for minor cuts and bruise…and more. We just decided it would be best for me, and my "image", in a way, if we left out certain details. Plus it was in a time of my life where the details of my accident were no one's business but my own."

"Tell us about the accident."

"Like Logan said, I was driving home at night, I had been talking to my mother on speaker phone, when I ended the conversation, I was stopped at a light, the light turned green, I went and half way into the intersection I got hit."

"By a drunk driver."

"Yes, I have to say that, I was and still am such an advocate against drunk driving, my grandfather was ultimately killed by one, and I was almost killed by one. So I was beyond pissed when my friends told me the full details of what happened."

"And what was that?"

Rory bit her lip, "I got hit on my side of the car so I took full impact, The doctors said that they had to use the jaws of life to get me out, and even then it had taken them hours, if not a full twenty four hours to get the car shrapnel that was embedded out of my body. It was explained to me, that when I was hit it was like that side of the car had literally been molded to my body."

"So the extent of your injuries were more than just the cuts and bruises."

"Oh definitely, I had broken ribs which untimely punctured a lung, broken leg and arm, my upper body was pretty okay from what I was told, other than the arm, my head was protected, because I had ducked to the side when I saw the car coming, the back of my head hit the passenger seat so I was bleeding on my left side but nothing major there. But my lower body was damaged very badly."

"How so?"

"The…um…" she shook her head to clear it before speaking slowly, "The steering wheel impacted my stomach, and with the car crushing around me, and the impact itself it caused internal bleeding. I was told that if they hadn't gotten to me when they had it would have been fatal."

"A lot of the reason you haven't told people about how bad your injury was, was and still is personal, why was it so personal? I mean obviously because it was so close of an accident as your grandfathers. But there are other reasons." Tyra pointed out.

"Yeah, from when I started out in the modeling industry, at sixteen, I was given the image as a family girl, a girl that by the age of twenty three would be settled down, with a family, which Tristan and I had planned. We'd been together since the seventh grade and knew we were meant for each other, we still know we're meant for each other, we've never denied that even during our break up, as bitter as it was. I always held the image, even with my family, as a wife and mother."

"And while you were in the hospital you got some news."

Rory nodded. "When they opened me up to fix the internal bleeding a lot was taken out because it was so damaged, it left me with the inability to have children." She heard the slight gasp from the audience that had been quiet up until that point. "And it left me feeling…useless in a way."

"What was your reaction to the news?"

Rory laughed before running a hand through her hair. "God, I think I screamed at my friends. Who had been in the room when Logan and my other friend Finn broke the news. I cried, after almost four years of not crying, I cried, and then I sort of just went into shock. Children were such a huge part of my plan, it had been such a large part of my teenage life and my future life that I had planned out at such a young age, that it just never occurred to me to plan a future without these perfect children I had envisioned myself having."

"Did you envision who you'd have them with?"

"Oh of course, Tristan no question, even while we were broken up in those four years, I always knew it'd be with him."

"Did you plan on getting back together with him? Is that why you kept him in mind?"

"I think when you spend so much time envisioning a future with someone, especially like myself and Tristan, where marriage was so easily brought up and accepted, at least between us, it's difficult, and even a bit painful, to start imaging yourself having that future that you both shared and planned together, with someone else.

"Like I said, I never imagined my future without blonde haired and blue eyed children, I just couldn't do it. So when I was told I couldn't have them, I just felt like my future became this blank slate all of a sudden, and I didn't know how to fill it."

"Did you feel inadequate?"

"Oh definitely, yes, in my own eyes, and I feared that in Tristan's eyes I would fall short. That he would never want me back now that I couldn't have his children."

"You hid it from him."

"We all did, and by 'we' I mean my friends, family and I, I didn't see him very often after we broke up, Our friends split their time between us and I spent most of my time in Paris, he spent his time in Connecticut, so we didn't see each other every day and when we did see each other it wasn't a happy meeting, so it was never brought up. It wasn't until about a month ago, that I finally told him."

"And his reaction?"

"I believe the words he used were 'I knew I should have knocked you up in high school.'" She laughed.

Tyra laughed. "I'm going to back pedal a bit, and go back to after your accident."

"All right."

"How did you personally deal with the news, once it had settled in?"

"Um…not well, I was in a bit…sorry let me rephrase that. I was in a lot of denial. I didn't want it to be true, so I stopped taking care of myself. I was fine once I was released from the hospital." She looked up at the screen to see a picture that Finn had captured when she'd been release, she was sitting in a wheel chair, her leg and arm were still in a cast, and she'd given the camera a small smile that she remembered she hadn't felt one bit.

"Once I got home, I locked myself in my room and refused to be taken care of. I wasn't eating, I wasn't talking. I just lay in my bed, and stared at my TV, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. My friends picked the lock to my door a few days later and force fed me, but I would purge it all later, it got to the point where I lost an abysmal amount of weight. My doctor gave my friends a list of things to be done in order to get me back into health and a bottle of anti-depressants. Personally I just wanted to be left alone and sort everything out."

"What did you do?"

"I gave in. I knew that my annoying and pesky, yet loving and persistent, friends would not leave until I was healthy again, so I ate, I gained enough weight to be deemed healthy and was left alone. Half of the reason they left me was because I was made to swear that I would call in with weekly weight checks and eat three healthy meals a day."

"You could have lied." Tyra pointed out.

Rory nodded. "I could have, but I didn't. I didn't have the energy to lie to my friends, and I knew at least one of them would be in Europe at some point during the month, so if I did lie, and they suspected, I would be intruded on again, and I just didn't need that."

"What snapped you out of your stupor?"

Rory shrugged. "I was staring at my TV, and I hadn't really been watching it, I just sort of stared and one day it sort of clicked what I was watching, it was one of those baby shows, where they show the family going through the nine months of pregnancy up until the birth, and it just clicked. And it finally settled in, that I wasn't going to have that, and I had to deal with it, not just let it sit in my mind, but actually deal with this issue that was consuming me. So I did. Slowly I started accepting that I wasn't going to have my own children."

Tyra smiled lightly at her, before turning to the camera. "One more question before we go to break"

Rory nodded. "I'm ready."

"Why now? After all these years of silence about your love life, your grandfather, and your accident, why come out after almost five years as a, how did you call it, 'self-proclaimmed hermit' to talk about it now?"

Rory bit her lip and gave a small nod. "Purely selfish reasons." She laughed. "I'm at a place in my life where, I want…no need to move on, in order to begin a new phase and a lot of what I've been holding in, from my love life, to my accident has been under so much speculation. Also because, after a month of accepting me as I am, Tristan finally convinced me that what'd I'd been so ashamed and afraid of was really not all that big of deal."

Tyra smiled at her. "Good answer." She turned to the cameras "When we come back, Tristan, Rory's boyfriend, will be joining us." She called for cut, while Tristan came out once again.

"Coffee?" Rory asked.

Tristan shook his head with a laugh as he sat down beside her handing her a Starbucks cup, "I conned an intern into going."

"I'm forever grateful." She said sipping on the macchiato. "Oh, so good." She moaned.

Tristan laughed and kissed the top of her head. "You okay?"

She nodded. "The hard part is over, and whatever else comes up, I have you here, so I'm good."

"You know I never would have thought you inadequate Rory."

She looked up at him, and kissed him lightly, smiling when she heard a few of the audience members 'aww'. "I know that now, and I'm forever grateful for it." She set her coffee down and straightened his tie causing him to wince.

"I hate my ties like this."

"It's just for a little while longer Tris."

"Will you take it off for me later?" he smirked.

"Sure baby." She laughed kissing him again as Tyra came back. Rory downed the rest of her coffee before handing it off to one of the staff. Her makeup was retouched while Tristan sat beside her running a hand through his hair that the stylist had combed to the side.

"Better?" he asked, she looked up at smiled, it was in his tousled fixed state.

"Perfect." She laughed running her own fingers through it.

Tyra counted down from five, before starting again. "Welcome back, we have joining us, Tristan DuGray, Rory's boyfriend, thank you for joining us."

"Thanks for having me." Tristan smiled his arm resting on the back on the couch, his fingers lightly brushing Rory's bare shoulder.

"When did you and Rory meet?" Tyra asked.

"We met in kindergarden when her mother was dropping her off on the first day." He saw the picture on the screen changed and smiled when he saw it was a group picture of them in kindergarden. Rory and he dead center of the group.

"Rory told me you were both together for about seven years before breaking up." Tyra pointed out.

"Uh…yeah." Tristan nodded. "I think we were closing in on our seventh year before Rory broke it off."

"You didn't go to the hospital after the accident." Tyra pointed out. "Was it because you were broken up?"

"No, I didn't. Rory and I hadn't seen each other in almost a year, before her accident, and the last meeting we had wasn't pretty, a lot of things were said and done that a part of me didn't think she would want me there. So in a way half of the reason I didn't go was because of the break up the other half was because of our friends."

"Do you remember where you were when you heard about the accident?"

"In vivid detail." Tristan nodded. "My father and I had just begun traveling throughout Europe to check on the international Law Firms that we have set up and that have made our family wealthy. We were preparing for a meeting when I saw the story on the news;"

"Dad, where's that tie that I put out on the bed?" Tristan asked looking underneath the bed to see if it had slipped down.

"I think I moved it out onto the couch son," Devon answered from the bathroom.

With a sigh, he went out to the living area, and saw the tie sitting on the couch, he looked up and saw that the news was playing in the background, he cringed when he saw the picture of the car accident that had happened in Paris, he was about to turn around when he could have sworn he'd seen Rory's name. Turning it up, he felt his lungs seize up and his heart stop as he heard the news, and saw Logan appear on screen.

" …currently being treated for some minor cuts and bruises and is doing just fine. We would greatly appreciate it, if at this time she be left alone to recover in peace, and allow her family and friends to take care of her. Thank you."

"Son, what is…" Devon stopped as he saw the screen. "Oh god, tell me she's all right."

Tristan slumped on the couch and stared at the screen. "I…I don't know dad. Logan said…"

"Call son. She might want you there."

"No, she…no."

"Tristan call Logan. Call and see what's happening." They replayed Logan's statement and Devon shook his head. "The statement could be complete and utter bullshit to pacify the press. Call Tristan."

Tristan nodded and pulled out his phone, his fingers trembling as he dialed the one person the he knew wouldn't lie to him.



"Tr…Tristan." He heard her moving around as if parting herself from the rest of the group that he knew to be there.

"What's going on I just saw the news, why wasn't I called? And if you even say it's because you think I wouldn't have cared, I'm will be so beyond pissed."

"No, no, it wasn't that, it's just…" she hesitated briefly. "It's just those pictures they're showing on the news makes the accident seem more serious then it was. We didn't see the need to call you for an issue as small as this."

"'An issues as small as this!' Her car was totaled Paris, the picture shows it as a cube! They're saying it took the jaws of life to pry her out."

"She's fine," Paris assured. "She'll be let out in a few days they're only keeping her here as a precaution. The doctors want to make sure there was no permanent damage done. I promise you she's fine, like Logan said just minor cuts and bruises."

"You're not lying to me."

"I swear to you Tristan, the pictures make it out to be worse, she's fine."

"I want to come down there, I won't go into her room, I just want to make sure for myself."

"No." Paris said quickly then sighed before saying more slowly. "No, I just think that even you coming here, she'd know right off the bat and it'll just agitate her more. She's fine Tristan, nothing serious."

Tristan bit the inside of his cheek as he watched the news and saw the pictures replay, before sighing. "If anything changes and things become serious Paris I want to be the first to know."

He heard her sigh quietly. "I promise Tristan." She whispered, "I have to go, Finn is calling me, she's in good hands Tris, I promise you."

"So you never knew the extent of her injuries?" Tyra asked.

Tristan shook his head. "Not right away, it wasn't until all of our friends returned from Paris, and I'd returned back to Hartford for a few weeks, that it came out, to say that I was beyond angry that I wasn't told is an understatement."

"What did you do? What was your reaction?"

Tristan closed his eyes, not wanting to remember, he felt Rory squeeze his thigh lightly, before opening them again. "Pain, even throughout our break up, I loved her without reservations even between the bitter words and the horrible actions done, I loved her, so when I found out how close it'd been, how closed I'd been to actually losing her it was devastating."

"But you still weren't told about her inability to have children."

"The extent of her injuries that was their business to tell me, I had a right to know just how bad it'd been. The children thing, as Rory keeps reminding me, is in fact her issue and her own personal 'demon' if you will. It wasn't our friends place to tell me that. And I accepted that, I hated it, but I accept it, because it was better hearing it from Rory when she yelled it at me, then hearing it second hand from my friends who didn't quite know what my reaction would be."

"Did you think Rory knew what your reaction would be and it's why she held off on telling you?"

"I think," Tristan said slowly looking down at her before looking back up. "That Rory thought it could go one of both ways. I would either be extremely angry, bitter and resentful, or I would be accepting of the fact, and I think she feared me accepting it more than my anger."

"Why do you say that?"

"Yeah, Tris why do you say that?" Rory teased.

Tristan laughed as he answered. "Rory had been dealing with my anger for more than a decade I have a very quick temper and its pretty volatile, Rory's one of the few people brave enough to handle it, and for the past four years before the accident she'd been dealing with my bitterness and resentment at our break up, so in her mind it was easier to deal with that side of me, then admit that four years had been wasted on a stupid miscommunication and another year on something that I would so readily accept and understand."

"Do you think it's true Rory? Did you fear his acceptance more than his anger?"

Rory nodded slowly, before answering. "When he puts it that way, yes, I think deep down, I knew Tristan would understand, and would easily make our future work with this new development, he'd mull it over for a few minutes, nod and just say 'fine, we'll make it work' and move on to the next issue. And I was afraid, I still am." She admitted. "It's hard to be with him now, and know that we're not going to have those children we'd planned in high school, but it's easier now then it was last year because I'm not handling it alone now. Tristan's here for me, and he's the only one that's ever understood me that way I need to be understood."

"Tristan, are you afraid of what the future holds?"

Tristan ran a hand through his hair, and gave a nod. "Sure, I am. I'm afraid that Rory's going to realize she doesn't need me to lean on as much as she did when we were younger. I'm afraid she's going to wise up and realize she's way out of my league." He said causing her to laugh. "I'm truly afraid that she's going wake up one morning and not want to be with me anymore, but I think that with her opening up about her accident and how she dealt and healed herself slowly, and finally telling the world her secret, we'll be able to move forward and finally sit down and at least talk about what the future might hold. What we want separately for the future and what we want together."

Tyra smiled widely before turning to the camera again, for their last commercial break announcement. "When we come back, Rory's fans will get a chance to ask both Rory and Tristan questions."

Tristan let out a breath and 'cut' was called. He looked down and saw tears brimming her eyes, but knowing her, they wouldn't fall. "Aw, Mar, don't cry." He laughed, kissing her softly.

"I never knew you felt like that." She said leaning her forehead on his shoulder. His arm automatically went around her holding her closer as he closed his eyes and rested his chin on the top of her head.

"It's the truth. I know in high school we always talked about what the future held for us both together. But we're older now, wiser, and I realize that not everything is about us, that's how we fell apart in college, we need to talk about how the plans we made separately while we were single and our goals fit in with the now and what it means for the future. I don't mean we have to talk about it, the minute we're off camera, or the minute we get back home. But I think eventually once you decided there's a future to move towards we should sit down and have that conversation. It might be a few days from now, a few months, hell a few years. But you know I'm all in, and I'll wait forever for you to be too."

"God you must be the sweetest guy in the entire planet you know that? How'd I end up so lucky?"

Tristan laughed. "Rumor has it you drew my name out of a hat, who knows, you could have ended up with Finn, and I could have ended up with Paris."

They both looked at each other, before shivering and bursting out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Tyra asked as she motioned them to stand.

"Just an inside joke." Rory laughed as she stretched. She watched as the tech guys moved the couch more to the center and moved Tyra's chair of set.

"You two will sit there, and I'll be in the audience fielding questions. These haven't been previewed, mostly because now that they've heard you're story, their questions are going to change. How long do you want the Q & A to go, because depending on the questions, most will be edited out?" she said, causing Tristan to look at his watch.

"Well it's hitting two now."

"Do you have any meetings in the morning?" Rory asked.

"Two." Tristan answered, running a hand through his hair. "But they don't start till ten, so I'm fine Mar, as long as you want to stay."

"How long do Q&A's usually take?"

"Depending on the interest, which will be large, a good two in a half hours."

"We could do that. Right?" Rory asked looking up, she saw the hesitation in Tristan's eyes before laughing, and turning to Tyra. "Let's try for an hour and a half."

Tyra laughed and nodded. "All right, we can definitely do that. Go ahead and take a seat, anything to drink?"

"Water, for both of us." Tristan answered. "If Rory drinks anymore coffee, she's going to be bouncing off the walls."

"I will not." Rory objected, as the interns brought them bottled waters, before taking their seat.

"Hmm." He said. "I'd rather not test the theory." She elbowed him in the gut causing him to grunt as she sat close to him, his arm around her shoulder. As Tyra went and stood on the steps with the audience.

"Welcome back, we're here with Rory Gilmore and Tristan DuGray, our audience have a few questions, anything off limits?" Tyra asked with a laugh.

Rory bit her lip before shaking her head. "No, anything goes. This will probably be the last interview I do that's this open, so don't hold back. And trust me, neither will Tristan, if I censor my answers, he'll uncensored them pretty quickly anyway."

The audience laughed as a women came up to the mike. "Hi, my name is Jamie, I'm from Fort Lauderdale, Florida."

"Hi Jamie." Rory smiled.

"My question is, why did you two break up in the first place five years ago? You seem to be made for each other."

Rory blushed and Tristan laughed. "Rory would you like to answer that one?"

Rory rolled her eyes. "It was my doing, well breaking up itself. Tristan and I have always had a very open communication relationship, nothing really stayed secret between us along, and we were contently telling each other everything, which is good. When I broke up with Tristan, it came during a time where stress was constantly building up."

"I was at Harvard," Tristan continued. "And Rory was a Yale, so we had a long distance thing going, which is hard enough when your girlfriend is jetting off to foreign countries every other week for work, so without being at the same school, we'd go almost months without seeing each other in person. I was under constant pressure from my father to do well in school, and as much as he loves Rory, he didn't want her to be a distraction, so conversations were cut short a lot of the times."

"And with me working, I was under constant pressure to 'jet off' as Tristan said, then with school work, and my agency it didn't leave enough time for a relationship. When we broke up, my grandfather had just had a stroke and it was tough for our family, Gilmores aren't weak by nature, but with grandpa sick, it was the weakest we'd ever been and it got to me. I went to Tristan to seek comfort and took a lot of my stress out on him by picking a fight."

"I gave in," Tristan continued "like I said my temper is pretty bad so I fought back. Things were said that couldn't be taken back, on both our parts, and we broke up."

"It's not that we ever forgot that we were meant to be, it was just…we were young, and had never really been faced with that type of stress before, so when it came time to deal with it, we both took it out on each other instead of talking through it like we'd usually done it." Rory explained.

"It's one of those things that you believe that by unloading your own stress on one person it just adds to their stress, and by them unloading it on you it adds to yours, when really, once you share your worries, it becomes easier to handle."

"Hi, my name is Rebecca, Rory; I wanted to ask, have you thought about adopting? And if you have you would do in country or would you do it like Angelina Jolie and go out of country?"

"Um…you know, I haven't thought hard about it, I mean it's crossed my mind, but until last month I really didn't think a family was even an option for me. So it's never been a serious consideration, but if I did, I think I would do an in country adoption. I have nothing against Angelina Jolie or what she does for those kids I think it's wonderful. But I think there are so many kids here in the U.S. that need homes, that I'd love to open my door to them. And before you all start asking, since I really haven't thought about it and Tristan and I haven't even talked about it, I have no idea about ages or genders." She looked at Tristan. "Do you have anything to add?"

"No I think you covered it." He smiled.

A man came up and smiled. "Hi Rory, I'm Jared, I was wondering if you've thought about surrogates?"

"Mm, no," Rory shook her head. "While I want Tris to have his own child I think a part of me would be really jealous of it being mixed with another woman."

"Baby you wouldn't even allow it." Tristan laughed. "It wouldn't matter that I didn't sleep with her, you would never allow it."

Rory laughed. "Very true, I just…if we were to have a baby by surrogate, I'd want it to be my egg and Tristan's…sperm…Can we say sperm on TV?" she asked Tyra, causing her to laugh.


"Right well, yes." Rory blushed.

Jared laughed. "Did they freeze any of your eggs after the accident?"

"I asked that once I became lucid." Rory said, before shaking her head. "The answer is no, I was told that they were more worried about saving me that they didn't realize that eggs could be saved until it was too late, trust me, it took me a while to deal with that bitterness and even asked my lawyer if there was any way to sue, there wasn't. The doctors did their jobs and put me first, so I really don't have grounds for a lawsuit. But Surrogacy would have been the first thing to try if we were to start a family, if it were possible."

"Hi, this question's for Tristan, did your friendships suffer after you were told the extent of Rory's injuries."

"Uh, yeah, I guess in a way they did, I understand their need to protect Rory, because I have it in me too. I think out of all my friends my anger went to Paris the most, because she had been the one I had been counting on to tell me the truth, and to find out she had lied about something so serious as to Rory's well being, that was the biggest betrayal, in our group of friends anyway. So I think me and Paris suffered for a few months before I did forgive her."

"And you Rory? Did your friendships suffer because they didn't tell Tristan?"

Rory nodded. "Yes, well mine and Paris' did, apparently she'd lied to Tristan without telling any of our other friends, and by the time she'd told everyone else, it was too late to really do much about it, so everyone just went along with it. When I found out, I was beyond mad, I kicked Paris out of my room, and it took two of my best guy friends to calm me down long enough and explain why she had lied. I didn't like it, but," Rory shrugged. "I saw where she was coming from, I made everyone promise to tell Tristan the truth once they got back, they did so reluctantly. But our friendships our strong, so when we're angry at each other, it doesn't take long to forgive."

"Hi my name is…"

And so it went on for another hour in and half, before Tyra called an end to the Q&A, questions from what their favorite colors were, to what their favorite sexual position was asked. The next half hour Rory allowed fans to come up on the stage to take pictures and sign autographs, while Tristan gathered their stuff together, so they could head back to the hotel. Once the crowd dispersed, she slumped down on the couch and waited for Tristan to come so they could head back.

"Tired?" Tyra asked, falling on the cushions next to her.

"Exhausted." Rory laughed. "I haven't worked this hard in a while."

Tyra laughed. "You should think about doing runway again."

Rory shook her head with a laugh. "No, I think I'm done with runway, I was always a free agent anyway, never had enough boobs to become a Victoria's Secret Angel, which Tristan always wished I'd become in high school."

"Was it the wings?"

Rory laughed. "I was always the innocent one of the group, I think becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel would have topped off his fantasy list, and I think he and all of my guy friends really wanted to go to one of those shows."

Tyra laughed. "So no runways?"

"Not anymore, I'm happy with a few photo shoots here and there. Mostly Finn and Logan are the only ones asking, because I've been out of the scene so long you know?"

"How is Finn?"

"Getting married this coming weekend." Rory smiled.

Tyra laughed, "Have you thought about what you want to do, you seem to be done with modeling."

"I love it," she admitted. "I'll never stop, and maybe I'll give in and do a few more shows, because I miss it so much, but I think I want to go back to my original passion which is just…writing."

"I see your name sometimes on the paper in New York, when you ghost write. Your pieces are amazing."

"Thanks," Rory laughed before sighing "God, even if it's blurbs in Logan's paper, or my own book, I just think it's time for me to take this whole thing to a entirely new level, what was shared today is just a blub of what's happened, a footnote on everything that you feel when your future that you've planned meticulously just slips from your fingers you know."

"You've got a way with words Gilmore. I know you and you'll make it happen."

"Either way, I can't plan anything yet, Tristan's become a huge part of my life again, and I don't want to decided anything serious before I'm ready, hell, I'm rich enough to not work another day in my life if I really wanted to."

Tyra laughed. "Very true."

"Mar?" They both looked up to see Tristan walking towards them. "The car's here."

"Good," she held out her hands for him to take and let him pull her up. Tyra stood with them and walked them towards the exit.

"It went really well Rory." Tyra told her. "The editing process should take a few days, we're bumping Mondays episode, for yours. So I'll send you a copy, just so you can watch and see on Friday, if there's anything you don't like, or want put in or take out, note it, and we'll fix it."

"Tyra I trust you, I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't."

"We'll still send it."

Rory laughed and hugged her. "Thank you so much for this."

"Hey, it's time for you to move forward and I'm honored to be able to help you get there."

Rory smiled and waved good bye as Tristan ushered her into the car, Tristan smiled and shook her hand. "Thank you for this, it means so much to Rory, and to me."

"It was my pleasure Tristan." Tyra smiled as he got in the car and waved. Rory leaned into him and closed her eyes.

"Now how do you feel?"

"Like this huge weights been lifted." Rory laughed tightening her hold on him. "It's a relief, though I'm still half worried about reactions."

"You'll be fine Mary." Tristan said kissing the top of her head. The rest of the ride was silent as the SUV took them to the back entrance of the hotel. They walked through the lobby and led her into the elevator, pushing the button for their floor.

He watched as she leaned tiredly against the wall of the elevator and gave a long tired sigh. Smirking he cornered her, placing his hands on either side of her head. "So how long has it been since we've made out in an elevator?"

Rory laughed as she snaked her arms around his neck. "How long has it been since we've made out period?"

Tilting his head, a smirk firmly in place he kissed the side of her neck lightly, knowing that the effect had her tingling, her neck had always been a sensitive area for her. Moving down he moved the strap of her dress with his nose before kissing the area lightly.

"You're such a tease." She moaned framing his face with her hands and bringing him down to kiss him, his hands fisted the material at her hips, he was getting ready to lift her up when the elevator dinged and opened.

They pulled apart and rushed out of the apartment, Rory bringing him down again to kiss him as he searched his pockets for the key. He slid the key card in and pushed Rory in, their lips still attached, he kicked the door closed and pushed Rory against it. He licked her top lip, causing her to gasp, and allow him entrance, his hands wandered down her arms and back-up running down the lengths of her sides, his thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts that were covered by the thin material of her dress and the even thinner lace material of her bra.

His hands spanned her hips and gripped before running his hands down the lengths of her thighs causing her breathing to come in pants as he lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his hips, her dress bunching at her waist.


"Yeah baby?" he asked against her collarbone, as he slowly made the trek towards the valley of her breast.

"I'm not going to sleep with you." She whispered, even though her body betrayed her by grinding her hips against his causing him to groan.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" he laughed turning them around as he walked towards the bed.

"Tris." She warned.

"Trust me, there's a lot we can do to satisfy both our needs." He laughed before covering her body with his own, eliciting a laugh from her as well.



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