Let the Fire Fall

Chapter 8: My Personal Sin

"Flight 454 to Gotham City now boarding. Passengers with small children and…"

"That's us," Vic said, grabbing his carry-on. Gar and Raven followed suit, and the three friends went up to the gate. A smiling blonde checked their tickets and automatically wished them a good flight.

The three luckily had seats in the same row, and being his typical self, Gar called the window seat.

"Typical Gar; I should be annoyed but I'm just happy he's acting like his normal self again," Raven thought to herself, putting her carry-on in the overhead.

Cyborg whispered something to the green man and the both of them giggled like schoolboys. Raven smirked at their laughter and just rolled her eyes…

20 minutes later, the plane was well into the blue, vastness of the sky and Gar rested an arm on the window, scanning at the endless rows of brown and green squares. He was lost in another world the other two would never understand, and soon, his dreams began, like an old, dusty projector switched on after decades…

Two years ago.

Garfield Logan, then known to the world as just Beast Boy, was in a hawk morph, flying as quick as he could to the building the shadow man had marked on the map. He landed near the loading dock and morphed back into a human, his heart beating madly and mind racing.

"If I screw this up, then not only is Matt dead, but I am too."

He retrieved the map from his utility belt and scanned it, trying to plan the best possible way to get to inside unseen.

"Mouse, fly, then…we'll see from there."

Gar morphed into a mouse and scurried into the building via one of the small holes made my by temporary fellow species. Saving time, he went straight from mouse to fly and buzzed rapidly down the halls, lights and blurs mixing together in the simple fly's vision he had.

"I don't want do this; I'm so scared."

When he spotted the blurry words of Hokimoto's office, he morphed back into his human self and opened the door after what seemed like months.

Sure enough, a man was sitting, back turned, the scribbling of his pencil deafening compared to the quiet stillness gar felt spread through his being.

"Ah, come in, come in; you must be the assassin he sent to kill me. Can I offer you something to drink before you "do me in", say they say in this country?" Hokimoto called, sitting up.

Beast Boy took 2 large steps back, eyes widening. His mind was racing and he suddenly forgot where he was.

"Ah, don't be so taken aback; I knew you were coming. I'm not a stupid man and everyone has their time. I'm a defenseless old man," he chuckled, putting on a pot of coffee.

At this, Beast Boy started to cry, large tears flowing from his bulging eyes. "Don't try and fuck with me; I don't WANT to do this!" he screamed, panting.

Hokimoto finally turned to him, studying him, expressionless. Then he just plastered on another smile. "Don't worry, young one, I just figured out why you are here. You aren't doing this of free will."

"H-h-how would you know that?" Gar whispered, having trouble breathing.

"The fear in your eyes, the panic coming off of you in waves. Yes, I understand. You must kill or be killed."

Beast Boy looked up at him, the tears flowing like a faucet. "I won't do it. Y-y-you're not my enemy."

Hokimoto smiled even wider, if possible. "Young one, it's very simple really. If you don't kill me, THEY'LL kill me, and you, and whoever else you're involved with. Death is a part of life and like clockwork in the eyes of our maker…everyone has their time."

Hokimoto sat down, sighing. "You see, I picked the wrong company 20 years ago. I had my suspicions. But since the salary was good, I decided it was worth it. Look at me now." The optimistic older man chuckled. "You reap what you sow."

Gar was quiet for a long time, then finally spoke. "Why do they want to kill you?"

"I reached out and spread the word about this company. I exposed the demons of their work and of course, they found out. I am not sad however; if I could save hundreds, even thousands of lives, it was worth it."

Gar nodded sadly, sitting down, burying his head on his lap.

"Isn't there anyway-", Gar started to say, but then stopped after he looked up. Hokimoto had a small pistol in hand, the barrel pressed against his temple.

"Now you won't have to take my kill and have it on your conscience. Good bye, young one, and may God give you piece."

Beast Boy screamed and felt himself running towards the older man, but it was too late. He heard the shot like a missile and the wise man named Oda Hokimoto was no more.

Shrilling alarms had gone off, and Gar knew he had to leave. Morphing into a fly, he flew like a bat out of Hell through the dark, winding hallways…

Ten minutes, Garfield Mark Logan was sobbing outside the city; for himself, Matt, Hokimoto…and a world that had taken away his innocence.


Garfield awoke from his nightmares and took a minute to remind himself of where he was. Remembering he was on a plane to Gotham, he settled back into reality…

Raven felt bad about invading Garfield's dreams, but she had been so worried. Now, she wasn't sure what to say or do. She wiped away the tears so the boys couldn't see…