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Chapter 1

----------------------- 11/25 3:29 AM Olivia Benson's House


"Ugh" Olivia moaned after suddenly waking up because of the loud sound. "What is going on outside?"


Olivia sat straight up "What the hell?" She said quickly getting up and putting on a jacket to go downstairs.

As soon as Olivia got outside, she realized that she had made a HUGE mistake…

---------------------- 11/24 8:17 AM Squad Room

"Morning 'Liv!" Stabler said as he walked through the doors to the squad room.

"What's got you in suck a good mood?" Olivia asked smirking at Stabler who just spilled coffee on his shirt because the cup was too hot.

"Oh, nothing, just in a good mood, I guess" he said not wanting to brag about what really happened last night. "I have a feeling we are going to get some bad guys today!"

"Just like everyday." Said Olivia what has gotten in to him?She thought "Come on Stabler, I wanna know what happened…"

"Sure did! I had the kids last night. Can you believe how old they are?" Stabler said getting excited because he loved to talk about his kids whom he hasn't seen in almost a year.

"That's great!" She said hoping someone would come in so she wouldn't have to listen to his stories, even thought she knows that she would have to listen in the squad car.

"We've got a new case!" Captain Cragen said as he walked through his room into the squad room. "I just got a call from a station in Queens. A 15-year-old girl was just fond on the sidewalk brutally beaten and possibly raped. She has been taken to the hospital to be checked out."

"Sounds good, what do you want us to do, boss?" Stabler asked?

"Benson, Stabler, go to the hospital and talk to the girl. Munch, Fin, you guys go to the crime scene and see if you can find anything."

--------------------- 11/24 9:43 AM Mercy Hospital

"The girl has signs of strangulation, she was badly beaten…"

"Did you do a rape kit yet?" Olivia asked.

"The nurse and a female doctor and in there now. There is one thing hat I need to talk to you about. The man carved an exclamation mark on her back. Do you have any clue what that means?" The Doctor asked.

"I've never seen anything like that before." Stabler said quickly forgetting about his kids, and getting back to work.

"I'm going to go and talk to the girl." Benson said, anxious to see the girl face to face, and talk to the girl.

--------------------- 11/25 5:01 AM 22nd Street

"Olivia, where's Olivia?" Stabler was yelling as he ran down the street where Olivia lived. The street was now a crime scene and had been sectioned off. There had been another rape.

Stabler spotted Olivia on a stretcher that was being put into an ambulance. Olivia looked unconscious. Stabler sprinted to the ambulance hoping that Olivia wasn't the one who had been raped, even though he already knew that it would be her that was raped.

"How's she doing?" Stabler asked.

"We won't know until she gets to the hospital." The paramedic said, anxious to get her to the hospital. "Can I ask who you are?"

"I'm her partner" Stabler said. The paramedic raised his eyebrow. "I'm not THAT type of partner, I work with her. We are Detectives. We work in the Special Victims Unit. Can I ride with her to the hospital?" he asked.


--------------------- 11/24 9:56 AM Rape Victim's Hospital Room

"Hi, sweetie, I'm Olivia Benson. I'm a police officer. I work for the Special Victims Unit." Olivia told the girl as he walked through the door. "What's you name sweetheart?" She asked, noticing how badly beaten the girl was.

"I have a few questions for you if you are feeling up to it." Olivia said watching tears go silently down the girls face. The girl nodded "What is you name?" Olivia asked.

"Jo…Joanna Summers" she stuttered.

"Good, now, Joanna, I know this must be hard for you, but can you describe what happened to you?" Olivia asked slowly, feeling more and more sympathetic for the girl as she notice the dried blood and the bruises covering her whole body.

"I was walking to school this morning with my friends I forgot my book at home, so I ran back to my house to get it. On my way back to school, this man pulled me into the alley" She paused, took a long, deep breath. "He pulled up my skirt and…" she burst out in tears. Olivia desperately wanted to console her, but realized that it would hurt her too much to just pat the girl's shoulder.

"Did you see his face Joanna?" She asked.

"He was tall, had brown hair with these cheesy blond highlights I remember thinking that as I passed him on the sidewalk. I remember the most his beautiful baby blue eyes."

"That's good. I'm going to go out and talk to my partner. You just stay here and rest. Do you want me to call your parents?" Olivia asked

"NO!" She said. "I don't want them to know about this at all!"

Olivia then left the room, but not before taking one last glance at Joanna.

----------------------- 11/25 5:24 AM In Ambulance

"She's crashing!" The paramedic said pulling up Olivia's shirt to reveal a huge gash on her side. "We need to intubate!"

Stabler, being only trained in first aid, could only sit by Olivia's side and hope that she was ok. What have you done to yourself Olivia? He thought as tears started to run down his face. He didn't know what he would do without Olivia.

Finally, they reached the hospital; the doctor took Olivia through the doors to the hospital, leaving Stabler in the ambulance.

-------------------- 11/24 10:11 Am Outside the Hospital Room

"How is she?" Stabler asked.

"Traumatized, like every rape victim." Benson said. "I don't understand how anyone can treat someone like this."

"Did she name her rapist?" Stabler asked.

"Ya, she described Craig Hoffner, you know, that famous actor."

"I doubt that."

"Just because he is a famous actor, doesn't mean he can't be a sociopath or just a rapist. He IS an actor, he can hide his feelings better then other people." Olivia said, angered that Stabled didn't believe Joanna.

"Look, it's too early to make any assumptions about this case." Stabler said, even though he doubted that an actor would rape anyone.

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