---------------- 11/24 12:13 Craig Hoffner's House

"Craig Hoffner, open up, it's the police!" Olivia yelled as she was knocking on the famous actor's door. She didn't have any patience to wait for Craig to take his time getting to the door.

The door opened up slowly. It wasn't Craig Hoffner at the door, it was a short woman dressed in a maid's outfit. "Can I help you" she said in badly spoken English.

"Can you take us to Craig Hoffner?" Olivia asked.

"Si." She said. "He is outside." Se then left the door intending Benson and Olivia to follow her.

----------------- 11/25 6:31 AM Hospital

"How is she doc?" Stabler asked.

"Well, she was definitely raped. That isn't the biggest problem though. She was stabbed in between two ribs. The knife punctured her lung. We had to put in a chest tube to help her breathe"

"Did you do the rape kit yet?" Stabler asked anxious to go and see Olivia, but knowing that he has to do his job.

"Yes, we did it while she was unconscious. We thought it would be best." He replied

"That was a good idea. Can I see her?" Stabler said.

"Yes, she might be a little groggy, but she should talk to the police. I have to say that your partner is a very strong girl." The doctor said. Stabler then left as fast as he could to go to Olivia's room.

----------------- 11/ 24 12:57 PM Questioning Room, SVU precinct.

"Where were you this morning?" Stabler asked Craig Hoffner. They had brought Craig in for questioning. He sat there with this annoyed look on his face, but turned to a smile as soon as he saw Olivia.

"Every morning I go out for a walk and then I head to work. Can I ask what this is about?" He asked turning his head back towards Olivia.

"You are a suspect in a rape case of a young girl. She was raped this morning. She described you as her rapist." Olivia stated, angered at this man for raping that young girl and for giving her "the look".

"Look, I didn't rape anyone. I don't know if you know but I have an identical twin brother. His name is Stephen and he lives in New York also." Craig stated.

"Well, can we get a DNA sample from you to rule you out as the rapist?" Stabler asked, anxious to find the real rapist.

------------------- 11/25 6:39 AM Olivia's Hospital Room

"Olivia, how are you feeling?" Stabler asked as son as he walked in the room.

"Not so well, I just want to get out of her and go home." Olivia said.

"You know you can't do that. At least say here for one night so that they can make sure you are ok before you go home. Do it for me." Stabler said.

"Ugh, alright, but you owe me one!" Olivia said. "I guess you came here to ask me about what happened, right?"

"Well, not really, I wanted to check up on you, but I guess we might as well while I am here." He said

"Well, lets get started." She said taking a huge breath, but got caught with the pain from the chest tube. "I woke up to this weird sound, I now know was the sound of someone smashing my car in with a sledgehammer. I went outside to see was the sound was. When I got outside, Craig Hoffner turned and looked straight at me. I thought he was mad about us taking him in for questioning, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of me.. He ran up to me, grabbed me by the arm, threw me in the car and raped me. I tried to force him off of me, but he was stronger then I was, so I couldn't get him off. While he was in me, he kept saying 'this is what you get.' When he was done, he left me in the car and I went back to my apartment and called the police."

"Olivia, I am so sorry that this happened to you." Stabler said

"It's not your fault. Its one of the possibilities of working with this job." Benson said trying to be strong, but very embarrassed of what she had to go through.

--------------- 11/24 1:26 PM Medical Officers

"So do you have any evidence for us Dr. Warner?" Benson asked.

"Well yes and no. The DNA you gave me didn't match the sperm that was found in Joanna, but the good news is that it is a family relative. The DNA shares a lot of similarities with Craig's DNA." Melinda said.

"So, it could be Craig Hoffner's twin brother then?" Stabler asked.

"If you get me some of his DNA, I can tell you if he was the rapist or not. For all you know, it is Craig Hoffner's father." Melinda Warner said.

---------------- 11/24 2:42 PM Questioning Room, SVU Precinct

"I don't understand why you took me here?" Joanna asked. "It's not like I'm the one breaking the laws."

"We just need you to make a formal statement." Stabler said. He now understood why Olivia was so upset about this rape. The carving on her back needed more then 100 stitches, and now she couldn't sit with her back on the back of the chair.

"Well, I'm not changing anything I said before." She said.

"We just wanted to make sure. We did have one problem though; you said you name was Joanna Summers. We checked to see where you lived, but there is no Joanna Summers living in New York City." Stabler said.

Joanna sighed. "I guess I do have one confession to make. My last name is Ivans. I do know Chris Hoffner. He is my uncle. He hates me for not using my true last name. That's why he sent his brother to rape me and tell me that something worse would happen if I don't go back to using my last name."

"Why didn't you tell us before?" Benson asked growing even more sympathetic.

"So, Chris Hoffner's brother, is he your dad?" Stabler asked

"Yes." Joanna burst out into tears. This time, Olivia did take a step closer to her, but knew that consoling her could make the trial of her rapist harder because the lawyer could argue that Olivia was making her do this and that it wasn't true.

----------------- 11/24 3:13 PM Stephen Hoffner's House

"Stephen Hoffner, you are under arrest for the rape of Joanna Summers. All that you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to a lawyer…" Benson said, while Stabler cuffed Stephen. They had been to his house earlier, and gone through his trash. They had found a hairbrush with his hair on it. The hair had matched the DNA found in the sperm in Joanna.

"I'm not going to deny what I did." Stephen said.

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