SlippingSanity : This fanfic was inspirated while listening to Armor For Sleep album What To Do When You Are Dead (There will be alot of angst (proably) because I was listening and the lyrics inspired me)

Anime : YuGiOh GX

Rating : M

Character 1 : Jaden Character 2 : Syrus

Summary : Syrus goes missing, and Jaden is not happy about it...Yaoi. Jaden / Syrus, Zane / Alexis

Genre : Action/Adventure / Romance

Title : Chase The Silence

Chapter : Prolouge

The sounds ... The light snoring ... ... Perfect.

I cover your mouth and slowly pull you away. Don't fight me please. I just want you. I just want that little boy from a while ago. That little boy who was brave, if not foolish, enough to challenge me. To disrespect my authority. ...So beautiful ...

I'm carrying you, bridal style, to the shore. Your small body wrapped in a dark cover, your face revealed to me in the dawn that began to increase. Closed lashes, parted lips lightly intaking and exhaling air. ...Beautiful ...

We're in the ship now, rising and falling with the gentle waves. I lay you on the sofa inside the ships' cabin. You still sleep, a smile play on your lips.

I raise my right arm slowly, my hand pushing some of your bangs away. Ah, my beautiful bluenette ...

You open your eyes.

Your smile fades, fear crosses your features. Mind and body realizing

... You've opened your eyes, Your dream has faded.

...And your reality has become a nightmare ...