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Chapter Title: Sorry's Not Good Enough - McFly

Sorry's Not Good Enough

Katie sat exhaustedly in the common room. Oliver had let most of the team leave so Harry could get extra practice avoiding bludgers. She was rather angry at Oliver still. Nothing had changed. He still flirted with her, he still made her feel like the most special girl in the world. But now she was sure he didn't like her. She was just so frustrated. Not to mention she had so much homework to do and on top of Quidditch practice almost every night, she really had no time for sleep, let alone a life. Leanne was off somewhere and Angelina and Alicia were in the library finishing off homework so she was all alone. She needn't have gotten depressed though because within a few minutes Liam seemed to appear from nowhere.

"Hey Kitty" he said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes. "Please don't"

"Oh come on, it's cute…I have a special name for you too," he said flicking his sandy hair off his bright blue eyes and making an adorable face which she couldn't help but smile at. Great, here was another boy, almost exactly like Oliver and he was flirting with her too. He probably didn't like her either. Stupid boys.

"You have such pretty hair," he said running a few fingers over the ends of her blonde hair.

"I wouldn't touch it right now…I've just been at Quidditch for two hours" she warned. He grinned at her, leaning close and sniffing. She should've been creeped out but Liam Blackaby had a way of making everything seem ok. Even if it was out of line.

"Smells like roses…" he said as she blushed. "And sweat…" he said laughing as she swatted his arm.

"Git," she joked.

Oliver walked in to the common room in a rage. Fred and George had been too tired to work hard and Harry had said something about having to be somewhere. All he wanted was to sit and hang out with Liam and maybe Katie and forget the fact that they were probably going to lose the cup again. And it was his last year! He walked in and saw that Liam was leaning around a giggling Katie, playing with her beautiful blonde hair. He felt a surge of electricity run through his veins and his face was suddenly very warm. He watched as she smiled and touched his arm and Liam's eyes became lustful, the way they always did when he preyed on innocent girls. Oliver inwardly kicked himself for ever telling Liam Katie was a great girl to talk to. He wasn't sure what this meant. He didn't really even want to think about it right now. He just knew he wanted to beat Liam's face in.

"What's going on here?" he asked as he strode toward them. He noticed the brilliant blush on Katie's pretty little face while Liam had the same lazy look he always got when McGonagall caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

"Havin' a chat mate…what's up with you?" he replied with a smile.

Oliver could do nothing but shrug, anger becoming awkwardness. "Dunno…" he said stupidly and sat down.

Liam rolled his eyes. "Katie my dear, will you please tell Oliver he needs to lighten up once in a while? Quidditch isn't everything in life.

Oliver shot him a shocked look. "It's not everything, but it's damn near the most important thing in life!"

Katie was the one to roll her eyes now. "Oh Ollie, once you leave Hogwarts, the Quidditch cup will seem completely pointless because you'll be on an actual professional squad."

"Katie! I thought you wanted this as much as I did!" Oliver said staring at her.

"Well, I did but then you acted like a git," she replied.

He stared for a long time. "What are we talking about?" he said softly.

"Quidditch of course!" she replied in a shrill voice before running off.

"Blimey, you really do know how to get rid of a pretty girl, don't you Ol" Liam said in an annoyed tone.

"Why were you flirting with her anyway!?" Oliver said angrily.

"Cos she's fit mate. And I'd like to get with her…" Liam explained as if Oliver was five years old.

"You are not going to get with her!" Oliver warned.

"Why not? It's not like you fancy her anyway."

"Who said that?" Oliver found himself saying without thinking.

Liam rolled his eyes. "Oh I don't know, Fred and George maybe? Or perhaps…let's see, you?"

Oliver scowled. Damn Liam for knowing him so well. It was as if he was taunting him, trying to get the real truth out of him.

"Either way, it's not fair to play with her emotions," he said seriously.

Liam laughed. "Not like you haven't done it before though. Eh mate?"

He then retreated to the dormitory leaving Oliver angrier than ever wanting so bad to have a pretty blonde Chaser come downstairs with her comforting smile and make him feel better. But he had ruined that, hadn't he?

The next day seemed gruelingly long. Katie sat in her Transfiguration classroom trying desperately to concentrate on the work McGonagall had assigned her but all she thought about was Oliver. Oliver and how he had implied that she wasn't talking about the Quidditch cup and instead, talking about how badly she wanted to be with him. If only there was a way to make that happen. She wanted so much to give up hope, let go of all the longing and yearning that she still felt in her veins, accept someone else into her life. Someone who was interested in her in more than a friend or a sister. And then, of course he appeared, as he always did in the most inopportune of moments.

"Professor, could I have a word?" Oliver asked from the doorway. McGonagall was at the back of the room, attempting to help someone else with the spell when he asked. The class fell quiet, all the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor eyes on him. He barely seemed to notice, his gaze had fell upon Katie and she felt uncomfortably hot in response to the slight smile he threw her way. Why was he so bloody confusing?

"Mr. Wood?" McGonagall said sharply and his eyes immediately shot back to the Gryffindor Head of House.

"If you're quite done, staring at one of my students, would you repeat the question?"

Katie felt her face glow red and a few people snickered, automatically forming conclusions about her relationship with Oliver. For some reason she was certain, new rumours would spread before she even made it to the Common Room tonight.

Oliver was also glowing a faint pink but smiled an easy grin.

"Professor, I was just wondering if one of my teammates might have a moment to come discuss this with you too…" he said with apparent ease. Katie knew better. Oliver would've never referred to her as a teammate if he hadn't been making up something quickly on his feet. His chaser maybe. But no, he had definitely phrased it differently, making Katie know he hadn't had any intention of including her in the conversation until this very second. She felt more perplexed then ever as McGonagall raised an eyebrow and inclined her head toward the door. Katie slowly got up and followed the teacher outside the classroom to a waiting Oliver.

McGonagall turned to Oliver and a confused Katie the moment the door had shut.

"Well, what is this about? I can't get you any more team practices…you've already booked the pitch more than any other house!" she snapped at them. Oliver felt guilty, having dragged Katie into the lecture, but somehow he felt better asking with Katie by his side.

"Professor, I know we don't deserve any special attention…but Fred and George have informed me that apparently you've given them detention for this entire week. I really need that not to happen, especially considering the match is only two weeks away!" Oliver said as politely as he could.

McGonagall pursed her lips and did not look impressed. "And why, would I ignore giving the Weasley's a detention, even after they blatantly blew up all the toilets on the second floor this morning?"

Oliver stood, trying desperately to think of a legitimate reason to have her help them. He hadn't planned ahead of simply asking the rather formidable request, and so, found himself tongue-tied.

"Well Professor, perhaps they could serve detention this weekend, all day…we couldn't book the pitch for then, so it would still be this week and they wouldn't have to miss practice. So, really we're asking not to cancel…but to postpone," Katie suggested in a light, hopeful tone. Oliver felt as though he could've kissed her for jumping to the rescue, but quickly put these thoughts from his mind as the complications that might arise from these thoughts clouded his mind.

McGonagall was staring at them with a rather blank expression on her face until Oliver saw it: the smallest hint of a smile before she quickly cleared her throat.

"Very well. For the good of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and because we haven't won the cup in years!! I will agree to Miss Bell's suggestion, but you warn Fred and George Weasley that if they cross me again this year, I will not be nearly as kind or generous."

Oliver's heart flooded with excitement and joy as McGonagall nodded curtly and walked back into the classroom. He turned to Katie who had a small grin on her face and couldn't hold back. He wrapped his arms around her and they embraced tightly as he shook her around a little making her giggle chokingly. When he let go, he noticed that her pretty blue eyes were glazed over and looked very wet.

"I have to go back inside," she mumbled trying desperately to push past him.

"Katie, wait, why is this so awkward? I thought we were still friends?!" Oliver, said unable to hold back his fears anymore.

She stopped, clearly debating whether to address him or not before speaking. "Not that this is at all the time or the place to ask me such a question Ollie, but you just don't get it do you?"

Oliver was horrified to see the glazed appearance of her eyes intensified and a heavy, lonesome tear spilled down her cheek.

"I've tried so hard to just keep it at friends like you wanted. I bloody well wish I didn't like you! But I do, I still do, and no amount of you and I both wishing everything could just go back to how it was before will let it be so! I spoke up and it changed everything. We both told her each other the truth right? Even if the truth wasn't what we wanted to hear? So why…why, Oliver is any of this a surprise?" she said as the tears spilled readily down. She said nothing as Oliver stared at her dumb-founded. For the second time in only a few moments, he felt utterly tongue-tied.

She rubbed the tears off her face roughly with the sleeve of her robes and although her face was still a rather blotchy red, her eyes were starting to return to their regular color. The sparkle that Oliver constantly noticed wasn't there, but he knew she'd be able to fool everyone and pass it off as a coughing fit. She laughed bitterly as he stared, unable to say a thing, his heart beating extraordinarily and strangely fast in his chest. She turned away and said the final words.

"I'm not going to pretend that nothing happened any more. What's done is done and if I have to lose you because of it…I'm sorry." Her voice cracked at the final word but she did not cry again. She simply returned to the classroom as calmly as she could, starting to cough to cover up the state of her face.

Oliver was left stunned in the corridor. He was utterly confused as to what he was feeling as he slowly made his way back up to the common room for his free. He felt the same way he had when he'd seen Liam flirting with Katie, except now it wasn't a surge of an emotion, it was more of a dull, painful version of it lying at the base of his stomach. He tried desperately to pass it off as losing her as a friend, but when he saw that Liam was talking to Leanne in the common room, clearly asking about Katie, the jealousy struck inside him and he knew what was wrong.

He liked her. He liked Katie Bell and no amount of lying to Liam, the twins, Katie and even himself was going to change that. His problem now was facing it. And how on earth was he going to convince her that he was stark-raving mad when he'd lied about everything?

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