Chap. 13: Breaking up is hard to do

Chap. 13 summary: Ah...everyone knows the phrase, breaking up IS hard to do. But for Hermione and Draco, its especially harder when they're both still in love. Hermione helps Viktor to St. Mungo's, while Draco goes home. They both end up having an encounter, which doesn't help at all.

Draco finally knew what it was meant to be dead. It felt as though his heart had stopped beating. His eye's slowly lowered to the ground and images in his head started to flash before him. His future kids. His future wedding. The play. Her moans. Love making. It seemed as though he was there for an eternity. When he snapped out of his daze he looked over to see Hermione helping Viktor.

"Viktor. Viktor? Viktor!" Hermione looked down to see Viktor trying harder and harder to breathe. "We have to take you to St. Mungo's, quickly." Draco came up to Hermione; this was another one of their notorious fights….right?

"Hermione." Hermione didn't turn around as she continued to help Viktor up.

"Hermione." Hermione turned around, her eyes narrow. Her lips tightly pursed together.

"Don't talk to me Draco….the wedding is off! I'll be over for my things later." Draco grabbed her arm, before she left with Viktor.

"Hermione wait…let's-"

"No Draco. It's over." Hermione walked out of the pub, leaving Draco to deal with stares from the fellow customers and paying for the damages.

"Is he going to be alright?" Hermione asked the nurse.

"Yes, but I'll leave him overnight. It's going to take a couple of hours for the swelling of his nose to go down." Hermione nodded her head and went to Viktor's bedside. His nose was still abnormally large, but it was better then it was before. She looked at her watch. 12:33 am.

Hermione looked around in the house. It was dark. She couldn't see anything, but the outline of the moonlight the window. She was a little creeped out; it seemed like something out of a muggle horror movie.

"Lumos." Light came out of the tip of her wand, and she made her way upstairs. She opened her bedroom door, and all of a sudden the light went out.

"Lumos." But still nothing happened. "Lumos!" Nothing, once again, came out. She gasped when she a voice behind her.

"So you've come back." It would have been better if the lights were on so see could see him. She tried one more time with her wand. "Don't try it, Hermione. I did a spell on this room. You can't do any magic in here…..only I can." Hermione sighed.

"Cut the dramatic crap off, turn the lights on." As soon as Hermione said that, the lights came on. She realized she was facing the bed; she turned around and gasped as she saw him directly behind her.

"Draco-oh my god!" She breathed heavily. Draco looked at her with a puzzling look.

"What?" His eyes widen and he started to touch his face to see if there was anything on it.

"Don't do that!"

"Do what?" Hermione shook her head while going to the closet. Draco followed.

"Hermione, let's talk about this. You know how we always fight." Hermione let out a "hmmph" and grabbed a suit case and a cast a spell on it, so all her clothes flew into the suitcase, neatly folded.

"Yes, well you should have thought about that when you were yelling at me when your cousin was here and then hexing Viktor, when all we were doing was talking." Draco came in front of her.

"I saw you two hugging!" Hermione let a shallow laugh.

"Ha! And that proves anything?"

"Oh yes, and who was the one that came crying to me when you found that Viktor was marrying 'Flo-floor- or whatever in the bloody hell her name is, hmm? Because last time I checked, Hermione, it was me." Hermione, for a second, was reminded of what she went through when she the letter from Viktor. Of course, she did go crying to Draco, so it isn't like she could deny him. Because in all honesty, he was right.

"Come off your high horse Draco, he wanted to talk to me because Fluer broke off their engagement. Are you happy? He wasn't trying to shag me into oblivion." Hermione grabbed the suitcase.

Draco laughed. "You know something Hermione; pretend to be in your happy world. But all I know is that I didn't over react and let's hope someone can put up with your whining and groaning and moaning. Gods, I know I couldn't."

Hermione stopped and turned out when she was at the door. "I'm going. I hope….Draco, in the future you can find someone who can put up with you. All I know is that it's not me." She appeared downstairs before he could get his input in.

"Fine!" Draco yelled out. "All I know is when poor little 'vicktor' breaks your heart don't come crying to me! Because this 'shoulder-to-cry-on' has checked out, honey!"

Hermione didn't know where to go. The only place she could think of was Ginny's. Before she knew it, she was at Ginny and Blaise's house.

It was also dark, except for a little light coming from around the corner. It seemed to be a candle, by how it was flickering. She dropped her suitcase softly, not wanting to disturb anyone. It was 1:23 in the morning.

"Ginny? Blaise?" She whispered, her eyes looking around, trying not to stumble on anything. She made it to the kitchen, seeing Blaise looking at the Daily Prophet.

"Blaise?" Hermione asked. He immediately turned around and looked at her with a confused look.

"What are you doing here, Hermione? Don't you know it's...?"

"1:30 in the morning? Yes…I know." Hermione looked down at the ground like a child. Tears threatening to burst out, with each word. "It's…just that… and Draco….called off the engagement." Hermione started to cry, while Blaise got up and held her.

"He hex-x-xed Viktor and- and we had this fight….I called off the wedding." Hermione's tears flowed freely and she collapsed entirely in Blaise's arms.

"I really don't know what to do anymore…." Hermione whispered more to herself then she did to Blaise.

"Hermione, you're not supposed to know everything." Blaise rubbed her back in a circular motion and they both talked, in till she found herself tired. Blaise brought her up to a room on the second floor. There were candles lit in the room, it was a small and modest room.

"You can use this room, it was supposed to be for Ginny's brother, Charlie, but he's going to have stay somewhere else." Hermione wiped her tear streaked face.

"You don't have to Blaise. I can stay with my parents." Hermione got up with her suitcase in one hand and was about to go back downstairs when Blaise pushed her back into the room.

"Nonsense, have a good night, Hermione. Don't think about anything, we'll talk about it in the morning. Good night." Hermione sat down on the bed in the middle of the room. She laid back on the bed, and looked at the ceiling and looked at her watch.

2:57 am.

Just wonderful……

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