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The propaganda reel finishes and Kagen thinks,

'Do they think that we are that stupid?'

The general starts talking saying,

"My comrades! My brothers! Now is the time to prove the manhood of our empire of Taraak! This fatherly land our great forefather Grand Pa guided us to! We will supersede the holy land that we are proud of … and once again return the pride of men into these hands. For today, at this moment…we have gained a new power! In other words, this means that we have reached the time…when we clamp down the fist of justice…upon our horrible nemesis, women!"

As the crowd cheers, Kagen leaves the arena and heads for the Vanguard bay thinking, 'Like hell am I going to stand there and listen to that.'

Meanwhile in Hibiki's room

Hibiki says, "I wish I hadn't said that…"


"Hey look at this! We polish these parts with our hearts and souls every day. Can you believe that someone has finally arrived…saying that he'll bring us a complete Van-type…with this part in it? That guy's name is…the one and only Hibiki Tokai! You did say it, right? That you'd grab a Van-type that we third class citizens…never get to see in all our lifetimes. Oh, what's wrong? I don't hear anything. You can't possibly be saying now that those were all lies…can ya? Mr. Hibiki's known to say wonderful things all the time…so you can't possibly…" Hibiki finally losses his cool, stands up slamming his hands on the table and says, "I'm not lying! F-Fine! I'll do it!" "Did everyone hear that?" everyone cheers. (Flashback ends)

"I'm such an idiot…I get so hotheaded so quickly…sheesh…dammit…no…I'm rotten but I'm still a guy! And Hibiki the man…never breaks his word!"

With that he stands up, grabs his bag and leaves headed for the Ikazuchi.

As he runs on the speech continues. "I swear on this day…that we will destroy the sinful women of Mejale…and the bravery of men will triumph! Hibiki has flashbacks as he runs. (Flashback)

"Well, we are only third class citizens."


"Don't do anything stupid. If we sit quietly and make these parts…we'll at least be fed for the rest of our lives. Don't be hotheaded, shorty. No matter what you do, you can't move up in class."

"It's not that I'm hotheaded. But the blood in me is shouting! That there's something else out there…"

"It's just impossible. Think about where you stand. Only guys who get hotheaded easily have silly dreams like that. Prove it to us. Not just with words, but with actions!"

"All right, I'll do it!" The flashbacks end as Hibiki nears the Ikazuchi.

The speech continues. "Power from each and every one of you…will build the future of our empire! The ship that led us to this fatherly land…The Ikazuchi, has been revived. And the young men of the third generation…are its new officers, holding the future of Taraak in their hands. We no longer have anything to fear! In order to repay Grand Pa and the great first generation…who cultivated this land…the time for the second and third generations…to combine their powers into one…is the time when our long awaited dream will come true! The ship our hearts…I'm sure you all feel the new breath of the Ikazuchi as well. Look and praise! This is the flagship of our Taraak Imperial Army…the grand shape of the Ikazuchi! You third generation of Taraak…born to board the new Ikazuchi. The first graduates of the officer academy! Congratulations! You are those who have been properly passed down…the genes of the eight members of the first generation…including our forefather Grand Pa!"

Hibiki notices a guard and sees that he can get past because of the dust. He gets on the conveyer behind a box and rises above the dust before he hears the guard say,

"You over there! Aren't you supposed to be at the ceremony?"

Hibiki looks cautiously over the boxes to see who the guard is talking to. Kagen walks right up to the guard and says,

"What if I am?" Kagen sees Hibiki over the guard's shoulder and nods to him. The guard looks him in the eye, gets scared and backs off saying,

"Fine, but don't come after me if you get in trouble." Kagen looks over the guard's shoulder again and sees that Hibiki isn't there anymore. He then says,

"I'm sorry you were just doing your job." Kagen walks off and wonders,

'Why didn't I tell the guard about that third class citizen?'

The speech continues as Kagen and Hibiki both walk towards the Vanguard bay on different routes.

"As you may know…our mission is to end the piracy of the women who have been…appearing in our realm as of late. But never forget that you are always on the battlefield. Work and don't be off guard…to prepare for the coming operation!" "Roger!"

Hibiki arrives at the bay after Kagen has gone in. Hibiki says,

"Sheesh, this is a huge ship…I'm not just going in blind. I've done my background research."

Hibiki pulls his glove on, sprays it, and places it on the palm pad.

The pad says,

"No palm print match. Re-enter within 30 seconds."

Hibiki quickly jerks his hand back and looks at his glove and says, "W-What?"

The general then says,

"We can't wait for departure time! Right men?" The engineers shout,

"No way! It's still 2 hours early! Stations, men! That crazy minister!"

The palm pad starts to count down,

"10…9…"Hibiki pounds his palm against it and says,

"Oh, come on! Why? I didn't screw anything up!"

He wipes the glove off, quickly spits on it, and puts it back on the pad. The pad says, "4…3…2…" then opens the door.

Hibiki breaths a sigh of relief and looks in the darkened bay and sees the Vanguards but doesn't notice Kagen hiding in the shadows. Hibiki says, "How's that? Piece of cake!"

Outside the Ikazuchi the men are shouting, "Ikazuchi! Ikazuchi!"

The general says, "Your voices have been heard. I will now answer your voices!" as soon as he says that the Ikazuchi disengages from its dock.

Hibiki is looking for his Van-type with the scratched part. He says,

"Huh? It's not here… where is it? Not this one…or this one…maybe they didn't use the part because they saw the scratch?"

He then sees it and says, "Oh, you ARE here, partner! You're looking rather huge."

Hibiki then jumps to catch the ledge of the intake and says, "I'll take you home right now!"

The general shouts, "Launch The Ikazuchi!"

The engines ignite and the whole ship starts to launch. Hibiki suddenly starts moving away in mid air as the ship moves. He finds that he can't reach the cockpit's ledge and falls to the other side of the bay and hits the wall while he falls he says,

"What's this?"

Kagen smirks as he watches the unlucky third class citizen fly towards the wall as the Ikazuchi launches. Hibiki looks up and says,

"What is this?" Hibiki rushes to a viewport and sees the ground miles away from him. He says,

"No way…is it flying?"

Kagen almost laughs and then sneaks out as he remembers 'they are going to showcase the Vanguards soon I need to get out of here'.

He quickly sneaks out and rejoins the rest of the Vanguard pilots. A guy asks him, "You're piloting a Vanguard, right?" Kagen quickly says,

"Yes." And then starts to subtly move to the front of the crowd toward the big doors. A guy asks Duero,

"Duero, you'll be at headquarters, right? You should be able to pick and choose where you go!"

Another guy says, "I hear he submitted his future plans completely blank." The other two say, "What?"

Then Bart comes around and asks, "Hey is everyone having a good time?" They all turn to him and Bart points to the box he is carrying and says,

"This is our company's new item. It's a special nutrition tablet we formulated. I can't say this too loudly…but the quality of the ingredients is far superior to other pellets! Here as a sign of friendship…"

He holds one out. One guy says, "No we're…" another guy says, "Sorry, I'm full right now." Bart says,

"Oh, that's a shame…you may never eat this again." He then turns to two other people and says,

"Hey both of you over there! You want to try this out? I recommend this especially to you."


"The third successor of Garsus Foods. Let's just say that our stomachs are being filled by him."

Another guy says, "I feel some heartburn coming…"

As he says that a screen comes down from the roof and says, "Gentlemen, pay attention to the silver screen in front of you."

The commercial for the Tsukumo Version Van-type fighter plays. As it ends Kagen says,

"That last configuration is just bogus. No fighter can sensibly move around with that many weapons attached to it."

After he says that Bart says, "How unfashionable."

"Then as the big doors open a speaker says, "How about a huge round of applause…for our fleet of Tsukumo version Van-type fighters!" Then the mounts that hold the Vanguards in place turn the Vanguards to face the crowd.

By this time Hibiki has finally gotten almost up to the cockpit of his Vanguard. Duero and Kagen are the first to notice him.

Someone else says, "Hey, someone's hanging off it! Isn't that a third-class citizen?"

The general says, "W-What are you doing? Get him!"

Some guards run up and say, "Hey, you! How'd you sneak in?"

Hibiki jumps up on a statue and uses his legs to dodge and kick the guards. As Hibiki dodges he yells, "Dammit, don't touch me!"

Bart then yells, "Go for it, shorty!" another guy says, "Tasteful entertainment!"

Duero says, "Stupid."

Hibiki hears Bart and jumps toward him asking, "Who just called me shorty?"

Two guards tackle Hibiki to the ground. Hibiki says, "Let go! Let me go!"

The guards then knock him out. In the command center a crew member says,

"The guard fleet is approaching."

"Get in a half-moon formation with The Ikazuchi in the center."

"The captain has arrived!" As the platform rises carrying the general he says,

"Sheesh, that ceremony was a waste!"

"It's the guard ship Maboroshi, sir. They want instructions concerning the match." The commander says,

"The exhibition is cancelled! Send all ships to their orbital paths!"


"That brat…I won't let him go easily…"

In the brig

2 guards carry Hibiki and throw him in a cell full of boxes. Hibiki is furious and says,

"Damn you! Don't stick me in some storage room! If you are going to kill me, kill me now!"

The guard says, "That is a proper cell, even though we use it as a storage room. They decided on a public execution. You won't die easy. Hi-type #6! Keep an eye on him."

"Roger!" Kagen waits in the shadows until the guards walk out of the brig, then he steps out of the shadows and Hibiki sees him as he sneaks up on the robot.

Hibiki says, "You! Why did you help me before?"

The robot then turns around to identify Kagen. Kagen quickly hacks into it before it sees him. He then says, "You fool, you almost got us both locked in there."

Hibiki looks down. Kagen feels sorry and says,

"I had to hack into the robot to get the door open anyway. I hate to do this but I have to."

He then shorts out part of the robot and the field dissipates.

Kagen holds out his hand in greeting and says, "Oh and my name is Kagen Furystorm."

"You do know that I'm a 3rd class citizen."

"Who cares about class? In my sight all are equal."

Hibiki shakes his hand and says, "My name is Hibiki Tokai."

Then the whole ship shakes as it takes a hit. The general says, "What? I thought I stopped the exhibition!"

"This isn't an exhibition! Mejale forces at 3 o'clock! Women! It's an ambush! 3 mobile stars and a code red!"

"Formation is broken!" "All ships, guard The Ikazuchi!"

"The enemy forces are…"

BC says to the Captain, "Captain. It looks like we've caught a big one."

Magno replies, "Today is a lucky day, you know."

Kagen and Hibiki are running through hallways of confusion and terror.

In the control room of the Ikazuchi

"Guard ship Hijiri is gone!"

"The Maboroshi is down!"

"Hull breach in the Ikazuchi's new segment!"

The general says, "How unfair. Using the background shots to hide…"

"Keep level!"

The general says, "Launch the Van-types!"

"Minister, most of them are trainees…"

The general says, "If we lose without using our latest weapons…we have only shamed Grand Pa!"

"All officer candidates! Now is the time to repay our forefather Grand Pa!"

"Each of you get to your places and destroy the enemies!"

"Gravity will now be nullified for the departure of the Van-types. Please be careful."

Gravity is deactivated and everything floats up including a very scared Bart that was hiding under a table.

"The motor for the Van-type runway has been cut off!"

The general says, "I don't care! Launch them!"

"What? All prepped Van-types! Go out at your own discretion!"

Pilots climb into their cockpits and are released into space one by one. Some Vanguards don't launch because their locking mechanisms are stuck.

The Vanguards cling to the Dreads in a useless attempt to disable them. One dread pilot says,

"What are they? They're getting in my way!"

Meia says, "Don't worry about the Vanguards. Concentrate on the flagship."


Kagen and Hibiki have to hide as some guards come by.

Hibiki asks, "Kagen, Why do you have to hide?"

Kagen says, "Well if they find out I released you they will kill me."


Just then the ship shakes again harder as a Dread blows a door open and flies into the ship. Some security members report,

"Cargo bay gravity restored! We will now engage the enemy!" As the women get out of their Dreads and attack, Bart falls out of his hiding place and says, "That's a woman?"

He then sees a Dread flying towards him and he says, "I don't want to die!" and quickly crawls back into the statue as the Dread clips off the head for the statue. Bart's head sticks out the hole after the Dread has passed.

Dita's Dread doesn't stop there. She can't seem to stop her Dread so she blasts the wall in front of her and crashes.

Meanwhile both Kagen and Hibiki have made it to the Paksis room. Kagen looks up and sees a beam coursing straight at Hibiki, so he leaps and pushes Hibiki out of the way.

In the process Kagen gets blasted and falls into the Paksis.

In the control room the general pushes a button which brings up a lever. As he puts his hand on the lever a crewmember says,

"Minister! T-That's…"

The general says, "Instead of living to become prisoners…I must at least save this new section of the ship. Before everything falls to female hands…I will cut off the old segment!"

With that he pushes the lever forward separating the old section from the new section.

"The ship is splitting up! What's gonna happen to us?"

Hibiki wakes up with something on top of him that is soft and pliable He feels of it before opening his eyes. He asks,

"What's this?" Then he sees the faceplate and quickly shoves her off and gets up to run.

He says, "A monster!"

"H-Hold on!" says Dita as she removes the faceplate and says,

"Wow, a real alien!"

Hibiki says, "A-Alien?"

Dita then raises her hand and waves it up and down in a pattern. Hibiki just follows along since he has no idea what is going on. Dita blushes and says,

"I did it! It worked! First contact!"

Hibiki decides that he has had enough of this. He nervously laughs and says, "Seeya."

Then he runs off the support and onto another. Dita starts searching for her camera and says,

"Hey! Wait a minute! I want to take a picture!"

Kagen wakes up with Meia's laser ring in his face. Meia says, "You, get in the life pod!"

Kagen looks her in the eye and firmly says, "No. I refuse to go back to Taraak. I wonder if I could join your side? I have nothing left on Taraak. I only got in the military to get off that wretched planet."

Meia is caught off guard at his total disregard of Taraak. She signals another person to guard him. She then radios to BC,

"BC I have a man here that wants nothing to do with Taraak. In fact he says he wants to join us!"

BC says, "Make him swear on his Vanguard, life, and honor that he will never betray us."

Meia says to Kagen, "Swear that you will never betray us."

Kagen swears, "I Kagen Furystorm swear on my Vanguard, my life, and my honor, that I will never betray you or any of your comrades."

Meia then throws him a laser ring and says, "Ok secure the area. I'll be keeping an eye on you."

Meia then says, "Where is Dita?"

Barnette answers, "She blasted that wall and crashed in there. Hey, that hurts! My skin is very delicate, you know!"

Paiway says, "I can't help it!" At that Duero turns and looks.

Barnette says, "A nurse shouldn't say that."


One of the women guards noticed Duero had stopped and says, "Hey, don't stop there!"

Meanwhile BC, Parfet, and Ezra have reached the subcommand post and say,

"What is this?"

"They haven't used this at all!"

BC says, "This doesn't seem to be the main bridge. Captain, this is Buzam. The men have split and withdrawn. We've taken control of the sub-bridge."

Ezra stares at her screen and says, "Oh my…What do we do? I can't read this at all…"

Parfet says, "Leave it to me. I brought this inter-pricko, thinking this would happen…Vice-Captain, I'll put one there too…"

BC ignores her and calls Meia and asks, "Meia, how is it there?"

"The men are all captured."

"Throw them out."


Parfet asks, "Vice-captain, you can read this?"

Ezra says, "Nothing less from our elite one!"

Parfet says, "Shoot, and I made this too…"

Meanwhile Hibiki is running from Dita saying, "I don't want my guts eaten up!"

Dita says, "Hey, Mr. Alien! Let's just sit and talk!"

"Women are scary!"

On the command bridge of the new section

"The Mejale ship approaching the old segment!"

"Data is being transferred!"

"They've started the take over, huh? Prepare to fire the space torpedo Muramasa!"

"Impossible! Are you going to destroy the old segment?"

The general says, "If it is to fall into pirate hands, I'll get rid of it with my own hands…"

Hibiki runs past some nails and his bag catches on them. He snaps the strap and keeps running saying, "You sure are persistent, woman!"

Dita asks while snapping pictures, "Hey, why are you running away? I belong to a peaceful race!"

Hibiki says, "I don't get what she's saying!"

Duero opens a locker, pulls a lab coat out, and pulls it on. A female guard says, "Don't get out of line. Get in the capsule!"

Duero says, "I'll go later." "You can't just do what you want. I'll shoot if you disobey."

Duero says, "No need to worry. I'm a doctor!"

Escape capsules launch and fly toward the new section.

"Escape pods have been launched from the old segment."

The general asks, "Is that their way of pitying us?"

"Why don't we ask for a compromise?"

The commander just asks, "Isn't the Muramasa ready yet?"

"Minister. Determining coordinates of target!"

Jura says, "I was looking forward to a big one…but it's all junk!"

Meia says, "Jura! I'm going to look for Dita. Come with me."

Jura says, "Sheesh, that's why I didn't want to bring along a trainee!"

Meia says, "We're short enough on people as it is. If you objected, you should have said so earlier."

Jura says, "I know… Sheesh…you want me to go, right?"

Suddenly a missile lowers from the new section.

Ezra says, "Oh my…a missile has locked on to us."

BC says, "What? Parfet, can you move the ship?"

"That's impossible! The engine's still dead!"


"I'm monitoring it from here. Loosing the loot is a shame…but let's get out of here!"


"Meia, did you copy?"

"I've lost Dita. I'll rendezvous as soon as I find her, so go ahead…"

Kagen hears Hibiki yell, "Stay away! Don't touch me!"

Dita says, "Why?"

Kagen asks, "Does Dita have red hair?"

Meia says, "Yes, Why?"

Kagen chuckles and says, "Look down there."

Meia does and says, "Dita!"

Jura says, "Look, she's chasing a man."

Kagen says, "I can get you down there fast if you want, but you'll have to trust me."

Meia sighs and says, "Do it."

Kagen sweeps her up and jumps down at least a floor at a time until they are level with Hibiki and Dita. Then Kagen falls to his knees.

Meia jumps from his arms and asks, "Are you ok?"

Kagen says, "Don't worry about me just go and get Dita before it is too late. I'll be fine."

Duero finishes treating the injured women and seals the last bandage with his thumb saying, "That should do it."

Barnette asks, "W-What? You see something interesting?"

"Yes, I do."

"Don't expect thanks."

"That's fine. Well, I guess I'll go now, too."

Paiway writes in her notepad and says, "He touched 5 girls!"

Then the pirates fire at the new section.

"Starboard control has been lost!"

"The pirate ship is approaching the old segment!"

The general asks, "And the Muramasa?"

"Still charging fuel!"

The general says, "It has more than enough fuel. Target the old segment of the Ikazuchi and fire!"

The 2 missiles launch from the new section.

The pirate ship docks with the old segment.

"Starting crew collection."

"300 seconds until missile arrival."


"All crew other than me have escaped. Four in Meia's team haven't returned."


"I'll explain later."

"Ok we'll let them come back on the Dreads. You should return."


Hibiki climbs through a hole and Dita tries to follow but is stopped when Meia tackles her and says, "Dita!"

Dita says, "Oh, Leader!"

"What are you doing? Don't act independently from the team!"

"I'm sorry…"

"150 seconds until arrival."

The pirate ship undocks and starts to move away.

BC keys her comm. and says, "Meia, where are you?"

"All four are all right. We'll leave now on the dreads."

Kagen has climbed into his Vanguard and starts it up saying, "I can't believe it is still standing."

Hibiki climbs out of the hole and looks for his Vanguard saying, "My Van-type… there it is! We did it, partner!"

He gets in and closes the cockpit saying, "All right, let's get out of here! But…how does this thing move?"

Kagen's Vanguard is booted up and he tries to use his boosters to lift off and fly out but then says, "No wonder it was still standing! It is still locked in place!"

He pulls out his sword and starts hacking at the restraints. "Damn it!"

"25 seconds until arrival!"

"We can't avoid a direct hit!"

Magno says, "Hit or miss, either way it was destined."

Meia and Jura immediately lift off and turn to go out.

Meia says, "Dita!"

Dita tries to break free but she can't. Dita says, "I'm stuck and can't get out!"

"13 seconds left!"

Hibiki shouts, "Move, Move!"

Meia says, "Dita!"

Jura says, "We can't wait!"

Dita screams, "Someone, help me!"

Kagen finally breaks free and flies over and starts trying to hack Dita free. The Peksis glows right before the missile hit.

"We're losing mass!"

The general says, "We taught you a lesson, women!"

Suddenly all of both ships are sucked in and disappear entirely.

Hibiki wakes up and sees a blue crystalline entity and asks, "W-What the hell are you?"

Then Hibiki, Dita, Jura, Kagen, and Meia fall are sucked into the Paksis.

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