A/n: This is my first Rent fic. Okay, now this may seem like a Mary Sue (I think that is what they call it when I insert myself in the story) but I am just inserting my character not the actual me, she has the same name as me. So I hope you enjoy this story. This takes place after Rent. Mimi and Roger are together and Mark is still finding the right girl, or is just confused.

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Chapter 1: Extra Tips

Roger Davis sat in his room in the drafty loft that he and Mark lived in for years. He gripped his guitar and played the sweet chords to the song he had written for Mimi months ago, your eyes. He had believed that It had brought Mimi back from the white light, so he also he believed that if he played it everyday, then she would stay healthy and alive, next to her AIDS.

"Your eyes, as we said our goodbyes…" Roger sang the words sweetly until he was interrupted by a soft knock on the door. Roger turned around with a grim look on her face. "Who is it? I am busy."

"Roger, you're mother is on the phone." Mark said not opening the door of the room. Mark just stared down at his feet, for he was still having problems with his feelings for everything that had happened in the last 6 months when Roger came back from Santa Fe. Mimi had moved in and she had taken the room with Roger. Almost every night he heard them having sex. A pound on the wall here and there, Mimi moaning. Maureen and Joanne moved in to Mimi's old apartment, which was underneath their apartment, and he heard them argue every single night.

"Tell her I am sleeping or something." Roger said as he began to play his guitar again. Mark stared at the door and then walked back to the phone. Joyce, Roger's mom, was waiting impatiently on the other end.

"I am sorry Joyce, he is sleeping. He has been tired lately." Mark said covering for his roommate.

"Well, Mark, I guess I will have to call him back later. Thanks for trying." Joyce said and then hung up. Mark hung up the phone then went to the small table that was in the room. He had pictures lying out on the table. Even though he was a filmmaker, he still liked taking photos just to get his mind into the right place. He looked down at the black and white photos and saw birds, bums, and so much more. He heard three bangs on the wall downstairs and heard Joanne walking out and just as Joanne walked out of the apartment beneath Mark, he saw Mimi entered the apartment.

"Mark, is Roger up?" She asked setting her purse onto the small counter in the kitchen.

"He is in his room playing his guitar." Mark said taking off the sweater. "Is it hot in here to you?" He asked her.

"Yeah, it feels like it." Mimi said walking towards Roger's room. Roger sat on the bed and clutched his guitar as he heard Mimi enter the room. Roger didn't look at her.

"Hey." Roger said just playing random notes now.

"I made a bunch of tips. I think that I am going to take everyone to the Life Café. Come…" Mimi said putting her head on his shoulder.

"Mimi, I understand that working at the Cat Scratch Club pays a lot, more then I make in 2 months, but I can't stand the fact that you get tips from guys and they touch your skin…" Roger trailed off and said nothing.

"Roger, you have get over the fact that I work there. It pays the bills. These bills that Mark, you, and I rack up. So, don't tell me that working at the Cat Scratch Club is bad for me. I paid my dues." Mimi said pulling away from him. Roger placed his guitar down and walked to the window. "Baby, I am sorry. Please, just come out to dinner with us. I want you to be there." Mimi said hugging him from behind.

"Alright, did you even ask Mark if could go? He is so caught up in his work that I don't even know if he would leave." Roger said changing his sweater.

"I will. Mark!" Mimi said exiting the room. Mark looked up from his picture.

"Yeah?" Mark asked.

"Would you like to go to the Life Café? I will pay; I made a bunch of tips tonight. I already talked to Collins. I saw him on the way home, he said he was coming." Mimi said fretting with her black leather mini skirt.

"Sure, I need a night out, plus, I need to shoot some footage." Mark said grabbing his coat and scarf. Mimi nodded and smiled and she zipped up her boots. Roger walked out of the room with his leather jacket on. He handed Mimi her coat and they headed out the door.

Collins sat at the table drinking a cup of coffee, which was grainy and not very good. Joanne stepped into the café to pick up a to-go order.

"One order of Clam Chowder and a coffee, Grande." Joanne said not seeing Collins. Collins stood up and walked over to the counter were she was standing.

"Eating alone tonight?" Collins asked leaning against the small bar.

"Yep, Maureen and I are arguing once again and I am going to the office to work on a case." Joanne said standing next to him.

"Why don't you stay for dinner? Mimi, Roger, and Mark are coming." Collins said.

"Is Maureen coming?" Joanne asked impatiently.

"I think so." Collins said with a sour look on his face.

"I would rather eat in my office then eat in her presence right now." Joanne said

"Joanne, if you keep fighting with her, why are you with her?" Collins asked.

"I love her." She said grabbing her order placing a 10-dollar bill down on the counter leaving. Just a few minutes after Joanne left, the rest of the gang enter with looks of glee on their faces.

"Collins!" Maureen said hugging him. Collins hugged her back and they all sat down at the table. Mark started to film the Life Café. He seemed interested in the way the café moved and flowed. He pointed his camera into the corner and saw a girl, about Mimi's age, drinking a small tea and ate a crumpet. He smiled, for she was very pretty. She had brown curly hair, blue eyes, and very tan skin. She looked over not noticing Mark. Mark turned away and placed his camera down.

"So, I rounded up a few guys and we are going to begin a band again but the problem is, Jerry, wants a girl to be a lead singer, next to me." Roger said.

"I can do it." Maureen said excitedly.

"No, they requested that you would not try out." Roger said laughing. Maureen turned her head.

"They just can't stand that I am so talented." Maureen whispered.

"I can do it." Mimi smiled.

"Well, I posted my number on flyers around the east village so, many people will be trying out, but, if you do something special for the judge, maybe you'll be ahead of the others." Roger said pulling Mimi into his lap and she started to laugh. Mark picked up his camera again to film the young woman that was in the corner, but she was gone. That's what happens in the Life Café. One minute she's there, the next minute your gone.

A/n: Okay, short chapter. I know, but I am just setting the mood.