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The Way Things Are ?

Chapter 1:

Ranma was resting in his room, trying to get some sleep. But he wasn't so lucky tonight.

'Why am I so restless tonight? I can't stop thinking about how chaotic my life has become. I need to sort out what I want in life and staying here in Nerima isn't helping me out one bit.'

Ranma turned around to look out the window. It was one of those cold stormy nights in the Nerima ward. The wind was blowing hard and the rain was coming down in buckets.

'I use to love the rain. But with this stupid curse, it's just another hardship. Genma no baka, never listens to me. Big fat panda of a father, even before he got the curse. I don't even wanna think about how many girls he's really engaged me to, just to satisfy his fat empty stomach.'

Ranma kicked Genma in the gut .The fat panda growled softly and shifted onto his back, while scratching his stomach on the spot that Ranma had kicked.

"I might as well go and make myself some tea, since I won't be getting a lot of sleep tonight," he sighed softly to himself.

Making his way down the corridor, he was just about to pass Akane's room. He stopped and turned towards her nameplate. His hand slowly reached for it, gently tracing her engraved name.

'You know Akane…….I use to..to..love you' even in his thoughts it was still hard to admit. 'Since that day you asked me to be your friend. Your smile was so beautiful .You were the first girl that I could see myself being with, but it all changed when you called me a pervert in the bath. Even then I still wanted it to work out with you. I know I didn't make it easy for you by always calling you names. But hell you didn't exactly help either and it only got worse, you never did give my any chance to explain myself .You would just assume the worst about me. Hell you don't know really how much you hurt me each time you hit me. Each time that mallet of yours hit me, it hurt more than just my body. My love for you eventually hurt so much because of it that it became numb, especially after the fight with Saffron. Even after that you couldn't give me an ounce of trust. The worst of all though was when you accused me of ruining our wedding, that was the final straw.'

Ranma dropped his hand from the name plate and went downstairs to go make himself a cup of tea, with his shoulders slumped and head hanging down low. He had finished making his tea and sat down at the table, he gently blew on his tea to cool it down a bit before taking a sip. His thoughts were starting to wonder on how he was going to get out of the mess that his life had become and about who could help him. The Tendos were definitely not a good option, Kodachi might even have been a better option compared to them. But with her being nuts and all, he quickly threw that idea out the window with the Tendos. The only ones left were Ukyo, the Amazons, and Doctor Tofu. Doctor Tofu was out since the man had gone missing all of a sudden. Ukyo would have been a good idea, if she still had the support of her family. She really didn't need Ranma to complicate her life to an even greater degree .It would hurt her more than he had already and that was not something he was prepared to do. He loved Ukyo far to much to allow that to happen. Ranma still had a very hard time in deciding if he really considered her to be only a friend.

That Left only one option...the Amazons. Cologne, Shampoo, and Mousse, luckily Shampoo's twin sisters where out of the picture for now. They would only add to his increasing stress, he just couldn't take it any more. It was a dangerous option, but really who else was left that would help him get away from his problems before alerting everyone else to what his plans were.

'Yeah I could just leave, but I don't really wanna just up and go without provisions or a plan.'

Cologne had helped him out when he needed it most; sure she tricked him a few times. But when it really counted she was there for him. Teaching him, instructing him, and showing him the way forward. Unlike his baka father, who always thought only of himself at every point of his training. Whatever others may have thought, he really did respect Cologne. She taught him her secret techniques, which saved his skin more than a couple of times. But with all of that, she was still an enigma to him. He really didn't know where he stood with her. Ranma really needed to find out exactly where and soon, if he wanted her help that is.

Then there was Shampoo, the ever-excited Shampoo. She was just about as confusing as Cologne or maybe more so in fact. He really couldn't get his mind around her. Shampoo had always said she loved him over and over again, but he really didn't know if that love was really true. When he and his dad had been running away from her because of the kiss of death, she looked so different. But her attitude did a full one eighty when he defeated her in his male form. It was a real shock to him when she had kissed him, never before had he felt anything like that before...it felt extremely soft and warm. After that Shampoo became even more "aggressive" in staking her claim on him. Ranma would never tell any one, but that night when Shampoo had climbed into bed with him was the best night's rest he had ever had. He felt warm and comforted in her arms. But as Akane "woke" him up, Shampoo soon found the female Ranma next to her and had attacked. He could see in her eyes how much she hated the female Ranma. That cut right through him, what would she think if she found out about his curse. After that Genma, being the sneaky little thief he is, convinced Ranma to make Shampoo believe he was female. As he saw Shampoo's tears, his heart ached with so much pain. The one girl that had given him comfort had left in such a heart-breaking manner.

Ranma remembered when Shampoo, in her neko form, jumped him in the bath. Hell did that scare him, but that soon changed when a very cute and sexy Amazon appeared in front of him in the buff. That image will be forever burned into his mind, the beauty was absolutely beyond compare. She soon hugged him for dear life, what really surprised him was at how really soft Shampoo felt, she was a strong fighter and still felt like this. But even after that he couldn't tell her how he truly felt, his honor wouldn't allow him to reveal his inner feelings. So he steeled his heart and did what honor demanded and so it carried on up until this point. As time went on, his eyes opened up and he saw more of whom Shampoo was. She had her faults and downfalls, but who didn't. There was one major fear Ranma had about her...he didn't wanna become some house-husband to the Amazons. He felt as his name said "Wild Horse". The more she tried to trick him, the farther he drew away from her, feeling hurt that the only girl he ever felt comfort from was like this. He understood that she considered him her husband, a husband that had strayed, but it hurt none the less.

Ranma shook his head to return his mind onto the right track.

'It still hurts to think about it...maybe someday I'll have the courage to talk to her about it, and hopefully she'd give me a chance to speak before she glomps me.'

Mousse was one of those minor annoyances. That's basically all Ranma saw him as.

Ranma walked over and sat down next to the sliding door, taking his tea with him. He tiredly opened the sliding door and let the swift wind enter the room, brushing his face with a pleasantly cool draft. It felt so relaxing, like a refreshing water soaked cloth upon his face. He opened his eyes again and saw that the rain storm had calmed down, much like his mood, since from when he was upstairs. Ranma sat there finishing his tea as a smile appeared on his face.

'The wind always did feel good to me. I hope I can start with my plans tomorrow. Hopefully Cologne will at least listen to me and then maybe agree to help me some. She'll probably want something in return, but I won't judge what she has to say before she explains it thoroughly to me .Oh well, I guess it's time to go to sleep.'

Ranma closed the sliding door, stood up and went back to the kitchen to wash the cup he had used. As quietly as possible Ranma went back to his room, where Genma was still snoring. He got into his futon and slowly fell asleep thinking...

'Tomorrow is the day… I hope it doesn't turn out to be a complete mess'.

….. to be continued:

Author's Note:

Well that's done, just really a fix here and there. Time to go onto chapters 2 and 3, after those I'll go back to chapter2 of FMU and have that fixed and posted. I hope you enjoyed the story. That's all from me for now.

OokamiShiroi out.