Several people asked for a sequel to the first letter. And so I got inspiration, and wrote it.

Dear Tomoyo-hime:

I am not in love with the damn mage. Fine, I care about him, but I am not 'in love.' The two are completely different. 'In love' makes it sound like one of those stupid sappy plays you used to have the Royal Acting Company put on all the time. I am not some hormone-driven lovesick idiot. I am not going to start composing poems or sonnets. I am not going to start complaining about how lonely it is without him. I am not going to start considering him the center of my universe or my reason for living or anything else like that. I am completely rational. Therefore, I am not 'in love.' Don't confuse the two. And I'm only bringing him back with me (assuming we actually get back home) because he would stalk me and follow me to Japan if I didn't. That, and his skills will hopefully prove useful. Therefore, the benefits outweigh the risks. And he has nowhere else to go.

And don't think that all is forgiven. I still have to settle accounts with you for forcing me on this journey. And I will include the payment I had to give to that Dimension Witch to have this letter sent to you. Damn you both to hell.

And his nicknames are not cute. I will have him broken of that habit by the time we return to Japan.

-Yours faithfully, Kurogane

PS: This is Kuro-chan's beloved, Fai. (Kuro-min's been teaching me how to write Japanese. It's fun.) Don't believe a word he says concerning me. Well, except for the bit about stalking him. Because that actually would happen. But Kuro-chi's definitely in love with me. And his hormones are completely functional.

PPS: Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my dress sense. Coming from you, that means a lot, as does your permission to marry my Kuro-wan. You most certainly may design the clothes for when Kuro-koi makes an honest man out of me.

PPPS: I will later include a full list of nicknames. I'm sure you will appreciate them, even if Kuro-tan doesn't.