Kaiba always pushes Jounouchi down on the ground calling him a mutt. But no one knows the real reason why he says such things...until now. Is it really to put him down, or to make him keep coming back?

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Chapter 1: My Reason For Your Suffering

Seto Kaiba had watched Katsuya Jounouchi for a while now, ever since Yugi Motou came into the picture and stole his glory. He was stripped of his pride and strength, subjected into his own personal humiliation and he blamed Yugi and his cheerleader group for it.

He can see the future now without some idiot claiming it to be destiny: Yugi proudly standing on top of the world with his pathetic lap-dog friends by his side...

Katsuya by his side.

Even the image of it infuriated him! Katsuya's face glowing with pride as he stands alongside Yugi, picture perfect...

It pissed him off.

How long has he been in love with the mutt? Hundreds of years it seemed. He can still remember that day...


"Hello everyone!" The home room teacher called to her young audience. "Welcome to Domino High School! I can see right now the potential of all of you and your future excellence in your three years here of the curriculum!"

15 year old Seto Kaiba snorted quietly in his seat. Any idiot with two eyes can see that most of the class was either sleeping or staring off in space, let alone unleashing their 'terrific' potential. Only a small majority were even listening to the teacher and they were all nerds. He payed an even closer note to a short haired brown girl taking notes to the teacher's speech! What was her name again? Masaki Anzu? He only remembered her because she was the second best in their junior high grade last year (he was the first as always). She really needed a life.

He carefully looked around his surroundings and noticed a really short kid with spiked up tri-colored hair.

/Why the hell didn't the teacher send him off to get a haircut? It's a major distraction in my opinion.../

This school's crazy.

Any minute now she can stop her stupid speech and he can go through the rest of the day in peace, hang out with Mokuba a bit, and work on the new dueling system he was secretly planning on selling to Pegasus J. Crawford in a year or two from now.

Well, at least he knew school couldn't get any exciting than this...

He thought wrong.

In a split second, the door was slammed open, causing many of the class to jump in instinct. Seto barely flinched but turned his way.

A young disgruntled looking golden blond boy with radiant chestnut eyes was breathing heavily, in a headlock with a man who looked distantly like him. He had the same blond hair as the boy, but had sea blue eyes. It was probably the father.

"M-may I help you?" the teacher answered.

The man stood up proudly, holding up his son (who was still in a headlock) like a trophy. "Yes you may! This is my son's first day, but he ran into some trouble with a few of his classmates and I had to personally take him to his class!" he answered in English.

Everyone sweatdropped. They didn't know what he was talking about.

Except Seto Kaiba, he knew everything.

"Dad!" the son half growled half gasped in his puberty driven voice said in Japanese. "We're in Japan now! Speak Japanese for the love of God!"

Seto watched in interest as they began to argue in English. The boy looked very cute. It was no surprise to him, he had known he was gay for a while now, as he discovered that girls were just money-hungry, whiny individuals with too much make up. If he ever wanted a relationship, it had to be a boy. They'd have the same wants and interests, and be on the same wavelength as one another. Because frankly, in his opinion, girls would give up half way without a fight, acting like weak damsels in distress. He wanted competition and a struggle, and the victory would be a hundred times as pleasurable and sweet. He'd like to say he was man enough to handle a man.

And as he watched the boy thrashing against his father to let go only made Seto's need for a boy greater. The need for that boy. He could say the blond haired boy reminded him of himself: strong-willed, stubborn, and refuses to give up without a fight. Not to mention he was sexy...

After a few minutes of arguing between the father, son, and teacher, Seto's new interest was finally freed and turn to face the class.

"Please introduce yourself," the teacher replied half heartedly. The boy looked to see his father by the door, smirk then gave him a thumbs up. The boy smirked back. Seto wondered what it felt like to have a father who acted like that...

The images of his stepfather working him to the bone pissed him greatly and was more than happy to shove them into the back of his mind. He wanted to focus on the here and now, on his new interest.

The boy's father left and he turned to introduce himself. "S'up everyone! The name's Jounouchi Katsuya! I transferred here from America. I was born in New York City, hense my accent, and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I came from the most coolest school in the world, Valley High School as a sophomore. Go Vikings! (Kaiba smirked at the energy and many laughed at Katsuya's antics) But because of the high schools different way of classes, I'm a freshman in this school because well, America has four grades in their high schools and you guys have three!(1) But watch out," his eyes narrowed in seriousness. "If you try to mess with me, you'll be waking up inside your locker."

Many looked at him in fear. Katsuya's eyes wandered to the future CEO's and blinked. He had never seen such coolness...such...DOMINANCE?

Seto saw the puzzled look from the exchange student. He inwardly smirked. Good, the puppy knows his master. His new conquest shall be named 'Puppy', because he looked like the submissive looking golden retriever puppy he and Mokuba had received in their youth. Unfortunately, Gozaburo Kaiba found out and threw the puppy out the window in front of them both. The puppy had died that night in Seto's arms with a crying Mokuba behind him. It reminded Seto that his 'father' was going to pay for doing such things. The smug bastard was probably in his office right now, smoking a cigar waiting for those damn military prototypes to pull through. Seto made it his sole purpose to rebel against him and he was currently planning on taking over Gozaburo's company and turning it into a gaming corporation. He can only hope that in due time after he took care of Gozaburo that Pegasus agrees to buy his product, then everything will fall into place. (2)

He'll have everything. The corporation, he and Mokuba's freedom...

And soon, his once lost golden haired puppy.

Seto saw the punk attitude in those chocolate eyes that soon turned from a hint of puzzlement to rivaled anger. The sheer pleasure it gave him given time to have those eyes looking at him from the bottom in ultimate submission in HIS bedroom, HIS mansion, HIS domain.

Oh, yes he wanted him. But he needed to test him...see if he was worth the need of the young future CEO.

The puppy was the first to tear his eyes away and took his seat in front of the Seto, trying to ignore the heated gaze on the back of his head.

Seto smirked, the puppy was as good as his. He bathed a bit in ultimate dominance over the situation until a tough brown haired boy beside Katsuya began to talk to him. He growled softly as the boy began to say jokes to his interest and the puppy snickered showing his cute little canines. Seto slowly saw red. No one talks to his puppy that intimately but himself!

As the bell rang, he put his plan to action. He needed to get his puppy to notice him and to keep coming back...

People began to get up from their seats to leave, (lunch began), and Seto made his move as Katsuya got up with his new friend. He grabbed his briefcase and 'accidentally' hit it against the back of the pup's head.

Katsuya jumped and turned to Seto clutching the back of this head He growled, "Watch where ya going!"

Seto pretended to ignore him and proceeded to leave. Katsuya blocked the door. "Aren't you going to say sorry!"

"Forget it, Jou." the puppy's new friend said. "Don't mess with Kaiba here. His father is a rich and powerful CEO. He'll kick your ass!"

Katsuya laughed. Seto enjoyed the sound. "Moneybags kicking my ass, Honda? As if!"

It gave 'moneybags' an opening to trip the puppy down to the ground. "You want me to say sorry? I'll say it. I'm sorry you're a whimpering puppy kneeling before his master."

"Excuse me!" Katsuya yelled. "Watch it! No one calls me a dog and gets away with it!" He gave the older boy a good punch but he easily blocked it.

"That was a good move if you were trying to take out the air." Seto smirked enjoying the look of anger on his puppy. "You're a terrible fighter. You're not worth my time."

"You watch!" Katsuya screamed trying his best to hit him. "You're going to eat those words, rich boy!" He managed to topple him and was planning to pound his face in, if Seto hadn't flipped them over.

"You're now in my mercy, mutt." Kaiba whispered dangerously into his conquest's ear sending shivers to the golden haired teen. "Beg for me to release you, pup, and I might spare you the bruises." He knew that his pup didn't catch the double meaning and was breathing in shakes. /Don't you dare give up, mutt. Fight back. Make yourself worthy for me to pursue you./

"Let go of him!" Honda warned hovering over them both. Seto rose up and brushed himself off he glared at his puppy. "I should've known. You're not worth the sweat."

He was displeased as he picked up his briefcase. He was actually looking forward to the struggle.

And as he began to walk out of the door, Katsuya called out. "Kaiba."

He turned to meet the fierce stare of his puppy. Then the aftermath of a sore jaw. Katsuya Jounouchi layed a fast one on him.

"I'm not done with you yet, Seto Kaiba. I'll keep comin' back until I beat you." He stepped back, waiting for a reaction.

Kaiba snorted. "Not going to happen, pup."

He walked out and smiled for once. So it wasn't a helpless cause after all. He was looking forward to the future battles between him and the puppy. He was as good as his.

And he was sure he had made a lasting impression on Jounouchi Katsuya as well.

end of flashback

(1): Okay, for those of you who aren't very familiar with Japan's school curricular vs. America's here's how it goes. America's high schools has four years, while Japan has three. This is because Japan's elementary school lasts from 1st grade to 6th grade (I don't know if you count kindergarden), and America's elementary schools is from (K- 5th ) grade. Japan's junior high has 3 years (7th - 9th ) , America's is (6th - 8th ). So Japan's high school is (10th - 12th ), while America's is (9th - 12th ). So, since Jou was in America, he was a 10th grader in high school, but now he's in Japan, he is sent to 9th grade because that is the same grade level as his level in America just different grades. Got it?

(2): I don't know if I'm messing with the time line or anything but in the flashback, Gozaburo is still alive and Seto is in the middle of planning to overthrow his stepfather by secretly creating the first duel monster field for Pegasus. I'm keeping Gozaburo alive for the second chapter so it will blend with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Original plot line.


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