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Epilogue: Our Love Taints The Heavens

You're not really gone to me, are you? Because I'll always be here.

It's been so long, where are you, Jou?

Seto walked into an endless void, no sound. Complete emptiness. All darkness.

Why can't you be here for me? Why can't they give you back to me?

Many questions, and no amount of answers to cover it. The battle where they lost him, there was no amount of victory without him by Seto's side. The brunet felt foolish and stupid, for imagining Yugi on top of the pedestal with Jou at his side...no...he would always be on his side. On Seto's.

Why are you so sad? Can't you be alright for once?

No, he'll never be alright. Not without his pup. He wasn't lying when he said he didn't care about the fate of the world, as long as Jou was gone from this world. What was the point?

Let fate handle it.

And if it did, Seto would have remained unhappy. No, it was his philosophical reason not to let fate dealt it's hand. Only his.

It was fate that took his pup away. No power other than fate can do that.

His body felt like tossing and turning as he saw his inner demons lashing out at him in jeer and jest.

Leave me alone! He wanted to scream, but couldn't find his voice. They were laughing at him for losing his most important person.

He saw Dulcina and Gozaburo laughing greatly at him from a far off distance. He wanted to punch them out.



He searched for the voice in the plain darkness, hands outstretched trying to find his way.

It was so dark...

I'm right here, Seto. You don't have to search any longer.

But why couldn't he find him? "I can't find you!" Seto cried out into the darkness. "Where are you?"

Right beside you Seto. I would always be beside you.

Seto turned to his side, but saw no one. "Don't play tricks on me." He moaned in anguish.

I'd never play tricks on you if it would hurt you, Seto. The voice was edged on laughter.

"Then where are you?"

Right beside you.

"I don't see you!" He felt his body shaking for no apparent reason, back and forth in a frenzied manner.

Seto, don't play games. I'm right here.

"You're not here!" He screamed. "You're gone forever!"

Do you want me gone forever?

Seto slumped to the ground, sweat perspiring on his temple in the darkness. "No pup. I never want you to disappear."

Well, then I'm here. Right beside you. Always.

Yes, always.

"Jou. Please, I want to see you."

He heard a soft, warm laugh. Open your eyes. I'm right here, Seto.


Seto opened his eyes and gasped as he sat up from his bed. He was in his room. He was only dreaming.

He put his hands to his face and stifled a sob. Where's his puppy!


Gasping through his sweaty palms, he swirled to the side to see Jou sitting up as well, his slender arms around his shoulders as he nuzzled his master's neck. "Did you have another bad dream, Seto?"

He slowly nodded, unable to comprehend that Jou was here and alive. And then he slowly remembered...

"Mokuba, get to the limo. You got school." Seto told his young raven haired brother, picking up his backpack and handing it to him.

Mokuba wordlessly took it and replied. "I don't think I have the psychological power to go to school, Seto."

Seto raised his eyebrow in suspicion. "Not this time, Mokie. You said that weeks ago and I found out you have a math test that day. Jou's been gone for a half a year, Mokuba. That's enough time to get over him."

The younger brother just stared at him for a minute until his chaperone came. "Mokuba, we gotta get going."

Mokuba flinched and turned to Seto's secretary. "Okay, Monique. I'm coming." He rambled up to Monique in the huge front door and turned for one last glance. "You're still not over him, though. Aren't you?" Satisfied with Seto's blank expression, he bounded out the door. Monique looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile. Seto nodded back and Monique followed the young teen out the door.

Seto sighed and read through the morning newspaper with coffee at hand. Boring news, stocks up as usual, a baby died prematurely, all boring, boring, boring. Pissed, he threw the newspaper aside and stalked up the stairs.

He made a deliberate pass from his room and into another one. Reason was he had never used that room anymore. It was his and Jou's room and was hailed sacred ground.

Crashing onto the bed to take another bad dream of Jou's lifeless body on the ground and a naked Pegasus flaunting in front of his face, he heard a soft splish sploshing sound from the sacred room. Getting up at once, he opened the door and pressed his ear against the sacred door, his remote hanging in his hand in case of burglars and the need of security.

"Shh! Do you want him to find out so soon?" A female voice hushed.

A familiar male voice began talking in a whisper. "What are we doing?"

He could hear her sigh. "Well, I guess it is good bye then. For now."

"Hey! Wait a minute! What are you—"

"Now. I'm going to have to put you to sleep, little mutt."


Not wanting the intruders to go, he slammed the door open.

He didn't see who was in there, for he woke up with a snap.

It was just a dream.

Looking at the clock, he had slept for a very long time. It was nightfall already and Mokuba wasn't home yet.

Fishing for his cellphone in his pocket, he found a voicemail from Mokuba and opened it.

Seto, Monique invited me to go to the movies with a few friends of mine, so we'll be a bit late. Don't freak okay? We're having dinner too—oh! The movie's starting, I need to shut off the cell. See ya, bro!

Seto sighed. How predicable. But he was happy that Mokuba is enjoying himself.

He brushed himself off and proceeded to get something to eat. He nearly passed the sacred room and found the door partially open.

"What the fuck?" Seto muttered as he proceeded to shut the door again, but instead, slowly let it open...

He nearly fainted at the sight.


There he was! Asleep on their bed! His golden hair strands on his face as he was in a curled up position. He had a pair of black slacks with an unbuttoned white dress shirt. Seto could easily see the Himura family emblem: his collar wrapped comfortably around his once dead lover's neck.

"J-J-...Pup!" Seto gasped out.

As if annoyed, Jou turned the other direction. "Schleeeepingg...Seto..."

Seto rubbed his eyes. It wasn't possible!

He heard a soft giggle from the corner of the room and swore he saw the Goddess of Love and Justice, Nadia, smile at him and blew him a kiss as she faded instantly.

His disbelief became known as he smiled and crawled onto the bed and pulled on his pup's collar. "Pup. Pup, your master tells you to get up. Now get up."

Jou blinked his eyes, trying to loose the sleep and stared up to Seto's face. He let out a small grin. "Hey ya, Seto..."

"Hey," Seto breathed back, nothing but unfulfilled love in his eyes as he dropped his head to kiss his golden haired pup. He smiled into the kiss as Jou kissed back even more fervently and felt his hands clutching the black cloth of his shirt to mesh them together as much as they could.

"Seto..." Jou pleaded as he broke off the kiss. "Do you want to know why they brought me back?"

Seto blinked and raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to explain everything to me?"

"No." Jou replied. His voice obviously edging on lust. "I just want you. No questions asked."

Spoken like a true man. "Very well, pup. But can you handle me?" Seto teased.

Jou gave him his most playful smirk. "I'm sure I can manage."

(LEMON! Skip to 'End of Lemon' if you don't want to read it!)

Seto laughed as he pulled Jou into another heated kiss, their tongues playing against each other in the most ravishing of ways. Gently, but heatedly, he moved his mouth further down to his neck and nibbled at the skin under his collar.

Jou laughed. "I-it tickles!"

The brunet wanted to laugh. That wasn't the sound he was expecting, but found it entertaining. His puppy was full of surprises. He groaned as he felt the blond's hands stroke his brown strands on his head. Jou knew his weak spot was when his hair was touched.

Seto brought his head into another heated kiss as he slid the silky white shirt off of Jou's creamy skin, leaving his torso exposed and deliciously appetizing.

Jou mewed as Seto traced his tongue all over his chest and bit back and even louder mew as that amazing tongue of his was milking his right nipple. His pants became immediately tight against Seto's strong thigh.

Sitting up, Jou nearly ripped off Seto's shirt and stroked Seto's back as he hugged against him, his mouth finding pleasurable ways of kissing and biting at Seto's neck.

"Eager aren't we?" Seto was surprised he even formed a goddamn simple sentence while his pup was giving him small puppy bites, like a small pup would do as they playfully chewed on their master's fingers. Oh, he needed Jou badly. He was hard at once and would probably explode at the thought of taking his pup in the most intimate of ways. Yes, that was a perfect way to describe it.

Almost abruptly, he pushed Jou against the pillows. He smirked when he heard Jou make a soft growl. "Don't worry, Jou. You're going to enjoy this." He forced his knee between Jou's legs, forcing him to spread them open and began to unbutton his pants.

Jou hissed when Seto's hand brushed against his erection. "Gods, Seto."

He abruptly screamed as he felt a warmth engulf his length. He squirmed and bucked at the sheer heat surrounding him.

Looking down, he lost his train of thought when he saw his master's head between his legs, slowly suckling and licking.

He moaned and his incoherent babbling lost as the sucking motion of Seto's lips nearly sent him over the edge.

"Nnngghhh!" He arched into Seto's mouth, but whimpered as he held his hips down. "S-seto...let me come...!"

He must've heard him, because Seto sucked harder and deep throated him deeply, causing Jou to come and was in small jerks from the wave of pleasure washing over him. Slowly, Jou slumped back down, his breathing fast and ragged. He almost immediately became hard again when he saw Seto reemerging with a small dribble of cum running down the corner of his lips.

He licked it off with his tongue. "Delicious."

"Seto..." He pulled Seto to him and kissed him deeply, tasting himself as their tongues probed each other.

"What do you want, pup?" Seto whispered huskily in Jou's ear. The blond pup shivered. "What do you want me to do to you?"

The blond puppy's breathing became loud and demanding as he placed his hands on Seto's twitching length in his pants. He smiled with complete trust in his eyes. "I want you to be mine. And me to be yours. I want you to make love to me."

Seto smiled and nuzzled the soft golden fur of his lover's head. "Alright then."

After discarding both their pants, Seto fitted Jou between the soft pillows and covered the blanket over them, to keep the heat in.

"Do you trust me, Jou?"

"Yeah. I do."

Reaching into the dresser, Seto rummaged through it until he found the lube. It was Jou's turn to raise his eyebrow.

The brunet shrugged. "Just in case you were ready."

Opening his legs again, Seto knelt and took a good measure of lube in his fingers as Jou got the anxiousness and tightened considerably as a finger was inserted in.

It felt strange, yet invading and Jou did everything he could not to squirm. Seto distracted him by reaching over and pull him into a kiss as he inserted his finger even more inside, probing for that special spot.

As he scissored the entrance and inserted a second finger, he knew he had just brushed against Jou's prostate for Jou began to gasp and push himself onto his fingers. Seto wanted to be inside him so bad, but thought against taking him unprepared. After inserting the last finger, he stroked and opened up the entrance gently and touching the blonde's special spot.

Jou saw stars as Seto pushed against his prostate. It had hurt so much, and now it was so good...goddamn!

Seto pulled his fingers out and Jou whimpered cutely. The brunet smiled and put lube onto his length and started at Jou's entrance.

This time, Jou was ready as Seto pushed in slowly but swiftly. He hissed as the appendage invaded his body, yet welcomed it's warmth and the feeling of being filled.

As his length was fully inside down to the hilt, he wanted so badly to start thrusting. But he needed to give Jou time to adjust before going. It was obvious when he opened his eyes and saw Jou's sparkling brown eyes squeezed shut, trying to calm his body. So he waited, no matter how tempting it was to pound him straight into the mattress.

After a few moments, Jou slowly opened his eyes and moved a bit, causing Seto to groan as his length was still inside. "Sorry," Jou gave him an apologetic smile.

"You shouldn't," He forced himself to reply. "This is your first time. Take all the time in the world."

"No. I'm ready. You can move now."

Seto nodded and slowly pulled out, then slowly pushed in. They both moaned. They repeated it for a few thrusts then slowly gained more speed and very soon, they had their own steady, rough tempo.

Seto groaned and grunted while Jou whimpered and moaned, especially when his cock hit his prostate again, and went into a fit of spasms.

"S-s-s-ooooo, goooooddd!" Jou moaned as he met with Seto's thrusts.

Seto couldn't say anything, just replied back by reaching between them and began to stroke Jou's cock up and down. That was when Jou screamed loudly from twice the amount of pleasure.

He was going to come, he knew it. Seto began to thrust wildly, each thrust as deep as the next. Jou's moans and screams music to his ears.

As they reached their climax, Jou pulled Seto down for a heated kiss and gave one last thrust, sending them both into a state of euphoria and sexual pleasure.

Seto slumped down on top of Jou as the blond wrapped his arms around him, stroking his hair. And as he fell asleep, all he could feel was his pup's warmth and dreams.

(End of Lemon!)

Ah, now he remembered. That was why he and his supposedly 'dead' lover were naked in the middle of the night.

He leaned against Jou's chest. "I thought it was a dream. You and me."

"Do you believe it was a dream?" Jou whispered.

Seto shook his head. "No. Didn't believe it at all." He turned around and pushed Jou back onto the bed.

Jou smiled. "Are you sure this isn't a dream?"

Seto gave back his most mischievous grin. "I'm not sure. My memory's a bit shot. Maybe we should do it again? You know, the 'just in case' scenario?"

"Hmm...yes, let's."

Let's just say, the dream wasn't exactly fake...

But, at least it made an indefinite lasting impression...

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